Pie Birds and How to Use Them

by candy47

Also referred to as pie funnels or pie vents, pie birds allow steam to escape from baked pies and prevent the filling from bubbling over.

Originating in Europe during Victorian times, pie funnels were simply hollow ceramic funnels placed in the center of a pie to allow steam to escape during baking. The decorative bird shapes came much later. It is unclear if the reason for bird shapes came from the nursery rhyme “Sing a Song of Sixpence”..... “four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie”.
Pie birds are usually looking up to the sky, and you can sometimes hear the steam escaping from its beak giving the impression the bird is singing. As an added benefit, pie birds act as support for the top crust to prevent sagging. Since the 1940's pie birds have been manufactured in various designs and styles.

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Impress Your Friends

To serve your friends and family a homemade pie shows how much you care for them and treasure their friendship, and it gives you a feeling of inner pride. But when you present your pie with a pie bird peeking out, it gives an extra special homespun feel. You'll also hear a lot of ooh's and aah's! Such a small item will make a big difference. 

More than just a pie, pie birds make a really nice little gift to go along with your homemade pie if you're giving it to someone. Here are a few styles.

It's easy to bake with a pie bird. This short video shows you how.

The Lost Art of Pie Making

Made Easy

Food historian Barbara Swell shows us how to make a tender, flaky pie crust just like grandma used to make. Some of her recipes were taken from handwritten recipe books from the 1800's. A few are Dutch Oven Apple Cherry, Louisiana Peanut and Fresh Raspberry pie.

The book is chock full of vintage pie photos, pie trivia and how to host a pie contest.

What Kind of Pie Did You Bake?

Not all pie birds are birds

With these fruit pie birds there won't be any confusion or forgetfulness about what kind of pie you've baked (especially if you baked several different kinds).  Just use a pie bird for the type of pie. Shown here are apple, cherry and peach, but there's more.  Check them out on Amazon.

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Updated: 09/21/2017, candy47
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candy47 on 07/19/2017

Yes, that's a good thought. Probably would sell more pies with a bird in it.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/13/2017

candy47, The fruit-themed pie birds are delightfully practical, particularly for bake sales.

candy47 on 08/26/2016

I'm glad you like the pie birds Irene. They add a special touch to homemade pies.

Irene_Nevins on 08/26/2016

Love this! Adds such a nice touch to a homemade pie. Another long-forgotten kitchen gadget that had purpose.

candy47 on 02/06/2016

Keep collecting those kitchen gadgets Veronica! Who needs accurate measurements anyway?

Veronica on 02/06/2016

I have just returned from the shops and saw some measuring cups which I HAD to buy immediately. American recipes often say cups in easurements, but that is no use to u in GB when we don't know what size a cup is. :)

Ah well another kitchen gadget,

candy47 on 02/05/2016

You're welcome Veronica. I'm glad you found a use for it!

Veronica on 02/05/2016

Thank you Candy. I have one of those, bought on impulse but I wasn't sure what to do with it.

candy47 on 02/05/2016

I love kitchen gadgets too, especially when they're really cute!

AngelaJohnson on 02/04/2016

I rarely bake a pie (or cake), but I sure love kitchen gadgets.

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