League of Legends: Champion Roles

by Seelyon

Learn more about the different champion roles in League of Legends and how to effectively play each of them.

Are you a new player to League of Legends and struggling to wrap your head around the different champion types in League of Legends? Learn more about the different champions in League of Legends, their roles, skills, strengths and weaknesses on this page.

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What Is Your Favourite Champion Role To Play?

Carry (AD Champion)

Carries are a vital role in LoL and as the name suggests they carry their team to victory. Carries are mainly made up of ranged Attack Damage champions that have either attack damage or attack speed steroids, allowing them deal massive amounts of damage.

AD Carries are generally sent to the bottom lane in League of Legends with a support champion where they are able to freely farm minions. Some of the most popular carries include Vayne (pictured), Ashe, Caitlyn, KogMaw and Graves.

Vayne (A Popular Carry)

Mage (AP Champion)

The mages of League of Legends are used for their powerful burst damage and crowd control abilities (stuns and silences). They are generally sent into middle lane to give them free map movement to help setup ganks for their team. 

Mages offer great team utility and are one of the hardest roles to play. The two most popular items for AP Champions includes Rabadon's Deathcap and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. With the most popular mages including Brand (pictured), Kassadin, Gragas, Vladimir, Morgana and Kennen.


Solo Top (Bruiser)

Solo Top is another champion role in League of Legends which is usually played by a bruiser champion. These champions have good damage output and are durable enough to withstand large amounts of damage.

They often have some sort of soft crowd control (slows and stuns) to assist them in disabling the enemy carry.

Some of the most popular solo top champions include Irelia (pictured), Tryndamere, Shen, Jarvan, Lee Sin, Wukong and Nasus.



Tanks are all about disabling the enemy team and withstanding high amounts of damage (while protecting your own team). Tanks are being seen less and less in the current meta game as they simply do not fit into the current early game meta, as such as the tanks that are commonly seen are generally a hybrid (capable of playing another role early on and then transitioning into a tank later on).

The strongest tanks in the game all of an area of effect ultimate, capable of disabling an entire enemy team with a single button. The most popular tanks include Galio (pictured), Shen, Malphite and Amumu


Supports offer both buffs and healing to their team and for this reason are sent into the bottom lane of Summoner's Rift with their AD carry. Some of the strongest supports also pack some decent crowd control (Alistar and Sona) making them very deadly.

While they can't do large amounts of damage they are very capable of setting up kills for their team (or saving them) making them a very important role on the team and also one of the more difficult ones to master.

Support champions are often in charge of warding for their team.



Jungle is one of the hardest roles for new summoners to learn. Junglers use the minions in the jungle to level up instead of laning and using enemy minions to level up and generate income. Good junglers will also invade the enemy jungle and gank enemy lanes.

Junglers generally have some form of self-sustain and high base armor. Junglers are in charge of controlling Baron and the Dragon while also building Wriggles Lantern to increase their jungle speed.

The most popular junglers include Lee Sin (pictured), FiddleSticks, Shaco and Olaf.

Lee Sin
Lee Sin
Lee Sin
League of Legends
League of Legends
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