A Pink Flamingo Christmas

by CruiseReady

If you like the warmth of the tropics, add a whimsical tropical touch to your Christmas decor with pink flamingo ornaments, cards, gift wrap, and Christmas yard flamingos.

Want to add a warm, tropical feel to your yuletide season? Make it a pink flamingo Christmas!

Silly? Maybe. Maybe not. Flamboyant? Well, yes. And what's wrong with a little flamboyance and silliness, anyway? A good part of the holiday season is all about fun and fantasy, anyway, isn't it?

I live in Florida. Around here, we don't get snow. Oh, once every fifteen years or so, some white stuff will swirl around in the air for maybe five or ten minutes, but that's about it. That's just the way we like it.

We like warm. So do flamingos, so I say: If you live in a warm climate, why pretend you don't at Christmas time? Embrace your natural surroundings, and decorate tropically! String some lights in those palm trees, and put Santa hats on a few pink flamingos. Hang a few tropical birds on your tree. Make it a warm and tropical flamingo Christmas.

Even if you live way up north, but would love to get away to the tropics now and then, why not add a fun and funky tropical touch to your holidays with pink flamingo Christmas decorations and accessories?

For a Yuletide Filled with Flamboyant Feathered Fun

Dare to Bring In Some Pink Flamingos
A Flamingo Flamboyance
A Flamingo Flamboyance


Flamingos for Your Yuletide Yard


Light Up Your Yard

With a Flamboyant Flamingo

This Christmas flamingo sports not only a Santa hat, but also his own lights - fifty of them.  Unlike the real thing, this one has a skeleton of metal, so he'll stand strong.  Instead of fragile feathers, he's covered in weather resistant polyester. This bright and happy Christmas Flamingo sports 35 lights, too!


At 28" tall, he's not quite life sized, but close to it.  The smallest species of Flamingo, the James's Flamingo, found in parts of South America, grows to about 35  inches tall.)  Maybe this one's a teenager.

What an impression he'll make in the yard!


Lighted Flamingo Christmas Yard Decoration

Trim A Home 28" 35Lt Mesh Flamingo


Flamboyance is one term for a flock of flamingos.

Another is stand.

Set of Four Christmas Mingos

Have Your Very Own Flamboyance

If you'd prefer a stand, or flamboyance, of these tropical beauties on your lawn for the holidays, here' a set of four.

There's one, dressed as Saint Nick.  He's pink.

Then, there are three brown toned birds, complete with antlers, playing the part of the jolly bird's reindeer.

Yard Decorations with a Flamingo Flair

Get in the Pink Christmas Spirit

I live in Florida.  Around here, we don't get snow.  Oh, once every fifteen years or so, some white stuff will swirl around in the air for a few minutes, but that's about it.

But, we do have hibiscus flowers, palm trees, and tropical birds.  Some of us even decorate with them for the holidays.  

We see lots of yards with an 'out of his element' Frosty the Snowman plunked down on top of the grass.  But, we also see lots of palms with strings of colored lights wound around their trunks and hanging from their fronds. And, there are always a few yards with a surfing Santa, or a few holiday flamingos.  Or both.

Here's a short video of one yard in which the Jolly Old Elf's sleigh is pulled not by reindeer, but by big pink birds.  Looks fine to me.

Pink Flamingos Pull Santa's Sleigh


Pink and Pretty Outdoor Lights

Indoor / Outdoor Flamingo String Lights

If you'd prefer a more subtle touch , perhaps a string of special lights to adorn your porch, front door, or entryway is for you.

There are several different ones to choose from on Amazon.

The ten light set shown here has a decidedly sweet appearance, but others are available with a slightly bolder and brighter look.

The cool thing about this set is that it runs on two AA batteries, so there's no long power cord to mess with.


Flamingo Tree Ornaments


Pink Flamingos for Your Holiday Tree

Ornaments You'll Want

Perhaps you feel a big lighted flamingo is just not right for your yard.  Maybe you're the more traditional type.  If so, then you might secretly smile at the thought of a pretty pink bird hanging around inside from one or two of the branches of your tree.  Here are some to choose from.

