Using Themes to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space

by BuckHawk

Picking a theme for your outdoor living space helps you decorate easier, with ways to make those all-important choices.

You start thinking about decorating your outdoor living space, but how do you choose which items to use and how to use them? It's easier if you have a theme. Themes help you narrow down the choices. Your decision-making efforts will be simpler and you will end up a pull-together look.

So let's talk about how to pick a theme and then how to make that theme come to life. You will enjoy your outdoor living space more, as will your guests.

How to Pick a Theme for Your Outdoor Living Space

Let your personality be your guide

Pick a theme, I say. And you respond with - how? This is where your own personality and likes come into play. Start asking yourself questions.

  • What's your favorite color?
  • Do you like vintage or retro looks?
  • Is modern and crisp your style?
  • Do you like feeling transported to a different place?
  • Is being surrounded by floral what you like?
  • Do you enjoy having lots of guests join you?
  • Do you prefer quiet alone-time?
  • Are you a romantic at heart?
  • Do large bright splashes of color make you feel good?

These are just some of the questions that can help you pick a theme for your outdoor living space. If you favorite color is blue, like mine, you can start your theme with blue. What colors do you like to compliment blue with? For me, it's lime green or white. So right off the bat, I can start choosing items in those color schemes.

My sister is a romantic. Anything that rings of floral Victorian era makes her feel good. She has already surrounded her inside living space with soft florals in muted tones of pink and mauve. So you know her outdoor living space is already themed.

Let your own personality be your guide to choose just the right theme for your living space that just happens to reside out of doors.


Seating Arrangements to Add Accent

The layout of your outdoor living space can carry your theme as well.
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Country Porch Theme

All about comfort and elegance

A theme that revolves around a country porch look can be a creative way to go with your outdoor living space. YCountry Porch World Rocking Chairou don't need a porch to achieve this look. A patio, deck or even a section of your backyard can become a Country Porch.

The idea behind a country porch look is comfort, large cushy chairs with plenty of cushions and throw pillows. It's an inviting world to both you and your guests. A world that will evoke thoughts of a lazy summer afternoon, with friends and family enjoying each other's company.

Small accents added in interesting locations create a feel of the inside coming outside. Table linens, lamps and seating groups all help to achieve this look.

We are sharing lots of other ways to make your outdoor living space come alive at Country Porch World. Tips on the design elements of your look, how to mix patterns and fabrics and much more. Even something as simple as adding a rocking chair can evoke a Country Porch.

Floral Theme for Your Outdoor Living Space

If you enjoy surrounding yourself with florals, here is an example to help you.
Using Themes to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space
Using Themes to Decorate Your Outdoor...

Planters to Add Charm

Your outdoor living space comes alive
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More Theme Decorating Ideas

Other options for your outdoor living space

Tuscan Garden Theme
A fabulous article about how to achieve a Tuscan garden theme. Author Mandee Sears tells you about the color scheme, how to chose accents, even how to incorporate stone into your theme.

Tropical Paradise Patio
Another great option from author Mandee Sears is creating a tropical paradise in your outdoor living space. The design elements, the color options, even the furniture are included in this article.

Updated: 03/30/2012, BuckHawk
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What Theme Will Be Your Outdoor Living Space?

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mandeesears on 03/30/2012

Great ideas! I especially love the curved planter. I haven't seen anything like that before. It's as much fun to decorate outdoor living spaces as it is inside the home!

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