Have a Happy Crabby Christmas

by CruiseReady

Crabs on a Christmas Tree? They are red and blue and pretty in their own way. There's even a real crab called the Christmas Island Red Crab. So, why not?

Have a happy crabby Christmas - with crab holiday ornaments. If you love crabs - or if you were born under the sign of Cancer - then, perhaps you'd love to add a few red or blue crab ornaments to your Christmas tree.

Crabs on a Christmas Tree? They are red and blue and pretty in their own way. There's even a real crab called the Christmas Island Red Crab. So, why not?

Or use a few decorative crabs as package toppers or other decorations. You'll love the assortment of red and blue Christmas crabs showcased here. And you'll love learning about some real ones - the Christmas Island Red Crab.

Novelty ornaments with crab themes make great gifts, as well. They are a perfect addition to a gift basket or Christmas stocking. Buy some for the ornament exchange parties you are attending, too!

Why not throw your own Christmas ornament exchange party, and make it a nautical theme? It's something different and fun, that people will enjoy!

Intro Photo: Christmas Island Red Crab




A Real, Live Christmas Crab

Christmas Island Red Crab
Christmas Island Red Crab

Christmas Island Red Crabs

Fell like you need a little justification for hanging crabs on your Christmas tree? Then, how about this: There's actually a real crab called the Christmas Island Red Crab! How's that for appropriateness?

Christmas Island, a small island in the Indian Ocean well to the northwest of Australia, and one of its territories, is home to millions of red crabs. (Christmas Island is so named because it was discovered on Christmas Day in 1643.)

Christmas Island Red Crabs are basically small land crabs, but their annual mass migration to the sea (around November) for spawning is quite an event. Can you imagine some 40 million of these little creatures all making their way to the beach at once?

The migration takes about a week, during which time the ground is literally crawling with them! They even cross roads to get to their destination, with the males leading the way. What a sight that must be!

Lovely Red Crab Ornament

Unless you are very traditional in your approach to Christmas decorations, you might be one of those that are constantly on the look out for something different or unusual to add to your tree. Well, for the something new and different, think crabs!


This string of three hand painted glitter sprinkled red crabs are ho ho ho-ing away as they wait for Santa, and wishing you a Merry Christmas while they do.  

 Made of resin, they're sure to last a lot longer than the real kind.  The overall length is about six inches long.

See the Christmas Island Red Crabs Migtate

Top Five Uses for Crab Ornaments

I know you've been just as anxious as can be to find out which are the top fibe uses for Christmas Crabs.  So, here they are:  

  1. Decorate a Christmas tree.
  2. Use as decorations for a sea-themed party.
  3. Use as package toppers.
  4. Place in gift baskets.
  5. Attach to an envelope of a seafood restaurant gift card.

Don't Forget the Hermits

Hermit crabs are another good choice at Christmas.  There are hundreds of different species, and many of those are red.


However, the name is a bit misleading.   Hermit Crabs aren't really hermits at all, but actually very social.  They truly enjoy the company of their fellows, and do not seem to like being alone.  They their name comes from the fact that they must stay in their borrowed shell to protect the  parts of their body that are soft and vulnerable - mainly their abdomen.  They carry this home around with them.

Did I say borrowed?  Yes, their shells formerly belonged to someone else, as these little critters can't make their own homes like many mollusks can.  That 'someone else' is usually some sort of a sea snail.


And, though some are, not all of them are such little creatures, either.  The littlest species don't even get over an inch long.  But the, there's the biggest of all - the Coconut Crab.  They can get over three feet long!




Blue Crabs for a Blue Themed Christmas Tree

Atlantic Blue Crab
Atlantic Blue Crab

The Official Crustacean of the State of Maryland

Chesapeake Blues

The Blue Crab is the official state crustacean of the state of Maryland, where some people like to call them Chesapeake Blues.

As you can see from the above photo, it's really  the color of their legs that gives them their name. Those are where the really blue color is. Once they are cooked, their legs turn a pinkish red, so when you eat them, blue crabs are no longer blue.

Blue Crustaceans

For a Blue, Blue Christmas

I've seen more than a few Christmas trees all done up in a blue color scheme, and you probably have, too.  They make a very pleasing sight.

These blue crab ornaments would make fun (if unexpected) additions to one of those 'blue' holiday trees.

A Very Patriotic Crab Species

The Maryland Blue Crab

It might be argued that the Atlantic Blue Crab is an all American species, and a very patriotic one, too.

They are native to the waters around America, specifically those of the Western Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

 But that's not the whole story.  

They actually display outlines of two of America's national monuments on their little crab bellies!

Turn a blue crab over and have a look.

If an outline of the dome of United States Capitol building shows up, you're looking at a girl.  

If it's the Washington Monument that you see, then that's a boy.

Fascinating little tidbit?  You bet!

Female Blue Crab (Capitol Dome)
Female Blue Crab (Capitol Dome)
Male Blue Crab (Washington Monument)
Male Blue Crab (Washington Monument)

What Color Crabs?

Which color crustaceans do you want on your tree?
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I like them both!

Cancer the Crab

Those with birthdays from June 22 - July 22 were born under the sign of Cancer the Crab


The Crab in Astroloogy

Those born under the sign of Cancer the Crab (June 22 - July 22) love the life that revolves around home and hearth. But they can be a bit moody from time to time.

The crab is an apt symbol for them, for when their feeiling get hurt, they just might withdraw into their shell.

The might, however, really get a kick of hanging a crab or two on their holiday tree.

You can choose from hundreds of designs at on demand printer Zazzle.

And look! There's even one for the sign of cancer. You can customize it with a name and date on the reverse side, so this would make a nice gift or stocking stuffer.


Crab Holiday Ornament for Someone Born Under the Sign of Cancer

Other Fun Christmas Themes

to Consider
You may not have your very own lighthouse to decorate for the holidays, but you can decorate with lighthouses. Features: Story of the Seul Choix Light and the art of Brenda Tnour.
You probably already have stars on your holiday tree, so why not a planet? Or perhaps a rocket ship, or other space themed ornament would honor those who've gone to space.
If you like the warmth of the tropics, add a whimsical tropical touch to your Christmas decor with pink flamingo ornaments, cards, gift wrap, and Christmas yard flamingos.
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CruiseReady on 09/08/2015

And, Sockii, It sounds like you really need a blue Christmas crab.

CruiseReady on 09/08/2015

Thank you for the visit and comment, blackspanielgallery

CruiseReady on 09/08/2015

@ happynutritionist Yes, crab Christmas ornaments are an idea that's a little different. A few of them can certainly add a unique touch to a holiday tree.

CruiseReady on 09/08/2015

@DerdriuMarriner - What a nice thing to think about!

happynutritionist on 09/05/2015

This would be the only kind of crabby I'd like around on Christmas...lol. What a unique idea, I do love seeing how crabs scurry around sideways, but have never thought of them as ornaments.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/03/2015

CruiseReady, They certainly fit into the Christmas color scheme. It's a nice way of remembering the wildlife with whom we share the Blue Planet, particularly appropriately during the season of good cheer for all.

blackspanielgallery on 09/03/2015

What a fantastic collection.

sockii on 09/03/2015

Oh, I definitely have to get a Blue Crab ornament for my Christmas tree! They are popular here in Jersey, too...sweetie and I always make sure to get in a good blue crab feast every summer at one of the crab shacks around here.

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