Folded Flower Card with Free Template

by Marie

A folded flower rosette is so easy to make and makes a stylish centerpiece for a handmade card or a special wrapped gift. Turn into pretty ornaments too, free template provided.

This gorgeous folded spring or summer flower card is so easy to make that even a beginner crafter could make one in no time at all. It makes for a fun project that has very sleek and stylish end results. I use quality scrapbook paper because it creates paper flowers that look professional and beautiful once finished.

Completed floral designs look stunning on the front of a handmade card, on a wrapped gift instead of a bow or as hanging ornaments if you stick two back-to-back and hang with a loop of string.

Sping Shaded Folded Flower Card Design

In Soft Blush Pink and Peach Shades
Folded flower handmade card design

Easy Paper Folded Flower

It takes some very easy folding of just 8 oval shaped paper pieces to create this gorgeous paper rosette. I've been making these floral designs for years because they look great on cards, gifts, home decor and hanging ornaments. With this tutorial, I've also provided a free set of oval templates for you that you can print onto card, cut out and use as templates or print over the top of patterned paper so you can cut out and assemble your design super fast. Get folding now!

Image Credit: Images belong to the Author, Marie Williams Johnstone.


Step 1

There's a free oval template download you can print (shown right after the tutorial instructions) for 8 oval pieces which make up this easy design. You can print these onto some patterned paper, cut out and use right away or print onto card and use as templates that you draw around.

If you don't want to use the free download then just cut out your own oval shapes. Make up an oval template from card and use this to draw around on to the paper of your choice.


Step 2

Take one of the oval pieces that you have cut out and have the patterned or colored side facing upwards on your work surface.

Fold the oval in half, folding the bottom half under the top. The set of ovals I'm using have been made specifically by me so that it's easy for you to see where you make the first fold along the middle line.


Step 3

With your oval piece, fold it in half again widthways as shown in the image.


Step 4

Now open out the fold you just made in step 3.

You now have a semi-oval shape except for a crease down the middle.


Step 5

Now take hold of the bottom left hand corner and pull it up and towards the middle until it meets the fold line. Fold this triangular flap down.

Now go back and fold every paper piece in the same way by following steps from 2-5.


Step 6

You should now have 8 folded pieces of paper. They are very quick to fold when you know how to do it and also fun!

If you print out 2 copies of the free set I've provided, you can then choose to make a rosette up from all the same printed pieces OR to have the patterns alternating instead.


Step 7

Now you need to glue your folded paper pieces together with a small amount of glue on the bottom right of each piece. You can use a glue stick, pva glue (although that can be messy) or a glue pen. I really love my Zig adhesive pens which are easy and fast to use.

Place one folded paper piece up against another so that the folded parts on the left meet as shown. Each piece of paper will line up neatly against the next.


Step 8

Work around the flower, gluing each piece in place. Once you get to the last piece but one, you may have to start slotting the pieces in - a bit like a paper jigsaw puzzle.

With the final piece, you'll need to stick it under the first so all of your design is firmly glued together.

When the flower is complete, I normally like to add something in the middle - a knotted piece of ribbon, a little fabric bow, a button or punched embellishment.

Your Ovals Template to Make Your Folded Flowers

Right-Click on the Image and Select View Image
Then when the Image opens up, right-click again and choose 'Save Image As' to download to your computer
Oval Template for Folded Flower Designs
Oval Template for Folded Flower Designs
Silver themed wedding card with easy folded flower design

A Finished Design in Silver

Folded paper flowers look great on wrapped gifts instead of a bow, you can use them as pretty decorations in the center of handmade cards as shown or stick two pieces back to back and tie string through for a unique hanging ornament or decoration.

The silver themed wedding card to the left is one of my favorite cards which incorporates machine stitching to adorn the fragile mulberry paper and a sweet silver color heart in the middle. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. You can leave me a comment below if you'd like.

Spring floral folded handmade card tutorial and free template
Updated: 10/06/2017, Marie
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Marie on 01/30/2015

Thank you very much. i enjoy writing them :)

paperfacets on 01/28/2015

Your tutorials are fresh and clean. I love them.

Marie on 10/29/2014

Thank you, Dianna. I tend to prefer easy projects, so long as the end results look nice. This flower design is one I like to make a lot in different color schemes. Thank you for your comment and your visit.

Dianna on 10/29/2014

This card is simple enough for me yet beautiful. I like the sewing around the card.

Marie on 05/31/2014

Thank you, yes I know what you mean with regards to mailing as well - bulky can be an issue nowadays :)

paperfacets on 05/31/2014

Love is fast and simple pattern and it is not too bulky for mailing.

Marie on 12/05/2013

Great, thank you. I'm glad you found it so :)

athena0709 on 12/01/2013

nice ^^ and easy to understand

Marie on 01/12/2012

Thank you for your lovely comment, Digby. All you need for paper folding is a bit of patience, willingness to practice on more advanced pieces and a steady and precise hand. Some projects like this one are nice and easy :)

Digby_Adams on 01/11/2012

I think that these are lovely and very romantic. I can paint and I can write, but I'm all thumbs when it comes to paper folding. You are truly a paper folding artist!

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