Gold Heart Lockets

by CruiseReady

A gold heart locket is a special form of jewelry - one to be treasured, both for its inherent beauty, and for its deep meaning of love or rememberance.

Declare your love on Valentine's Day, an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or any day, with a gold heart locket. Gold heart lockets are an obvious choice for a sweetheart gift, but they are appropriate for other ladies, and on other occasions, too.

Gold heart lockets are appropriate special occasion gifts for young daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, or close female friends in addition to a fiance. They speak of many kinds of love, and may be used to say "I am in love with you," but can also simply say, "You are loved."

Most lockets are made to hold a memento inside, usually a small photo or two, but some are specially designed to hold a lock of hair. The latter have long been used as a special remembrance.

A heart shaped locket is extra special because it also conveys the message, "You will always have a special place in my heart."

Gold Symbolizes the Warmth and Power of the Sun

Golden Sunrise
Golden Sunrise
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The Symbolism of Gold

Throughout the ages, gold, especially yellow gold, has been thought to represent the warmth and power of the sun.

So, it is only natural that gold was, and still is, worn as a symbol of status, wealth and power.

More than that, however, gold represents the warmth and power of the sun.  

It is thought by some to bring spiritual awakening to a receptive wearer.

Others believe wearing gold invokes healing effects for certain aliments, including arthritis, and some blood, skin and heart related disorders.

However, I think a lot of us just appreciate its lasting beauty.  After all, as everyone knows, gold doesn't rust or tarnish.  So, for many ladies, to receive a gift of gold is also like receiving a tangible symbol of a love that promises to last, whether it's the love of a sweetheart, a spouse, a parent or a child.

I Love You Heart Locket

In 14k Gold
Black Hills Gold Heart I Love You Locket

Beautiful Black Hills Gold Heart Locket

The absolutely beautiful 14 karat gold heart locket shown just above, made of authentic Black Hills Gold, seems made to order for a very special gift for an extraordinary lady.  

The pendant hinges open to reveal frames for two special pictures of her sweetheart or family members.  

It would be a sure-to-please gift on an Anniversary, Birthday, or on that very special day when you are ready to declare your love!

Whether she's your mother, or the mother of your children, she'll know you care when you delight her with this beautiful wearable keepsake that's a reminder of your faithfulness. 

Native Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets
Gold Nuggets

Gold Karats

What Do Karat Markings on Gold Jewelry Mean?

Look on gold jewelry for a marking consisting of a two digit number, followed by the letter k.  Divide the number by 24 to determine the gold content.

24k = 100% pure gold.  (Pure gold is too soft for use in jewelry!)

22k = 22 parts gold; 2 parts other metal or metals.  (the traditional composition of gold coins) 91667, or 91.667% pure gold content)

18k = 18 parts gold; 6 parts other.   (18 / 24 =  .75, or 75% pure gold)

14k = 14 parts gold; 10 parts other. (14 / 24 = .583 or 58.3% gold)

10k = 10 parts gold; 14 parts other. (14 / 24 = .417, or 41.7% gold)

By law in the United States, jewelry of less than 10k cannot be sold as gold jewelry.

When to Give a Locket

Occasions when the Gift of a Gold Heart Locket is Appropriate
  • Christmas
  • Valentine's Day or Other Holiday
  • Birthdays
  • Wedding or Wedding Anniversary
  • Christening, Baptism, or Confirmation
  • Graduation
  • Whenever you want to say "I Love You."

White and Rose Gold

Are Produced by Alloying Gold with Other Metals

If pure gold is yellow or golden colored, then how are those lovely white and rose golds produced ?

By alloying (or combining) gold with other metals, the color of the gold is changed to produce white gold and rose gold, and even other colored golds.  


For example:

Gold + copper produces rose gold

Gold + silver + palladium produces white gold


There are actually other alloys that product different colors of gold, but those colors are not as commonly used in jewelry making as are rose and white gold.   Some of them are red, green, gray, blue, and purple.

Yellow, Rose, or White Gold

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Children's Lockets

Little Girls Like Gold Hearts, Too!

Daughters are especially precious.  A gift of special jewelry is a memorable way to celebrate a particular date or time in her life - a special achievement, birthday or milestone.

There are special lockets made especially for little girls.

My adult daughter still treasures the one she received the day of her sixth grade graduation.  It was similar to the one shown here.

Typed Hearts

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

To type a heart: Hold down the Alt key, then press 3

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

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CruiseReady on 07/27/2017

Yes, I love the mixed golds, too. Haven't seen that movie. Is it a favorite of yours?

DerdriuMarriner on 06/06/2017

CruiseReady, Jewelry that combines all the different golds end up as my favorites even though the rose locket is super-attractive here. I never can look or read about lockets without thinking of the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt!

CruiseReady on 01/10/2016

Yes, might be a good time to start watching those coin and bullion prices for further dips

blackspanielgallery on 01/04/2016

And right now gold is lower in price than it was just a few years back.

CruiseReady on 12/31/2015

They certainly are! I have a gold locket that belonged to my mother... it's not a heart, but it's absolutely beautiful.

candy47 on 12/30/2015

I still have the one I received when I was about 5 years old. Heart lockets are a wonderful keepsake.

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