Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

by AlexandriaIngham

Are you looking for something more personal for your wedding guests? Here are a few ideas for personalized wedding favors.

Creating a memorable wedding day is something many couples want to do. This isn’t just for them. They want to create a memorable wedding day for their guests. The wedding favors are one of the best ways to do this, especially through the use of personalized wedding favors.

There’s no need to spend an absolutely fortune on personalized gifts for your guests. In fact, they don’t even need to be items for guests to take home. Just encourage your guests to take photos for those that are edible, so they can remember them!

Here are a few personalized wedding favor ideas your guests will love.

It's time to get personal with your wedding favors
It's time to get personal with your wedding favors
Alexandria Ingham

Maple Leaf Handmade Soap for Bigger Wedding Budgets

For those with a larger wedding budget, you could opt for something a little more extravagant.

If money isn’t too much of an issue for you, you won’t mind spending a little extra on your personalized wedding favor ideas. This is also an idea for those with a small guest list, or those who want to treat those who have helped them the most. Maple leaf handmade soap is a great option, and you can get 20 pieces for less than $20.

The soap itself isn’t personalized, but you can add a tag to the box that you give it in. The best thing about this gift is that it can be used practically afterwards.

For those who want a quick way to make things personal, it is possible to have metal cards hand-stamped. These can be stamped with any message you choose, and include various symbols and designs.

Blowing Personalized Bubbles During the Night

Why not let your guests have some fun while receiving something to remember your wedding by?

Why not give your guests some bubbles to blow through the night. All guests love these, especially young children, and they’re not going to do any harm throughout the night.

One of the best things about the bubbles is that they can be used during the night and the liquid can then be thrown down the sink. Your guests can just take the little tub home to remember your special day.

To make them personalized, it is possible to buy labels designed just for the bottles. You can have anything you want printed on them, but remember to keep the message short. You only have a small space, and your guests need to be able to read it. Consider a simple message thanking people for attending with the date of your wedding.

The Personalized Bottle Openers and Key Rings

Add your own message to a few metal objects with hand stamping.

Hand stamping is a popular option for personalized gifts, and it is extremely affordable. You could even get the kits yourself along with the metal shapes and do it at home. There are some very affordable kits on the internet now. Just think about the fun you will have crafting special messages to each of your guests. You have all the freedom in the world.

Some of the more practical gifts are the most appreciated. Consider a bottle opener or a small key ring for people to carry around with them. If you want to offer a very special personalized wedding favor to those who have helped you the most, you could have necklaces and bracelets made with a message of thanks stamped on them.

More Articles With Ideas for Wedding Favors

If jewelry items are your favorite, think about ways that you can make them look pretty. Many companies now offer small gems or symbols to hook onto the jump ring. Think about the gemstones of the people receiving the gifts to really make them personalized wedding favors.

Like the labels for the bubbles, you need to keep the message short. You don’t have much space, and it will take time to stamp everything. If you hire someone else, they’re more likely to charge more because of the time it will take to stamp longer messages. Some couples find their initials and the date of the wedding with a “thank you” is enough.

Personalized Ribbons or Labels

Give yourself some variety by opting for personalized ribbons and labels for your wedding favors.

For those who really want to keep the cost down or don’t want to invest in hand stamping kits, the bottle openers and key rings can still be used. Instead of stamping the message, get some labels or ribbons personalized with a message. These ribbons and labels can be used for all types of gifts, whether you’re handing out small bags of sugared almonds or want to go a little more extravagant with photo frames.

Some companies are now offering the bottle openers with the labels. Those labels come blank, so you can write whatever message you want on them. You just have to hope you have beautiful handwriting to make this work! The problem with these is that they can still end up a little expensive.

When it comes to ribbons, you will need to get the messages printed on them. It is possible to buy 100 or more ribbons for less than $20 on the internet. Just give yourself enough time to get the delivered to your home, and always proofread your message before confirming the order.

Just a Few Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

Now it's time for you to decide which personalized wedding favors will work for your big day.

Those are just a few wedding favor ideas to get you started with. There are just so many out there, and they can be used for all types of wedding budgets and themes. The ribbons and labels are the most versatile, and tend to be better for smaller budgets. However, it does depend on how much you want to do yourself. If you’re willing to invest in hand stamping kits, you could do everything yourself and give the appearance that everything is professionally created for you!

Still Need More Ideas?

When it comes to choosing wedding favors that will be a hit, you simply can't go wrong with an item that your guests can eat. Here are some edible wedding favors that they'll love!
Updated: 06/20/2014, AlexandriaIngham
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AlexandriaIngham on 06/21/2014

Thanks, Mari. I love weddings, and love coming up with ideas for them.

They're beautiful wedding favors to give. So much thought obviously went into them to make sure they could really say thank you to their guests.

Maritravel on 06/20/2014

If I were to consider marrying again I know whose brain I would pick for ideas. These are all brilliant ideas Alexandria, and the article will be a big help to those about to tie the knot.
I went to two weddings in Thailand last year and at one the guest gift was a charming notebook with matching pen (cream and gold), and the other gave a lovely lacquer box (red and gold) which contained a glass paper-weight, a purple orchid. Both are on my desk as I write, happy reminders of the weddings.

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