Part 2 follow up to Jane Austen's house Chawton

by Veronica

I have had so many visits, comments and messages about my photos of Jane Austen's House that I am uploading the remainder here for you to see.

My photos of my visit have brought so much pleasure to family, friends and the Wizzley community more so than I could ever have imagined. I had decided to just show my best or what I considered to be my most interesting photos but now, especially for those of you who have enjoyed the photos so much, here are some more. These are the last ones ...PROMISE! :)

I am afraid I figure on one of them, complete with Austen era bonnet. :) I should have been alive then, living in those houses, wearing those bonnets. Fabulous.

It is a testament to a remarkable woman who was writing at a time when women weren't supposed to write or be intelligent or be well paid, that the photos I posted in part one have attracted so many visits to the page .

It is a privilege to share the day with you all.

First page ;-

The Donkey Carriage and Info Board

The Austen carriage was pulled by a donkey as the family could not afford a horse. Most days Jane and her sister Cassandra would walk locally for exercise but for shopping trips they would have used this carriage. This is the board showing the carriage and the photo also shows  where the carriage was harnessed to the donkey.

The Donkey carriage board
The Donkey carriage board
Veronica's photo
An Austen Bonnet
An Austen Bonnet
Veronica's photo

An Austen era style bonnet

I wasn't going to try one on but my husband  " persuaded " me , This part of the house had lots of costumes  to try on.  I loved it ; to be in that era ( early 19th C )  house wearing a bonnet from that era was like being a time traveller.  I laughed so much.


The photo shows some of the outfits in the background.

An exact copy
An exact copy
Veronica 's photo

The blue gown

Jane's sister Cassandra did a painting of her sister out in the countryside and Jane was in a blue gown. A replica has been made and stands in her bedroom. It is such a pretty shade of blue.  I hope Cassandra matched her paint to the colour of Jane's dress.

In Pride and Prejudice Mrs Bennet says to her daughter Jane,

" Jane,  run and put on your blue gown ."

I was hoping that Jane Austen included this reference thinking of her own blue gown.

The Kitchen fireplace

This is the fireplace on which some of the food would have been cooked as well as giving heat.  The curators have placed pinecones there which I found a pleasing touch.

Jane's friend Martha Lloyd, a widow with no means of support, lived with the family and did most of the cooking.

I loved this fireplace when I saw it, so authentic.

The kitchen fireplace
The kitchen fireplace
veronica's photo

Jane's bedroom

I had hoped this was Jane's bed and wondered if this was where she had died very young . But the bed is an exact replica of her bed and she died at a doctor's house in Winchester.

Jane's bedrooom
Jane's bedrooom
Veronica 's photo
Information boards
Information boards
Information boards
Information boards
Veronica's photos

I am a great fan of information boards and I always photograph them so I can  look back at facts that I may have missed or forgotten .

The house is full of excellently researched material and memories from her family.

These pictures show some of the houses she stayed in following the death of her father and before her brother gave them a house on his estate.

writing table
writing table
veronica's photo

Light on her writing table.

I am including a different angle view of her writing table ( to the other article ) as I think this shows how good the light is for her writing .

Cassandra's tea rooms
Cassandra's tea rooms
Veronica's photo

Cassandra's cup tea rooms

Opposite the house now stands a tea shop which is named after Jane's sister, Cassandra.

Cassandra's Cup Tea Rooms does a splendid afternoon tea and on the ceiling hangs a superb collection of bone china tea cups. How quaint is that.

It really gives atmosphere as you go in and it is an ideal way to finish a visit to Jane Austen's House Chawton, Hampshire.

Thank you to you all for your interest in Jane's house and my visit.

Updated: 10/28/2015, Veronica
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Veronica on 08/25/2017


the cups stay up on the ceiling as a decoration.
The cones don't smell any more; the are just to look pretty.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/24/2017

Veronica, You look most fetching in Jane's bonnet! Do pine cones give a welcome scent to the air and the food in the fireplace room? Do the bone china tea cups just stay on the ceiling?

Veronica on 07/21/2017


It is Jane Austen's 200h anniversary since her death. See above my visit to her final home.

Veronica on 11/29/2015

Copy of comment on Page 1

N.B. For those of you able to visit, Jane Austen's House is open, free on her birthday .

The notice is below ;-

Jane's Birthday
16 December10:30am- 4:30pm (Last entry 4:00pm)
Free Entry

Join us once again to celebrate Jane Austen's Birthday. As in previous years there will be free entry for the day and we invite you to visit the house, which will be decorated ready for Christmas, and to join us for a Mince Pie and a cup of something warming.

Veronica on 09/09/2015

Thank you. I too was fascinated by the fact that this wonderful author was pulled along in a donkey cart.

I loved that day.

CruiseReady on 09/09/2015

" These are the last ones ...PROMISE! " oh, NO, don't promise THAT! These are wonderful glimpses at things some of will never get to see otherwise. I really liked the donkey carriage board.

Veronica on 09/05/2015

HI Mira,

Yes that blue gown. Those women certainly had style. I would so like to think that Jane Austen based her character Jane Bennett's blue gown on this. And they had Cassandra's picture of Jane Austen wearing the dress!

Yes I think the bed is a "tester " bed which had drapes on the top but am not too sure about this. hmmmm ..... "To sleep and to dream "

Mira on 09/05/2015

That blue gown is precious! I also find the canopy bed very interesting.

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