Poet’s Perspective of the Fall Season – Colorful Fall Poetry for Kids and Adults

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The panorama of beauty inspires the poet; he cannot but put the beauty of nature into fall poetry. Fall is full of fire -a riot of colours.

The autumn season brings a bevy of beauty, the colours of fall and the myriad of foliage shades. Fall poetry is possibly the best way and the poet’s best narration of the Fall season and Fall foliage.

It seems as if God created the Fall season at leisure when he was in the brightest of moods, he was also poetic and at peace. He wanted to observe the earth in its beautiful splendor from a poets’ perspective, therefore; he created the Fall season a beautiful medley of hues and shades from the canvas of his spectrum.

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Fall - A Riot of Colors

God chose the colors from the rainbow spectrum with care and that’s the reason you are able to see the bright oranges and red in the leaves and the skyline, a clear distinct vision from the forest in contrast to the urban landscape of gruesome picture of concrete, steel and high rise buildings.

Colours of Fall

Fall Poetry
Fall Poetry
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Fall Poetry for Adults


Fall season inspires poetry and even if you aren’t a poet it brings your aesthetic inner self and poetic instincts, you might not be able to write a creative fall poem, but twill be definitely able to admire one. It doesn’t take much to appreciate a poet’s perspective, his thoughts and the narratives in a beautiful medley of rhyming words and phrases. The synchronous medley of words makes the Fall season and the colorful Fall foliage all the more pretty and blissful.


If you are a poet and want to create innovative poems, you should go for a Fall color tour, I am sure the bright foliage is going to tune into your spirit and make your brains sprint in delight. Your pen will be racing to catch the train of thoughts. And you should always be prepared with pen and paper, lest you will have to scribble on your palms.

Pretty soon you might end up writing on anything – paper napkins, towels, hands and walls. To keep them clean, carry a small notebook with you.

What do you like to do in Fall season?

Fall Poetry for Kids


Kids are perhaps the best audiences when it comes to poetry. Fall poems narrated in an up and down, high pitch and tone will surely be more appreciated as kids love drama. Kids love actions and the tone of cheerful voice. A lot of kids would love to read poetry and prefer them from the usual novels and comic books. Though the segment of youngsters who can appreciate poetry is small, the love for poetry can be imbibed in the early years for kids when they are just toddlers.

Colorful Fall Foliage is the way nature celebrates the spectacular colors of red, orange, yellow and mystic green in a rare phenomenon that changes from the Fall season to Winter. If you want to see the nature’s marvel, you should travel. You are definitely going to require a traveling guide or at least some book for fall foliage tours. Perhaps, the striking colors of nature with brilliant azure of sky will bring forth the poet in you.

Poet’s Perspective of the Beauty of Fall Season


A season to look forth and admire in the colours of trees, foliage and blooms - perhaps you might want to ask - Why does the Fall foliage turn yellow, or red from green?

Why do the leaves fall?

Perhaps, you might want to know the deciduous trees and want to identify them, they are the perfect motive of an autumn drive and the constant companion of your fall trip. To bring out the poetic instinct during fall season, it might be prudent to check the peak Fall seasons and the best locations of fall color display in the world though.

Fall brings with it the pumpkins, pines, Indian corns, acorns and brilliant display of wild flowers of hydrangea, berry, gooseberry blossoms and not to forget Fall festival and turkeys. The richness of color, the soft and tender shades of leaves, the short days and longer nights are just the perfect time to fall for poetry.

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