Precious World of Gemstones

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What Gemstones lack in aroma, they make it up in beauty and durability. Gems have a special place in jewelry and are treasured like gold and diamonds.

The world of gemstones is as varied and distinct as the topology of the earth. To understand the beauty and structure from a geologist’s point of view, it may take an undetermined time. A poet can perhaps do justice to the alluring gemstone.

Other than gold and silver, Gemstones have influenced and attracted humans from a very long time. Evidence exists from 10,000 years ago that humans loved to add precious stones to their prized collections. Gems make an interesting study to geologists, rock collectors, scientists and archaeologists alike. Gem and gold hunters for centuries have studied these coloured stones to evaluate their properties and characteristics. Not all stones can be converted into jewels.

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Examples of Precious Stones

Gemstones in Jewelry


Amber, emerald, ruby, jasper, pearls, corals, sapphires, topaz, jade, amethyst, and crystals are few gemstones amongst the vast bounty from earth’s crust and ocean that have fascinated humans and humanity has succumbed to their charm.

Emperors boasted their treasured jewellery and kingdoms wealth in form of gold and gems. Elite and wealthy class in ancient times sealed deals with their fortunes in form of precious metals.

Ancient Abundance of Coloured Stones Presence


Ancient burial of Neolithic sites displayed an array of personal belongings of a person. Most often the stuff contained jewelry wore by the deceased along with earthenware. The jewelry was made of bones, feathers, shells, stones and wood. Moreover, excavations of Egyptian Civilizations brought out plethora of wealth that Pharaohs amassed.  Gems were prescribed by the druids to be worn as necklaces and rings. They were placed at the place of injury on the body for treatment and also consumed as powder for treatment of diseases.

Influence of Gems


Gems come with their spiritual connotation of an aura of mystery and wealth associated in addition to healing. Gems have both commercial and spiritual basis and thus usage is not always driven by display of opulence but because they look so lovely and charming. Matching to the attire, the eyes and rest of the jewellery items they make the owner look vibrant and outstanding.


The appeal of gemstones is just not due to its aura but the rarity and hardness that comes to play a role. It is just not about its loveliness but the light it reflects, the brightness and the shining prowess. The marks of sturdiness and durability are elements that decide where it will be used at.

Types of Gemstones

Gems Galore

There are more than 100 varieties of Gems. It is not possible to understand all the gems in the world. One lifetime is surely not enough.

Gems can be broadly classified as:

Transparent, Translucent and Opaque. A transparent gemstone allows light to pass through it. However, a fraction of light can pass through Translucent gems. Opaques do not allow light to pass through them.

Gemstones are used to celebrate occasions like Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Festivals. A Wedding ring is essential for most of the wedding ceremonies. In India, a marriage is not complete without a “Mangal sutra”, a traditional necklace made of gold or silver with a ‘Thaali’ in the centre.

A gemstone features in souvenirs, medallions, ancient and modern and art pieces. They help to express gratitude, concern and importance. Overwhelming in appearance they sometimes can surpass gold and diamonds in value, diversity, appeal and price.

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WriterArtist on 08/03/2021

Hi DerdriuMarriner- I share your enthusiasm with Amethyst too. In Hindu tradition, a widow does not wear mangalsutra, nor does a single girl wear it. Men have no such tradition to follow. So for a widower, it is not compulsory to wear or not to wear any jewelry related to wedding ceremony. Pity, the custom is enforced to women only.

WriterArtist on 08/03/2021

Hi LPerry - Gemstones do have most popularity amongst ladies. Men can consider Emerald, Blue and yellow Sapphires and Ruby for jewelry.

WriterArtist on 08/03/2021

Totally agree with you blackspanielgallery and very nicely explained too. It definitely is not possible to cover it in an article. The crystal structure is studied widely to influence cutting and polishing.

blackspanielgallery on 07/19/2021

It is far more complex of an article to handle in an article. The color is often caused by impurities and crystal structure, such as sapphire comes in many colors, and if red it is called ruby. Star gemstones have an inner reflectivity that gives them special appeal. And the hardness makes cutting some, like diamonds and emeralds, more difficult than cutting others. The crystal structure allows for faciting, so it allows the design varieties.

LPerry on 07/18/2021

They are definitely popular with the ladies in my family. I think Gemstone jewelry pieces make wonderful gifts. The Multi Gemstone tennis bracelet featured here is beautiful.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/17/2021

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
All the jewelry is enticingly beautiful even though it's particularly compelling that you start with the glorious amethyst-studded cross.
Online information mentions the mangal sutra as worn during the husband's lifetime. What would happen to it if the couple perished at the same time, if the husband predeceased the wife, or if the wife predeceased the husband.

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