Priceless Ideas of Christmas Holiday Gifts in a Jar

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Christmas gifts in a jar encourage creativity and are especially fun projects for kids. Give unique gifts that look customized and add personal touch.

The jars for gifts can be prepared by minimal expenditures and most of the time from stuff that you can find in your home and kitchen. Encouraging creativity in both adults and kids is a fun way to celebrate Xmas. Any craft activity that requires focus is relaxing. A crafty affair that uses concentration is pure therapeutic. An outlet for emotions and communication, it goes a long way to instill traditions and positive attitude for life.

It need not be perfect, but it will be unique and special in its own way. Mistakes can be corrected, and few mistakes may as well lead to masterpieces.

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Homemade Eco friendly Gifts

The speciality and uniqueness of handmade gifts, do it yourself inspires the idea of Christmas Gifts in a Jar. They are cheap, you can make them yourself or in some instances, you can buy them too. They can be made ahead of the event and a riddance of the tension of last-minute shopping for Xmas gifts.

Homemade gifts are fun and frugal, they can consist of craft, toys, edibles or just a Do-it-yourself from an uncharted territory.

Why give Holiday Gifts in a Jar

Well, whether it is a holiday gift, Birthday gift, a Thank you note or just any occasion, you can make a personalized gift to suit the person’s needs. They add a personal touch compared to just another gift from a shop. Of course, a gift that you personally shop from a mall looking for a unique gift is also special. Taking out personal time and taking it to next level is awesome.


The great thing about JARs is they are found in plenty in any household. Old leftover jars, funny looking peanut and pickle jars are great way of starting the craft. Moreover, the activity is eco-friendly and recycling the jars will be putting them to good use. Plastic and glass jars both can be used. Glass is fragile so you might want to first experiment with plastic jars. Also, a word of caution, plastic may react with the ingredients of food, use glass for your cookies and confectionaries.

Christmas Gift Jar of Cookies, Cakes, Bars and Nuts

A holiday gift jar can be an assortment of cookies, chocolates and candies. Or you can make dessert, cupcakes, muffins and cakes that go in a jar. They look so stunning from the glass jar and everyone can hold it for themselves picture perfect. An icing on cake, if you have done personalized icing to suit your friend’s need. Give it a different colour to emphasize the colour your friend is in love with.

Mason Jars are durable and dishwasher safe. They are inexpensive, clean and stainless. Moreover, they can be packed and stacked to a smaller space. Lids can be purchased separately.

Fun Ideas to Decorate your Jar

You can make bath gels, creams and aromatic candles that fit in your gift jar. Zesty Bath salts for soaking and foot massage, aromatic oils, rose petal soap for fragrance. You can convert a Mason Jar to a fun filled Toy Jar and turn your kid into a detective scourging for objects with his imagination. You can fill it with a menagerie, sea shells or rubber toy marine creatures and label it so. You can fill the candle with layers of fragrance and let that aroma remind your friends of you and your memories.

Why Mason Jars?

Mason jar is not just for canning anymore, you can bake desserts in it. They come in various sizes and shapes suitable to your needs and the parts can be reused. They are not only meant for preserving food but you can preserve crafts into it.

What is your favourite object for crafts?

Glass or Plastic Jar?
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Glass Jar
DerdriuMarriner on 11/20/2019

Plastic jars have to be recyclable for me to use them, particularly after reading today about manta rays and sharks ingesting over 60 pieces of plastic debris off Indonesia.

Meals and Desserts in A Jar

Give fun shape to the cookies and other eatables. Animals, dinosaurs, reindeers and other themes are great for kids. Commercial and pre-packaged food doesn’t taste awesome and the deliciousness you can achieve from some ingredients and homemade stuff is incredible. Use flavour from vanilla seeds, mint and herbs from your own kitchen garden to give the fragrance that is impossible to get from packaged food. Commercial food commonly uses pesticide and chemicals. Preservatives are used to increase the shelf life. Artificial colouring and artificial flavours are induced. Bring nostalgic moments with your home cooked organic food that is free of chemicals and full of flavour. Ensure that you do the cleaning and canning with utmost care. Sterilizing your jars is a great step to hygienic safe food.

Plants in a Gift Jar



You can easily grow Golden Pothos aka Money Plant, English Ivy, Spider Plant and many others in a bottle in plain water. The plants in water look healthy and magnificent.



You can gift them as presents, and from the bottle they can be transplanted to earth or they can remain in the bottle.



Remember to change water every 2,3 days. Water will get contaminated with toxins, if the water is not refreshed and the plant will die. Stick the instructions on how to look after plant on the back side of your gift card.

Gift Ideas in a Jar

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How have you recycled your old Jars?

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blackspanielgallery on 11/20/2019

Interesting assortment. The Christmas tree cookie jar is particularly nice.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/20/2019

WriterArtist, Thank you for the practicalities and products.
In particular, I appreciate the reminder about glass as less intrusive than plastic into concoction tastes. These are all wonderful gift suggestions, especially the edibles, ornamentals and potpourris.
Here, Mason jars get high marks for making and serving food and for sheltering a collective terrarium or individual plants.
Have you ever heard of Mason jars serving as a miniature aquarium, snow globe or temporary animal pond? They work in the second and even in the third cases, such as for benthic macroinvertebrates from Izaak Walton League stream quality monitorings.

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