Pool Floats for Adults

by Angel

Are you tired of floating on a miniature float made for a child? A look at some great pool floats for adults only. No kids allowed on my float!

I have four children and every one of them has a couple of pool floats a piece. I have tried to relax on them and get a few rays of sun but it is difficult since they are all so small. I decided to invest in an adult float for myself and my husband so that we too can kick back and relax in the pool in comfort and style. Take a look at some of the floats we considered and I will also point out the ones we purchased.

The Swimtime Unsinkable Pool Float

This float is available in Blue or Teal. This was my first choice of float and I was able to talk my husband into getting it for me. I wanted something sturdy but comfortable. This one does the trick. It measures 72 inches x 26 inches x 2 inches thick. It is made of ultra soft aqua foam that will not crack, chip, or peel. It is guaranteed unsinkable. It comes with a lifetime buoyancy warranty. It has a stylish quilted design with a built in head rest for comfort and support. It is generously sized. The float is made of a very special crack resistant soft vinyl which makes it comfortable and long lasting. The color of the float is impregnated within so it does not peel or chip off like other floats that are left in the sun. It is also NOT inflatable so there is no worry about blowing this one up or trying to keep air in it. I can not say enough about how pleased I am with this float. It was a great investment and I am looking forward to a second season of use this year.

International Leisure Fabric Covered U-Seat

This float is nylon covered with a supportive back rest. It has dual cup holders and arm rests for added support and comfort. It comes in either Blue or Black. It measures 28 inches Wide x 27 inches front to back x 16.5 inches from top of the arm rest to the bottom of the seat. It is nylon covered and inflatable, luxurious, and indestructible. The supportive back rest and dual cup holders make for a relaxing day at the pool.  

Texas Recreation Super Soft Adjustable Recliner

This float comes in various colors such as Blue, White, Bronze, Aquamarine, and Coral. It has double thick layers of soft, closed cell, vinyl coated foam. It has an internal steel frame for sturdiness. It is easy to clean too. It adjusts to an upright chair, full length float, or multi position recliner. It measures 60 inches x 32 inches x 24 inches.



Texas Recreation Softie Pool Float

This float is a high quality gloss vinyl coated foam. It is very durable and easy to clean. The cooling rippled texture and sparkling finish allows you to float in style. Stylish comfort while in the water is the way to go.

Intex Floating Recliner Lounge

This float is a chair like design which adds comfort. I can speak for this one since my husband chose this for his float. It is very affordable yet very comfortable. It includes two air chambers, two cup holders, two heavy duty handles and made of 18 gauge vinyl. It is comfortable and relaxing. Catch up on some sun or just catch up on much of nothing while you float around the pool in this comfie chair. I love ours!

Kelsyus Floating Cooler

What would a day floating in the pool be without a floating cooler? This is the best idea I have seen in awhile. This way you don't have to get up and get your drink. Just paddle over to the floating cooler and grab a cold one! It is inflatable with a 12 quart capacity. It hold up to 18 cans without ice, 12 cans with ice. It also holds 6 cans on the outer serving ring. It has a zippered pouch on the side for extra storage to include a place for sunscreen or sunglasses. It folds into a carrying bag for easy portability. This will be our next pool purchase.

Pool Side Organizer

How many times have you stumbled over all the pool floats, towels, swim goggles, and clothes laying around the pool? This organizer will help to get rid of all that clutter around your pool. It makes it easy to store and access your accessories without clutter. It is made of a non corrosive PVC and assembles in minutes. It keeps towels straight with a built in hamper too! After the cooler I will add this one to our list of things to get for the pool.


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Updated: 04/08/2012, Angel
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Angel on 04/12/2012

Katie - There are very few things in life that help me relax. Floating in the pool is one of them. I can totally relax at the pool with the kids for some reason. They are all occupied and it just allows me to kick back and forget about the stresses in life. Thanks for stopping in.

katiem2 on 04/12/2012

I love these pool floats for adults, sounds like a great way to unwind as you float about your pool. I can't wait. I use my pool for therapy everyday, its so relaxing.

Mladen on 04/11/2012

Oh, floating cooler! It is so cool. :)
I somehow never managed to keep balance in those pool floats. Hmmm, I must try it harder. :)
But the idea about relaxing this way is quite tempting.

BrendaReeves on 04/10/2012

Would I ever like to be relaxing in one of those now. I love that floating cooler too.

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