Boat Nautical Christmas Ornaments

by CruiseReady

Add a fun nautical touch on your holiday tree - hang a a sailboat, cruise ship, fishing boat, tugboat or other boat Christmas ornament on a branch or two..

Of the many kinds of vessels you'll see on the water, three of the most popular ones that make their way on to the branches of Christmas trees are tugboats, cruise ships, and sail boats.

These boat and ship Christmas ornaments are very cute! They make fantastic little gifts for those who love spending time on the water, or for those who dream about it.

Have a happy nautical holiday with these small boat Christmas ornaments, cruise ships, tugboats and more. You'll even find Santa in some of these boat themed holiday ornaments.

But, don't think of them as only nautical Christmas Decor for your tree. You can also deploy a little fleet of vessels for other uses. Think package toppers and gifts for ornament exchanges, too. .

Need something special to stuff in the stocking of a boater, fisherman, sailor, or cruiser? They would love a cool little holiday decoration that expresses their love of being at sea. It's something they'll use year after year with pleasure.

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Sails Up, Sails Down
Sails Up, Sails Down
from author's personal collection

There's nothing quite like sailing on the sea, or a lake or river, for that matter.  The wind in your hair, the spray in your face, and the feel of the water under your hull creates an exhilaration like none other.

White sails and hulls against the blues of the sea and the sky are a beautiful thing to behold.


A Glittering Silver and Green Christmas Sailboat

This elegant little sailboat Christmas ornament will make a great addition to any Christmas tree, and the perfect gift for sailors and collectors alike! You'll feel almost as though you're sailing through exotic waters with the wind and the sea spray in your face! With glittering green Swarovski crystals, it will be one of your favorites for years to come! 

Sailboat with Green Swarovski Crystals

Chrome Plated Holiday Ornament
Chrome Plated Sailboat Sun Catcher - Green - Swarovski Crystal

Sail Some Boats on Your Tree

Sailboat Christmas Tree Ornaments

As you might imagine, those white sails and hulls look beautiful against the backdrop of green tree branches, too. Hang one or two on your tree, and delight the sailing enthusiast in your family. 

Sailboat ornaments make nice little thank you gifts and holiday gifts for those who love the adventure of the sea, too.

What follows are some  pretty sailing boats in several styles, each one suitable for a different type of holiday decor.  One is especially bright and colorful, and would be especially nice for the tree in a home with children.

Custom Photo Ornaments

with a Nautical Theme

Custom photo ornaments are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to add a real personal touch to your holiday decor, and honor a loved one or special event at the same time. Many people even hang pictures of their furry friends on their trees.

Here's a sailboat nautical ornament with a photo insert. It's simple to upload a picture of your family, a child, that precious family pet, or even your own boat into the insert area. It's a fun and easy way to create a keepsake ornament that you'll treasure for years to come.

What memory will you choose to keep in your photo ornament?

Fishing Boats

Old Fishing Boat
Old Fishing Boat

Fishing Boats, Small and Large

People go fishing in all sorts of boats, both large sea going ones and smaller ones used on inland waterways and lakes.  What's your pleasure?  Bagging a tarpon in the Gulf of Mexico, or reeling in a few catfish to fry up for tonight's dinner?

Professional fishermen make their living in large commercial fishing boats.  Well heeled sportsmen spend princely sums on big, fancy, well equipped vessels. Others fish from small motorboats, canoes, and even kayaks.

Like with the real thing, there's quite a variety of fishing boat ornaments for the rod and reeler in your life.  Below is a sampling of some choice items that would be fun to add to your holiday decor.


Tugboat in Nassau, The Bahamas
Tugboat in Nassau, The Bahamas
author's own photo

Kids Love Tugboats

Thrill Your Young Ones with Tugs on the Tree

If there are children in your home, put a few tugboat decorations on your tree. These hard working little vessels seem to hold a special appeal for children.

There are several well loved, and very inspirational children's books about little tugs helping to save the day. Maybe the appeal is in the fact that, while they are small, these sturdy little boats lend a hand to bigger ships. Children love to help, and that's just what tugs do.

In fact, huge cruise ships and cargo vessels sometimes need help in getting to their piers. That's especially true in bad weather when seas are rough and winds are high. It''s then that the tugs appear, and push, shove, and guide the bigger guys gently to their destinations.

No wonder these little boats doing big things are such a favorite of small children. They can relate!

Cruise Ships

Explorer of the Seas
Explorer of the Seas
author's own photo

Christmas Cruising

Yes, some of us do love to sail the seas on a luxury liner during the yuletide season.  There's something very special about cruising during the holidays.

The crew goes all out to make your holiday cruise something to remember. They 'deck' out the ship (pun intended) in holiday cheer from bow to stern. There are special touches added on every deck, garlands all along the stairways, and special music playing.

It's a very special time to be at sea. Commemorate it with a special keepsake dated cruise ship ornament.


For those who'd rather stay on land during this time of year, there are special holiday ornaments that will remind you of those special times you've spent on board . . . of to help you smile in anticipation of a sea voyage scheduled for the coming year.

Cruise into the holidays with these Cruise Ship tree decorations. What fun to have a cruise liner on your tree! One of these would make a great package topper to go along with cruise ship tickets, too. Try adding one to a Christmas gift basket or stuffing one into the stocking of an avid cruiser.


Cruise Ship Christmas Ornaments

Cruise Ship Christmas Ornament

Other Boats and Ships

That Carry People and Things
Container Ship out at Sea
Container Ship out at Sea
photo by author

Ferries, Cargo Ships and Pontoon Boats

Are you in love with the romantic notion of old sailing ships?  

Did you ever have to take a car ferry across a channel?  

Have you ridden a pontoon boat on a lake or other body of water?

Then, you might find that one of the nautical Christmas ornaments shown below will speak to you.  

In fact, no matter what kind of boat is your personal favorite, there's probably a little representation of it to enhance your holiday decor.


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CruiseReady on 07/27/2017

Actually, I saw one on Amazon recently. Checking just now, I found it was still there!

DerdriuMarriner on 06/06/2017

CruiseReady, Do you know of any gondola ornaments?

CruiseReady on 10/26/2015

Thank you so much, MBC! I love being on, in, or near the water, and usually have a camera with me.

MBC on 10/26/2015

I love your photos! Here in Colorado the best nautical shots are at lakes only.

CruiseReady on 10/25/2015

I agree it's a beauty

blackspanielgallery on 10/25/2015

The one you used in the introduction is by far the best.

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