Tips for Celebrating Bird Day

by BuckHawk

May 4th is Bird Day in the United States, a day set aside just to appreciate the birds that share our world. Find fun things to do on Bird Day.

Whether you will enjoy Bird Day with children, family and friends, or just by yourself, doing fun things to celebrate the birds that share our world can make the day special for everyone. May 4th is the day designated at Bird Day in the United States. It was started by a school superintendent as a way to help educate his students. Since that first Bird Day in 1894, it has become a national way to appreciate our feathered friends.

Finding interesting and fun ways to celebrate this special day can be a challenge. But, I've got some ideas for you. These can work great for both children and adults. So have some fun this year as you celebrate Bird Day.

Activities You Can Do to Celebrate Bird Day

Very little planning is needed

Here are some ideas to help you plan a fun and interesting Bird Day celebration. Whether it's with children or not, you can certainly have some fun for this special day.Celebrating Bird Day

  • Read a book just about birds. It can be any book of your choice. If you have children, get them age-appropriate books for them to read, or read aloud with you. If your children are pre-reading age, pick a picture book and show them all about birds.
  • Draw bird pictures. If you have a talent for sketching, you can create some images to use for yourself or to give away. If you have children, get them some coloring pages about birds.
  • Have a spotting session. How many different kinds of birds can you see? If the weather is cooperating for an outdoor day, you can certainly do this from a window. Record the different ones that you see.
  • Learn to use, or teach children how to properly use binoculars to spot birds.
  • Get a new bird feeder or bird house to put up in your yard. Or have a ceremonial cleaning and refilling of a bird feeder you currently have.
  • Learn 5 new things about birds that you didn't know before. This can be about different species, bird anatomy, even bird behavior.

These are just some suggestions, but can help you think up many more. Picking several to celebrate Bird Day can help you and your children better appreciate the world around us.

Do You Have Plans to Celebrate Bird Day?

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Backyard Birds

A site just for our feathered friends

Backyard Bird WorldWe have a site to help you learn much more about our feathered friends. Backyard Bird World is chock full of fun information, including common backyard birds. Learn the fun stuff that makes bird-watching an interesting and entertaining hobby.

Help your children learn more about birds and their behavior. Find lots of choices for that new bird feeder or bird house for you own backyard. And don't forget the bird food. Everything you need to enjoy your own backyard birds is all in one place. So stop by and find more information to help you celebrate Bird Day this year.

Updated: 04/15/2012, BuckHawk
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Will You Be Celebrating Bird Day This Year?

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RuthCox on 08/29/2014

I had no idea until now that their is a special day set aside in May for the birds. I trust you'll be here to remind me next year!

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