Patriotic and Military Tributes

by CountrySunshine

Tributes to the military who sacrifice so much for the United States of America.

On Memorial Day, many people are out at the lake on their boats, enjoying the sunshine. Others are having parties at their houses, or watching baseball or NASCAR on television. Others are out shopping, taking advantage of the holiday sales. Is this what we do to honor our Veterans?

I, like so many others, see Memorial Day as the time to remember those people who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America. My US flag flies at half-mast, and at 3:00 pm, I take a few minutes out to reflect on what Memorial Day means.

I spend time reading articles on what Memorial Day means to so many. I have been touched by what I have read. Not all feel that Memorial Day is a 3-day weekend for barbecues and lake parties. Perhaps the average American citizen is more patriotic than I originally believed!


A great article about patriotism, and how to show it

Memorial Day

Articles on What Memorial Day Means

Memorial Day - An American Patriotic Holiday
A brief history of Memorial Day, followed by quotes, patriotic gifts, and activities to share with your family

A Moment of Silence

Take a moment of your day to remember our heros who gave their lives for our freedom.

Honoring Our Veterans

Not just for Veterans or Memorial Day, but for every day!

Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery
A Veteran's cemetery located between Dallas and Fort Worth - it pays tribute to all our fallen heroes.

Honoring Our American Veterans
A tribute to veterans - both on Veterans Day - and every day. Thank them for their service!

Remembering the Forgotten
A tribute to WWII veterans, and all those that came after

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War touched many of us, and still does today.  Although over 58,000 died in the war, many more are disabled because of it.  Agent Orange, post-traumatic stress disorder; loss of limbs and other crippling wounds have resulted in hardship for our Vietnam Veterans.

And, unlike those who fought and returned from previous wars, the Vietnam veterans were not welcomed when then came home to the United States.  They returned home to protests, so many kept details about their service to themselves. 

It is past time to honor the Vietnam veterans.  Take time to do this today.

Tributes to Vietnam Veterans

Vietnam Veterans Memorials
Memorials - including "The Wall" in Washington, DC - for Vietnam-era veterans

Vietnam War Pictures
Very moving pictures from the Vietnam war

In Memory Day Event at Vietnam Veterans Memorial
A tribute to the fallen veterans of the Vietnam War - held each June on Flag Day in Washington, DC

War in the Middle East

A Tribute To My Brothers In Arms
A personal tribute written by a soldier in the British Army to those friends & colleagues he lost in the Afghanistan war

Thank A Veteran

I often come across Veterans while out shopping, and always take the time to shake their hand, and thank them for their service.  It is a simple gesture, and doesn't take but a minute of my time.

After all, the Veteran I've encountered spent much more than a minute of his or her life to protect mine.  It is the least I can do, and is still not enough! As a retired Army Master Sergeant writes "support the troops no matter what," it does not matter what your feelings and opinions are about war. You are supporting a person who is willing to give his/her life for his country, and that is greater than any personal feelings of war.

I hope you take the time to do the same.  These people have sacrificed their lives for your freedom.  Just say "thank you", and you will be surprised how good it makes you feel to appreciate someone else!

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Bob on 05/30/2012

I fly a flag in my front yard year 'round, and also thank all Veterans I come across.

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