Pool Party for Kids

by Angel

Why not have a pool party for your kids and their friends? Come see how to throw a great pool party.

It is a great time of year to throw a pool party for your kids. It can be for their birthday or just because it is that time of year and everyone loves pool fun. I had my first pool party for my daughter's birthday two years ago and it was a hit with her and her friends. We now throw one every year for her birthday since it is in June. I plan to have many pool parties this year for my children. It shows them a good time at home and allows them to play with their friends at home. Come take a look at some great invitations, party favors, and decorations that will add so much to your next pool party.

Planning for the Pool Party

There are a few things to keep in mind when throwing a pool party for kids. Entertainment, safety, and food are usually the three things that come to my mind.   


I would suggest assigning Lifeguard duty to an older child in the neighborhood for the party. It gives them the opportunity to make a little extra money and it helps with your piece of mind about the childrens safety. Have a few life jackets and floats available to throw in the pool if necessary. It never hurts to be prepared. Even the best swimmers can tire and need a little assistance.

Have plenty of sunscreen on hand. Ask the each child bring their own but make sure you have extra just in case they forgot. Nothing is worse than a child going home burned to a crisp after being at your pool party.

It is always a good idea to have your guests take a quick swimming test prior to being allowed to swim freely in the pool.   


There are many different games that you can find online to play at your pool party. I have always found that it is better to keep it simple. The kids really just want to jump in the water and swim. But it does liven things up a little with a few simple games and helps you to get to know all the children better. Here are a couple of games that I have had the children play at our parties.

Coin Hunt

Throw a large amount of pennies into the pool. Set the timer to one minute. Have the children dive into the pool and collect the pennies. They can dive as many times as they want. They just need to create their pile of pennies along side the pool for counting afterward. The one with the most pennies wins. You can also throw a mix of coins in the pool and have them bring you a specific dollar amount. That is making them think a little bit.   

Floating Duckies

You will need to purchase 12 to 24 rubber duckies for this game. I have showcased some later in this article for party favors. Great to use for this game. Number the bottom of the ducks with a permanent marker. Throw them all in the pool on the opposite side from where the children are. Set the timer for one minute. Have the children all start from one side of the pool and swim around to collect the duckies. The one with the highest number added up from the bottom of the duckies wins. Each child can take home a rubber duckie as a party favor to remind them of the fun they had at your pool party.

Food and Drinks

You don't really need to go all out for pool party food. I usually set up a decorated table along side the pool and designate it the food and drink table. I decorate it in luau grass around the edge and put a few pink flamingos on the table for fun. Finger sandwiches, fruit kabobs, fruit trays, vegetable trays, hotdogs and hamburgers, and pizza are all great food choices for a pool party. Make sure you have a large trash bag or trash can nearby to collect the trash as everyone goes along. Makes it easier to clean up after everyone has left. Juice boxes, kool aid, and water bottles are great drink selections for the kids. I sometimes even make a big pitcher of tea for any adults that might be hanging out while their child plays.

Beware of yellow jackets. Especially if you have sweet fruit and drinks out. It might not hurt to purchase a few yellow jacket traps to sit out before the party to hopefully divert and yellow jackets away from the children.   

What to Ask of Your Guests

On your invitations be sure to ask your guests to bring their own towel, sunscreen, and a set of dry clothes for after the party. I always have a big basket of extra sunscreen and towels just in case someone forgets theirs or just needs extra. I also note that each child must be prepared to take a swimming test prior to being let loose in the pool.   

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Angel on 04/12/2012

Katie - I too like having the kids hanging out at our house instead of running about the neighborhood. We now live in a subdivision. We were on 5 acres so they would just run around the huge yard. Now its a little different and anything I can do to keep them around the house gives me peace of mind. Throwing parties and adding a little music makes them so happy and they love to play in the water. Thanks for reading and commenting as always Katie.

katiem2 on 04/12/2012

I love throwing pool parties. My kids have friends over all summer long, its so much easier and stress free having them safe in the back yard. Great tips for pool parties.

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