Coir Welcome Mats

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Coir Doormats - They're considered one of the best ways to wipe dirty feet. Do you know where coir comes from? Find out and see a cool selection of doormats

Welcome guests to your home with a cute, humorous, or eye catching doormat. There's nothing better than seeing a smile on the face of the persons at your door. So, just in case they didn't have a smile to begin with, try giving them one with an attention getting welcome mat.

Maybe you'd like uninvited guests to think twice before knocking or ringing your bell? There are humorous door mats for that, too.

Whichever theme strikes your fancy, consider one made of coir. It's long been acknowledged as one of the best - and greenest - materials for wiping those dusty, dirty, or muddy feet. But, just where does coir come from? Read on to find out!

You'll also see a few examples of coir mats to help you greet your guests in your own particular style - whatever that happens to be.

Doormats Made of Coir

Also Called Coco Fiber
Coir Welcome Mat
Coir Welcome Mat

Humorous Welcome Mats

For Your Front Door

There is quite a nice selection of funny doormats to be found in your local store, and probably a an even wider variety available on line.  Somewhere, there is one that will make just about anyone chuckle. I've found some with humor that  is relatively benign, but even those with a jaded sense of humor may even get a chuckle out of one of them.

One of my favorite ones just happens to say "Hi, I'm Mat."  I really did laugh out loud when I first saw it. That's my kind of humor.  Yeah, I know simple.  But I love puns.  Perhaps many of those arriving at your door will, too.  You never know.

A Little Light Humor

Traditional Welcome Mats

If your taste runs more to the traditional, the tried and true "WELCOME" sentiment is available in this wonderful, renewable material from the graceful coconut palm.  Some are even designed in combination with the use of recycled rubber, which should please the environmentalist in you.


There are also many with sweet sentiments and lovely pictures on them, too, as coir takes well to modern coloring processes.  Express yourself with one that illustrates your personality or interests and it will serve as an introduction to your home or personality, as well as a welcome.

Coir is Also Known as Coco Flber

Because it Comes from Coconuts
Coconuts Growing in a Coconut Palm
Coconuts Growing in a Coconut Palm

What Is Coir?

It's a Renewable Resource

Doormats are made from various materials.  Some of the most popular include rubber, nylon, indoor / outdoor carpeting,  aluminum, and coir.  

Are you familiar with Coir?

Coir is actually coconut fiber.  When you remove the outer covering of a coconut, you find a hard shell that is partially covered by stringy stuff.  That stringy stuff is coconut fibers, or coir.

Coco Fibers on Inner Shells in a Market in Thialand

If the coconut is ripe, the coir is a brownish color, and it's used for things like mats and padding for upholstery. 

 If the coconut is not ripe, the coir is white. White coir is used in making rope and fishing nets, among other things.

The world's leading producers and exporters of coir are India and Sri Lanka.

As a raw material, it's also quite green. Green as in environmentally friendly, that is.  Since it's made from the fruit of the coconut palm, it's a totally renewable resource, using a 'non edible' portion of a regular food crop.


Coconuts in a market in Thailand, with fibers still attached

Colorful and Cheery Doormats

Harvesting Coconuts

Harvesting Coconuts
Harvesting Coconuts

They Climb and We Wipe

The next time you wipe your feet on a natural coir doormat, think about what it took to harvest the coconut that produced those fibers.

As you found earlier, coir is the stringy stuff that grows between the outer shell and the inner shell of the fruit of the coconut palm.  

The problem is that those trees grow up to 90 or more feet tall.  And guess where the fruit is?  Yep - It's right near the top, just under the fronds.

Someone has to climb way up there and get those coconuts for you!  Most hack them off with a machete. All you had to do was stand on the mat and scruff  your feet around a little.  

No wonder we can afford to be humorous about our doormats ... we're not the ones making that long climb on tree after tree.  Our part is easy

Tongue In Cheek UNwelcome Mats

If you vallue your privacy, or just don't cotton to unannounced visits from just any old body, then maybe what you need is an UNwelcome mat.  The sentiments on them seem to me to be meant jokingly, but perhaps some folks would mean them for real.

Not So Welcome Mats

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Is Your Doormat Made of Coir?

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CruiseReady on 09/09/2015

What a great story, HomeArtist1. Florida is such a wonderful place to grow up!

HomeArtist1 on 09/08/2015

When I was aged 8, I climbed those trees in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and harvested coconuts for some tourists from Greece. They paid .10 (yup, TEN CENTS) for each tree coconut and .05 for the fallen ones. So, being the enterprising tomboy, I hit the trees. My sister and I were 'rich' that day!

CruiseReady on 08/04/2015

You are very welcome! And thank you for the kind words.

Mira on 08/04/2015

I didn't know what that material was. Now I do :) Thanks for an informative and fun page!

CruiseReady on 07/30/2015

So happy to be able to help someone learn something today!

candy47 on 07/30/2015

These mats really are the best for wiping mud from shoes. I never knew what they were made from. I do now! Thanks.

CruiseReady on 07/27/2015

@ DerdriuMarriner - I understand it's sometimes used in place of sphagnum moss, and is also useful commercially in growing mushrooms.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/27/2015

CruiseReady, Coir also is nice in gardening. It's impressive and a bit scary to watch people climbing up to coconut tree tops both old-fashioned style with bare feet and hands as well as more modern style with cleats, gloves, and harnesses!

CruiseReady on 07/27/2015

Absolutely, WriterArtist. They are the best!

WriterArtist on 07/26/2015

I love coir mats, not only are they eco-friendly, they look elegant, earthy and classy at the doorstep.

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