Dog Doormats

by CruiseReady

Welcome mats for the friends of man's best friend, the dog. These dog door mats are ideal for the front and even back entry ways of the homes of dog lovers.

Dog lovers sure do love their dogs, and I'm guessing they'll like these dog doormats, too. Whether their dog is one of America's most popular breeds, or a plain old lovable mutt, those with a canine in their casa will appreciate these doormats.

Put a cute dog welcome mat or a funny dog doormat at your front door to greet friends and family as they arrive. These dog themed mats have so much more personality than a plain old mat with just the word 'welcome' on it.

If you are a dog owner, or have ever owned a dog, you'll appreciate the sentiments on some of the cute door mats. And, even if you don't have a dog yourself, I'll just bet you know someone who does, and would love to have one of these at their door!

Enjoy browsing this fine selection of door mats designed especially for the friends of man's best friend. .Along the way, learn about the top ten dog breeds in the U.S., and watch some pooches who know how to wipe their paws.

Humorous Dog Welcome Mat

Made of Coir
Kempf Beware of The Dog Doormat
Kempf Beware of The Dog Doormat
Available on Amazon (details below)

Funny Welcome Mat for Dog Lovers

He Tooka Bite Out if It

This funny welcome mat should bring a smiles to your door.  Cute!  It ways 'Beware of Dog" and even has a chunk taken out of the bottom edge, to simulate the results of a canine attack. If your dog is a friendly type, those who know him or her will get a giggle out of it.  But the message might  give a little pause to strangers, which might just be exactly the effect you want. 

It's made of coir, the premier material for quality outdoor welcome mats.  

This heavy duty mat has rubber backing, so it will stay where you want it.  And it's sized just right at  generous18" by 30".


A dog wags its tail with its heart.

Martin Buxbaum


America's Top Dog: The Labrador Retriever

Molly, Zoey, and Chance - all three labrador colors
Molly, Zoey, and Chance - all three labrador colors

Labrador and Golden Retrievers are Number One

AND Three!

If you'd rather choose a pure bred dog over a lovable 'mutt,' you might be wondering "Which dog breeds are most popular?"

The MOST popular breed has been, and still is, the Labrador Retriever.  This breed has headed the popularity parade since 1991.  

For 2016, the Labrador Retriever is once again number one, and the Golden variety still holds the number three spot.


The Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

As of 2016

According to the American Kennel Club, the top ten breeds of 2016, by popularity, were:

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Bulldogs
  5. Beagles
  6. French Bulldogs
  7. Yorkshire Terrier
  8. Poodles
  9. Rottweilers
  10. Boxers


Although the top three spots haven't changed in a while, it's worth noting that The French Bulldog has been slowly climbing the ladder, making it to the number 6 spot this year.   


If you'd like to see the whole list, from the to dog, all the way down to #184, check out this cool page, called Most Popular Dog Breeds in America, from The American Kennel Club. It also shows where each one ranked for the last two years.

Dogs Wiping Their Paws

These Dogs Need a Dog Door Mat!

Doggie doormats aren't just for people, either.  Although every dog doesn't do it, a lot of dogs actually wipe their feet on door mats, as this video compilation clearly shows.  In it, a number of doggies, both large and small, show off their techniques.

Sadly, I noticed that the one thing that's missing is a dog themed door mat.  Don't you think these brilliant canines at least deserve an appropriate door mat?

NOTE:  So far, I have NOT been able to teach my cat to do this.

Polite Dogs Can Use a Mat

Does Your Dog Do That? (a Poll)

Have you taught your dog to wipe his or her feet when coming inside?
  Display results
If you'd like for your dog to learn how to do this another video follows that may be helpful.

Training Your Dog to Wipe His or Her Feet

Here's good news for those who answer the poll question "Does Your Dog Do That?" with either:

Ha!  I can only dream, or

I am going to teach my dog to do this

Here's a brief video that demonstrates using the widely accepted 'clicker' method to teach your canine buddy to do just that.

 All it takes is a clicker, a mat or other wiping surface, a few treats, and a lot of patience.

How to Train Your Dog to Wipe Its Feet

Wipe Your Paws Doormats

For Dogs and Humans

If your own dog can wipe his feet, or if you'd like to teach him or her to do so, you might like to have one of these welcome mats at your door.  And you probably already have plenty of Fido's favorite treats,  But, in case you need one of those pet training clickers, they're very affordable, and you'lll find an example below, along with a couple of cute mats.

Even if your dog doesn't know how to wipe his paws, hopefully your friends and family all do.  But, just in case they need a gentle reminder, one of these cute doormats can do the reminding for you.

Front door or back?  Where would you put one of these?

A Final Word

There are so many cute dog themed welcome mats to choose from that this page could go on for a while longer.  But no, it's time to stop.

So, I leave you with a Portuguese proverb about pets in the home:


A house without either a cat or a dog is the house of a scoundrel.

 - Portuguese Proverb


Updated: 04/29/2017, CruiseReady
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