Phonics Reading Books For Kids

by VioletteRose

Phonics reading is a popular and effective method used for teaching language to young children when they begin to learn reading and writing.

Phonics reading is beautiful. Many times the reading of a story resembles the reading of a poem, where you read out words that sound similar. This is because the phonics reading method uses correlated sounds and also symbols and patterns that are similar. The phonics reading method of teaching is especially used for teaching English language, but if you observe other languages you can see that it is possible to use this method in other languages as well.

Children’s Book Ted’s Shed For Young Phonics Readers - My Child Loved It

One of the best phonics books for kids - Ted’s shed is one among the series of stories about Ted, the little bear. Ted’s favorite color is red and even Ted’s bed and shed are red in color. In this book, Ted has a plan about his shed and the book describes how he executes the plan with the help of his friends. The story conveys the importance of teamwork.

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When I purchased ‘Ted’s Shed’ I was not sure if my child will like it or not. I thought it would be little difficult for him to understand since it is written giving emphasis to phonics sounds.

To my surprise, Ted’s shed has become one of the favourite books of my child. He was just three years old and not yet ready to read by himself, but he started asking me to read it for him everyday before his nap and also before going to bed at night. I understood he loved reading the phonics story book.  When I flip the pages, my child would point to the pictures and tell me what it is and what Ted is doing. If I missed any page, he would remember it and ask me to go back to the previous page before continuing to read. After few days of reading, he started finishing the sentences that I would start to read. In fact, he had started loving Ted!

Other than Ted, there are other animal characters also in this book and the book has beautiful pictures in every page making it easy for the little kids to understand. I didn’t know much about phonics based books before, but now I think it is really helpful for children to understand new words and phrase sentences in a beautiful way. In case you are not familiar with this method, phonics reading is simply based on the sound of letters, words and phrases that sounds similar.

I would recommend this book for all the little readers out there, as it would be really fun to read together.

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Collection Of Eight Phonics Reading Books For Kids!

Usborne Phonics Readers Pack - Eight ...

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Another Book You Might Like

The book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" may not be a phonics reading book, but it is a favourite book of children that features mainly the cute brown bear and other animals. I am mentioning it here because it is a favourite book of my child which has animal characters. It has got lots of pictures which keeps children interested.

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