Ships and Boats on Electrical Wall Plates

by CruiseReady

Add a decorator switch plate in a nautical theme. You find ships and boats that are fanciful, artistic, even historic for your wall. It's the easiest DIY project ever!

Switch Plates: Ships and Boats - for a Pretty Nautical Touch

Quickly and easily add to your nautical decor with light switch covers featuring boats or ships. It's as simple as removing your wall plates, and attaching the new ones using the screws that come with them.

Artistic? Yes, boat paintings have been done by many famous artists, and today, we can have little pieces of boat and ship art surrounding our light switches.

Even if you don't have a nautical themed decor, boat and ship light switch covers can add an artistic feel to any room.

For kids, there even are special nautical wall plates covers featuring colorful tugboats and pirate ships for boys, and pink sailboats and fairy boats for girls.

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Oil on Canvas, by Edouard Manet
"Boating" 1874 oil on canvas by Édouard Manet
"Boating" 1874 oil on canvas by Édouard Manet

Boats in Art and Home Decor

Boats and boating have long been a favorite subject of artists, and are a favorite theme in home decor, as well.

hips and boats seem to fascinate many of us. So, it is no surprise that there are many famous paintings with boats in them.

If you visit any museum on earth, chances are, you'll see at least one boat painting.

This particular one, an oil on canvas, called "Boating," by the French artist Eduardo Manet (1832-1883), is on public display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Vintage Sailboat and Anchor Wall Plate

 Shown above is a beautifully executed  design that will look lovely in any coastal or nautical decor.

This pretty nautical design is available for both single and double toggle switches, as well as in electrical outlet covers. 

Wall Plate Covers

With a Variety of Boat Art

Small boats, fishing boats, sailboats in beautiful color pallets will add a pretty nautical touch to a plain wall.

Boats come in so many shapes and sizes, built for so many purposes.

There's a lot of choices in boat themed switch plates!

Shown here is one that reproduces a painting by the famous Vincent Van Gogh 

The Boat Builders (1873)

by Winslow Homer
The Boat Builders by Winslow Homer
The Boat Builders by Winslow Homer

A Famous Painting with Sailboats in It

When haven't young boys been romanced by the sea and fascinated by boats?

This painting, by American Homer Winslow, is hard evidence that the appeal of the sea was certainly alive and well in the late 1800's. Boys were dreaming of going to sea then, and liked to pretend by sailing their little toy boats.

This oil on panel, titled "The Boat Builders," showing boys building toy boats, as they sit near the sea, while a real boat sails nearby, is part of the collection at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Sailboats were a popular them in 1873, when this work was created, and they remain so today. 

Is It a Boat or a Ship?

What's the difference between a boat and a ship? Do you know?

Here's a picture of a Cruise Shipcarrying Life Boats. Does that help?

As the old saying goes, a ship can carry a boat, but a boat can't carry a ship.

Another way to remember it is that 

is for Ships and Sea, but

Boats stay By the shore.

Ships (generally larger vessels) are made to carry cargo and/or people from land to land across the sea, while boats travel mostly on rivers, lakes, and close to shore in the ocean.




Sovereign of the Seas

Fastest Clipper Ship
Sovereign of the Seas (1892 clipper ship)
Sovereign of the Seas (1892 clipper s...

Sovereign of the Seas

First "Mega" Cruise Ship
Royal Caribbean's Sovereign of the Seas
Royal Caribbean's Sovereign of the Seas

A Famous Clipper Ship

and Her Newer Namesake

There have been several famous ships named Sovereign of the Seas. One was this clipper ship built in 1852.

She set several clipper ship records, all of which apparently still stand to this day - well over 150 years later.

On one occasion, the Sovereign of the Seas broke the record for the fastest eastbound transatlantic crossing. She sailed from New York City to Liverpool England, in a mere thirteen and a half days.

Another record was for the fastest speed recorded for a clipper - 22 knots. This record was set in 1854.

The first cruise ship I ever sailed on was the MS Sovereign of the Seas. No, not the clipper ship pictured above, but a modern day cruise ship. When "my" Sovereign first sailed, in 1988, she was the biggest, grandest passenger ship ever built - up to that time. (Now, there are much bigger ones.)

She was so big, in fact, that some people wondered if she would actually float. She was so revolutionary that the cruise line wanted a fitting name for their grand lady. So, another Sovereign of the Seas began to sail.

She still sails today, over 25 years later, tough under a shortened name. She's now called MS Sovereign. Though she's been transferred to another fleet, in another country, I'd eagerly sail on her again, given even half a chance. Guess it's true that your first will always be special.

The Easiest Home Improvement Project Ever

Changing Out an Electrical Switch Plate

Replacing a light switch cover is probably the easiest little project there is. Virtually anyone can do it. You don't have to be a 'handy person' to do it, and it only takes a few minutes.

To see for yourself, just watch this how to video... You'll become an expert switcher outer in under two minutes.

How to Replace Light Switch Face Plate Covers

Do It Yourself in Minutes

Ship Outlet Covers

to Complete Your Nautical Look

When you are sprucing up the part of your wall that contains your light switches, don't forget to look down near the baseboard, or just over the kitchen and bathroom counters.

Yes, there are electrical outlet covers to match those wonderful wall plates with ship themes.




Fun Nautical Themes for Kids

- Single and Double Switch Plates

Don't forget the kiddos, either!

These fanciful boats and ships are sure to please a little one. Children will love these little nautical touches in their rooms.

Boats and Ships on wall plates for light switches and electrical outlets are in some cute desitns sfor double and single switch plates, and standard electrical outlets, as well as for rocker switches and GFI Outlets.

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CruiseReady on 06/21/2017

Most of them are easily cleaned with a damp cloth or a mild spray cleaner.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/20/2017

CruiseReady, Outlets and switches ultimately acquire smudges since they sometimes have to be accessed with other than the cleanest of hands. Do these lovely specialty covers require special cleaning?

CruiseReady on 04/03/2016

Yes, very appropriate, indeed!

mihgasper on 01/12/2016

I have never seen electrical wall plate before - I should definitely spend more time outside of my apartment ... Thank you for this beautiful presentation. I particularly like images of impressionists. Considering their obsession with light, plates for switches somehow seem even more appropriate.

CruiseReady on 12/30/2015

Thank you, lindylou2! I am one of those people who simply can't get enough of the water- being near it, on it, or in it makes me happy, and that also means I have a natural curiosity about all things nautical.

CruiseReady on 11/22/2015

Thank you, dustytoes! It's so nice to be out on the water. Almost as nice as being in it.

CruiseReady on 11/22/2015

@bkacjspanielgallery - yes, that's a particularly nice one.

dustytoes on 11/19/2015

I love boating. You have a nice selection of nautical items here.

blackspanielgallery on 11/15/2015

I like how the outlet blends with the clouds.

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