Patio Decorating Ideas | Tuscan Garden Theme

by mandeesears

Make your patio, porch or deck a Tuscan garden escape with some of these patio decorating ideas -- Tuscan style.

A patio, porch or deck should be decorated as you would any other room in your home. It is prime space and prime time for a spruce up.

A Tuscan themed patio is all about embracing nature. These simple and elegant ideas will have you thinking you're on the Italian countryside the next time you step out on your patio.

Old World Charm and Elegance

A Tuscan Garden Theme

South TuscanyWhen you think of Tuscany, you definitely think of the outdoors. The rolling hills, the ocean, grape vines and olive trees, worn stone and large terracotta pots full of flowers. Tuscany is about bringing together old world style, romance and nature.

Alfresco is a term from the Italian language that means "in the fresh (air)". All over the world you can hear the phrase "dining alfresco" or in the open air. Creating your very own Tuscan garden retreat on your patio, deck or porch will give you your own piece of the Tuscan countryside.

image credit: Ceppicone

Decorating the Patio

The Colors of Tuscany

A traditional Tuscan patio or courtyard uses lots of natural elements as its' base. Stone, water, wood, flowers, vines, -- all these elements are present in Tuscan decorating.

Color schemes for this style dictate an earth tone, warm palette -- think gold, copper, orange, yellow, burgundy and creams. Complementary colors for your walls, floors and other architectural features could include browns, blacks, bronzes and creams, blues, and greens. 

Think of the elements of Tuscany and draw from those colors: blues like the oceans, greens like the grapes, foliage and trees, deep yellow and golds like the Tuscan sun. 

Tuscan Garden Art

Tuscan Serenity II

Incorporating Stone in Your Tuscan Garden

Walkways, Walls, Fireplaces or Columns

One thing there is usually not a lot of in a Tuscan style garden or patio area is grass. Stone, pavers, old brick and the like usually make up the majority of the space.

To incorporate stone into your own backyard Tuscan oasis, consider using landscaping pavers, an outdoor fireplace made of stone and/or stone columns. All of these will radiate the Tuscan feel you're after for your patio or deck area. You could build a short retaining wall of flagstone or other irregular stone to house a flowerbed or act as an entrance.

If that doesn't work for you, remember, concrete can be stained to give a lovely old world feel as well. If you are laying new concrete, consider having it stamped and stained to complement the Tuscan style.

Large stone planters are a must in a Tuscan garden. Terracotta, cement or even faux stone (for the look but not the weight) are wonderful for planting flowers, herbs, ivy and small shrubs for the garden area. 

Water in Your Garden

Tuscan Style

A fountain, water feature or small reflecting pond with Koi fish and lily pads is usually a centerpiece in Tuscan gardens. If you live in a busy area, certain water features will also help drown out unwanted noise. Assorted urns with water running from one to another would also make one think of the Italian countryside in all its' glory.

If you can't add a large water feature, consider a tabletop or wall mounted fountain. A lion's head or renaissance sculpture style would be perfect for an old world feel. Place a small sized entry table in a central location, topping it with your tabletop fountain. (Make sure there is an electrical GFCI outlet nearby).  

To add to or if a water feature isn't feasible in your garden patio area, try a stone or concrete bird bath and assorted garden statuary. Statuary could be columns or sculpture replicas. They make nice touches to the Tuscan garden theme.  

Since nature is a big part of the design in a Tuscan garden, water is a main element you don't want to forgo. 

Water Features Perfect for a Tuscan Garden Theme

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Adding Wood to the Decor

More than just Patio Furniture

Whether a wood element is brought in through plants and trees, trellises or through an arbor or pergola -- wood is definitely a needed element in the Tuscan garden patio.

Ivy and vines will love to grow up the walls, trellis or arbor and create natural shade as well as ambiance. Exposed beams of a pergola can be painted to look old -- or try using some re-claimed wood from old barns and buildings. They will have a rich patina already that will look wonderful in your Tuscan garden patio. 

Wood patio furniture is another way to bring in this element. There are lots of styles to choose from. Make sure your cushions are in the color scheme you have chosen to complete the look. If you already own wood patio furniture, consider getting new cushions in a color or print that will complement your decor. 

More Touches for a Tuscan Garden Patio

Lighting, Furniture and Fire

When you create a Tuscan garden patio, you want to be able to use it morning, noon and night. At night, you'll need some lighting that fits seamlessly with the theme. Light fixtures and candle holders can give you the lighting you need and are available in attractive designs that will complement the Tuscan feel you're going for. 


  • Using aged bronze or Tuscan themed outdoor fixtures
  • Get a fire pit you can arrange a cozy sitting area around. You'll enjoy it on cool evenings.
  • Most dining in Tuscany is outside or "alfresco". Be sure to add a patio dining table to serve your family and guests Italian pasta and wine.Wrought Iron Mirror
  • Wrought iron is a popular choice for Tuscan patios, but cast aluminum and other metals can be just as ornate without the weight. 
  • You can add modern conveniences to the old world style by being choosy about their design or form. You can get a Tuscan style chest that is actually a beverage cooler. 
  • Use mirrors, tapestries, or wall art to decorate your Tuscan walls. Wrought iron mirrors or frames in wood or metal that have a weathered patina are a perfect fit.  

More Patio and Garden Decorating

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Most Important Element of a Patio

Using it!

Now, take some time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy your Tuscan Garden patio. 


Updated: 06/06/2014, mandeesears
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Sylvestermouse on 06/10/2012

Really beautiful ideas for a Tuscan garden patio theme! I love the flower pots and fountains.

mandeesears on 04/11/2012

I think Tuscan is good inside or out! Thanks for stopping by!

BrendaReeves on 04/11/2012

Great products. I love that poster. I might go Tuscan inside.

mandeesears on 03/26/2012

Thanks ladies. The sunshine has really gotten to me!

BuckHawk on 03/23/2012

Oooo, so pretty! I can just see myself, sipping on my wine on a warm summer evening in my Tuscan Garden Patio. Of course I have a deck, but I can still use your ideas to create a Tuscan look.

mandeesears on 03/14/2012

Thanks Paula! I love the look too. It's just so welcoming and comfortable.

lakeerieartists on 03/14/2012

Our weather was warm enough today to think about patios. I love the Tuscan look and have a plan for our kitchen if I can ever get the time and money to redo it. :) Great ideas here.

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