Just below, you find:

  • A selection of ornaments from Amazon.  If you don't see on you like, just click on the 'View on Amazon' button, and scroll down a bit for more suggestions.
  • A link to a page that tells you how to make you own flamingo tree ornament
  • A couple of examples of hanging tree ornaments from Zazzle.  Some of the ones you find there can be dated or personalized with your monogram or family name!  Look for acrylic, gold plated, silver plated, and pewter, as well as the familiar ball shaped ornaments.



Make Your Own Christmas Tree Ornament

A Pink Flamingo

Here's how to make your own pink flamingo ornament for your tree.


Send Out the Flamingos

Christmas Cards and Matching Stamps


For Holiday Cards and Matching Stamps

Check Zazzle

Another one of the things you'll want to check out on Zazzle's site is their selection of cards and matching stamps.

Some of the cards come with a pre set inside sentiment, while others have a customizable message area or a blank one for a hand written note.

Postage stamps come in various sizes and the legal denominations.

You'll also find return address labels, if you want to go all the way with your tropical theme.

You do't Have to Live in Florida to Put Flamingos in Your Yard

These are in Fairbanks, Alaska!
Fairbanks Flamingos
Fairbanks Flamingos

If you live in a less than tropical climate, and have hesitated to put plastic flamingos on your lawn because the weather seems unsuitable for such yard decor, think again!

The above picture proves that this particular species (the plastic one) can survive just about anywhere.  After all, if they can tolerate Alaska, they'll probably thrive where you live!

As a precaution, this homeowner has given some of his stand warm winter accessories..  

Wonder if he adds little Santa hats to their heads during the holiday season?

Holiday Flamingos in Your Community

Have You Seen Them?
  Display results
I think we may have some in our yard this year!

A Little Too MUCH Christmas Spirit?

Singing Christmas Flamingos

You may or may not agree, but it sure sounds to me like these guys might have been imbibing a goodly quantity of Yuletide spirits before launching into song.  This Singing Christmas Flamingos made me chuckle a little.  Here's hoping it will do the same for you.


Pink Flamingo Wrapping Paper


Wrap it Up Right!

Put Some Pink Under Your Tree, Too!

Now that you've found something to go ON your tree, don't forget what goes UNDER it.  For one or two of those carefully chosen gifts, select some fabulous flaming gift wrap to bundle them up in.  

You'll find some fine ones at Zazzle - over 800 choices, in fact!

The one at right is a sophisticated design, featuring a vibrant repeating image of everyone's favorite pink bird on a black background.  Other choices range from the beautiful to comic, with severasl options in paper type and roll size 

Other Pages About Flamingos

That May Be of Interest
Here's a great idea for a theme for a baby shower for a girl baby - Pink Flamingos. Not only are they very girly looking, but they're great parents, too!
Learn about the only two species of flamingos that are indigenous to the "Old World" - The Greater and Lesser Flamingos.
What makes the Andean Flamingo different than other flamingos? What are the two big threats that have contributed to their being designated as a vulnerable species?

Flamingo Flamboyance on eBay

Bid on some holiday fun today!
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Wishing You a Happy Pink Flamingo Holiday!

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DerdriuMarriner on 07/29/2017

CruiseReady, Do you know of any flamingo-handled silverware and flamingo-patterned dinnerware? They'd look spectacular on a holiday table featuring Depression pink glasses, pitchers and vases.

Chris on 05/01/2016

The LED light Christmas flamingo with the Santa hat.... Does anyone have a lead on where to find these? Lowes and Amazon have both been out of stock since Christmas and we are dying to track them down!

CruiseReady on 07/27/2015

!Dogby - Looks like we have something in common. My brother has a big one in his yard all year, but no Christmas flamingos. Yet.

Digby_Adams on 07/26/2015

I have a sister who is flamingo crazed. She does have flamingo ornaments for her trees and big ones with lights in her yard.

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