Pretty Flowers: Bouquet for your Loved Ones

by bhthanks

Beautiful Flowers for your Loved Ones: Presenting Pretty Flowers and Beautiful Roses!

Loved ones form an integral part of our lives and it is a role that we all too often forget. Often we can become so wrapped up in our own jobs, worries and focuses that we do not acknowledge the role that our spouses have in our lives. Regardless of what type of beautiful flower you choose, the act of presenting flowers can be a strongly romantic gesture that reminds those that we love of the role that they play in our lives. 

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Presenting flowers is often considered to be an extremely romantic gesture. Since Victorian times flowers have been used as a means of conveying messages and there is a strong romantic language attached to the art of giving flowers. Because of this, the art of giving flowers is a way of expressing feelings, not just romance but also emotions such as gratitude, happiness and hope. Different bouquets of flowers have different meanings, so it is important to consider carefully what flowers to choose. However, the benefits of the time and effort are worthwhile.  

One of the most meaningful types of flowers is the rose. Roses have appeared throughout history and their color is associated with particular emotions and wishes. They are beautiful flowers and red roses are known universally as a symbol of romance and love. This relationship is linked to the fact that the color red is often considered to be representative of deep emotion. Roses are not limited to a single time of the year; they can be used in all occasions as a means of showing affection, consideration and acknowledgement.  

A dozen red roses is a gift that has a particularly strong significance. The gift is often associated with completeness within a relationship, as each of the twelve flowers represents one of the months in a year. Giving a loved one the gift of twelve beautiful red roses indicates to them that you are thinking of them all year round. 

12 Red & White Long Stem Roses

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Red and white roses together have a different meaning. On their own white roses symbolize ideas of innocence and purity and also have strong links to marriage, representing love between a couple. A bunch of red and white roses represents the unity of a relationship. Such a gift can show a loved one that they are cared for and appreciated regardless of the time of year or whether there is any occasion. 

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Bouquets of flowers do not have to be of a single color or type to having a meaningful effect. For example giving a spouse a bunch of multi-colored tulips or Gerbela daisies can be a considerate and romantic gesture. Flower bunches such as these make wonderful centerpieces in a room and can light up the day, for both you and your loved one, each time you walk past them. They serve as a reminder of your love for one another. 

Colorful Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies with Jordan Vase

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Completely mixed bouquets are often a good way of showing affection, such as the Smiles & Sunshine bouquet from ProFlowers. This bouquet is bright and colorful, full of beautiful flowers, and does not break the bank. Because of the variety of colors, the bouquet does not symbolize any one thing and consequently can be used for any occasion or simply as an everyday gesture of affection. 

Smiles & Sunshine Flowers

Sunshine & Smiles Gift Basket

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