Lighthouse Nautical Christmas Decorations

by CruiseReady

You may not have your very own lighthouse to decorate for the holidays, but you can decorate with lighthouses. Features: Story of the Seul Choix Light and the art of Brenda Tnour.

If you are a lighthouse lover, I'm guessing that you either already own some lighthouse ornaments for your Christmas tree, or that you would like to have some. Why not make this the year to add some?

There are some really fine lighthouse ornaments available on line at Amazon. (Like the one at

But aside from reminding you of that, I'd also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to artist Brenda Thour, who creates (among other things) some absolutely beautiful lighthouse art. She has turned some of her lighthouse paintings into Christmas ornaments, and made them available at Zazzle, .

One of Thour's ornaments is of the Seul Choix Light, in Michigan. You'll also learn a little bit of its fascinating story, and even hear a ballad about it, on this special lighthouse Christmas ornaments page.

Sanibel Island Light at Christmastime

Sanibel Island Light at Christmas Time
Sanibel Island Light at Christmas Time

Lighthouse Holiday Decor

Decorate Your Lighthouse, or Decorate With Lighthouses

If there's a lighthouse near you, make sure to take a look at it during the holiday season. It may be sporting a little something extra at that time of year.  In the above picture, the beacon on Florida's Sanibel Island is all decked out for the holidays.    If you live near Youk, Maine, be sure to see the Cape Neddick Light at night, as its holiday decor is a real treat.

Decorate your lighthouse for Christmas!

Dion't have one of your own?  Then, decorate with lighthouses, instead!   

Pretty Lighthouse Ornaments

To Hang on Your Tree

There's a wide variety of light house themed ornaments to choose from today, if you know where to look.  A lot of them won't be found at your local big box store.  

For example, the pretty ceramic ornament shown at right is from on demand printer Zazzle.

PERSONALIZE THIS ORNAMENT.  It even has a space on the back for you to have your (or someone's)  family name printed, making it a nice choice for a special little holiday gift, too.  

Seul Choix Light

The Name Means "Only Choice"

Seul Choix Light

Michigan's Seul Choix Light

In French, Seul Choix means 'only choice.'   The name came about because the harbor where it stands, at the north west corner of Lake Michigan, is the only choice for a safe harbor on a long stretch of dangerous coast.

It's a historic landmark, on the national register of historic places.  Unlike many lighthouses on the register, this one is still an active aid to navigation today, just as it has been since it was first lit in 1895.  

Having been automated in 1972, there's no longer a need for any one to mind the beacon on a continuous basis.   However, it seems that no one has been able to convince Joseph Townshed, one of the house's former keepers of that fact.  It is said that his ghost still haunts the place.


Seul Choix Lighthouse Ornament

With Original Artwork by Brenda Thour

Brenda Thour's Lighthouse Art

Is available on Ornaments

The lighthouse ornaments shown below, as well as the one just above, are the work of a very talented lady named Brenda Thour, and are taken from some of her original paintings of lighthouses.

Shown at right is her Light The Way Lighthouse Print, a print reproduction of her watercolor by the same name.  It depicts the top of the Seul Choix Pointe Light Station* in Michigan against a sunset sky.

The Minnesota artist has been working in Oils, Watercolor, and Acryllics, since 1999. 

The Ballad of the Seul Choix Pointe Lighthouse

by Carl Behrend

This lighthouse is so much a part of Great Lakes and Michigan history, that a ballad has been written about it.  Give a listen, as folk singer Carl Behrend sings the Ballad of the Seul Choix Pointe Lighthouse, which he wrote.

Where to see The Lighthouse

The Seul Choix Light sits at the northwestern edge of Lake Michigan, and is open for tours from June through early October.  Tours include access to the museum and you can even climb the tower if you'd like.

More Brenda Thour Lighthouse Ornaments

Available at Her Gallery

You can find more of Thour's work at her Zazzle gallery, which is called Brenda Thour Studio of Wildlife and Landscape Paintings. Her gallery there houses a full range of products in addition to prints and ornaments.


Do You Like Brenda Thour's Lighthouse Ornaments?

Lighthouse Ornaments

on Amazon

Amazon is also a good place to find lighthouses for your holiday tree.  If you're just getting started collecting these lovely nautical ornaments, you might want to look for groupings of several, like the one shown here.  

The set of four will augment your collection of Christmas lighthouses in a single purchase.  That's easy enough, isn't it?  

They're from Kurt Adler - a leader in holiday decor items.

Set of Four Christmas Lighthouses

by Kurt Adler

Wrap It Up

With Lighthouse Wrapping Paper and Ornaments

If you have a nautical themed tree, or maybe even one all decked out in lighthouses, don't stop there!  Make it a real coordinated scene by placing packages under the tree that are all wrapped up in beautiful custom paper adorned with your chosen theme.

Another idea is to use a pretty ornament as a stocking stuffer, or as a decoration on a pretty package along with a coordinating bow.  

Shown here are two items: wrapping paper and a gift box for wine of the little white lighthose on Paradise Island, bordering the harbor in Nassau, The Bahamas.  

This is a good time to showcase this particular landmark, as it celebrates its 200th birthday in 2017!


Paradise Island Light Gift Wrap

And Ornament
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DerdriuMarriner on 08/01/2017

CruiseReady, There's a lot of symbolism in lighthouses since they cast light into the darkness and save lives. The St. Augustine is one of my favorites, as is the Sanibel Island. Do you have favorites, and are they on your tree?

CruiseReady on 07/20/2015

blackspanielgallery - there's something really special about lighthouses, and they look lovely on a tree!

CruiseReady on 07/20/2015

I am so glad to hear that you honor an important maritime element on your holiday tree, Digny_Adams!

blackspanielgallery on 07/20/2015

These are different, unusual, and fantastic.

Digby_Adams on 07/20/2015

I love to put local lighthouse ornaments on our Christmas trees.

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