Playhut Tents - The Mega Playland

by pkmcr

Looking for compact PlayHut Tents and Tunnels that will keep your kids occupied with hours of Outdoor Summer Fun? Then the Mega Playland could be the perfect answer

Playhut Tents are perfect for lots of outdoor summer fun and will keep your kids entertained for ages.

The Mega Playland is perfect for kids in the age range 36 months to about 9 years old. They can have tons of fun as they discover all the adventures that can be had in the play tunnels.

Parents as well will love it because it can easily be set up either outdoors on the lawn or if the weather isn't so good then indoors in a child’s playroom.

With dens that the kids can hide in and tunnels which they have to climb through compact play area will kids occupied and entertained for hour after hour. 

Mega Playland - Hours Of Outdoor Summer Fun

With dens that the kids can hide in and tunnels which they have to climb through  compact play area will kids occupied and entertained for hour after hour.

Not only do you get the Tunnels and Dens with the Mega Playland it also comes with a mesh bag which contains 50 colorful plastic balls.

With these balls you can instantly turn one of the dens of the set into a fun ball pit which your child is going to love hiding and burrowing inside of. With the door to the ball pit zipping shut parents do not have to worry about losing balls as they spill out all over the yard or the house.

Your kids are going to really enjoy the space that the huts and tunnels provide them to crawl around in and hide underneath the balls.

With a hoop built into one of the compact huts the balls that come with Mega Playland can also be used to play an energetic and fun-filled game of basketball.

Kids that range in ages of 36 months to 9 years old have the ability to play out all sorts of cool adventures as they climb through the tunnels and huts of the Mega Playland. Whether your kids choose to pretend that they are the King or Queen of the castle, or an explorer traveling around the world, the fun truly never stops and makes for long days of outdoor summer fun!

Mega Playland is fast and simple to set up which means that your kids get even more time to spend climbing through the tunnels. Once it has been put together your Mega Playland reaches more than 10 feet long.

One of the great advantages is that it can grow as you want it to because you add other Playhut structures to make it even longer. You can create all sorts of thrilling configurations that will help you spark the interest of your kids. The great thing is that The Mega Playland gives your child their own special area where they can let their imagination run wild.

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Sara @ dyson dc35 on 08/05/2011

Tents are great for those cold wintery days. Just look for the ones that are easy to set up and take down.

dustytoes on 07/23/2011

Tents are always such fun for kids. These are so fancy - we used to create tents with sheets and tables and chairs!

sandyspider on 07/02/2011

I can see having fun with these.

mbgphoto on 07/02/2011

My granddaughters have some similar to these and they play in them for hours on end.

ohcaroline on 07/02/2011

These are so cool. Who wouldn't want one of these? Creates great play activity.

Jimmie on 07/01/2011

I want one. Those look so fun!

petunia on 07/01/2011

These tents look like fun! Our grandchildren had a tent when they were younger. They loved to play in and out of it!

Virginia Allain on 07/01/2011

Pretty nifty! We used to make play forts in the dining room by draping blankets over chairs. Kids love having a cozy space for themselves.

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