Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

by katiem2

The Programmable Digital Tire Gauge is perfect for those of us who aren't good at reading the manual tire pressure gauges. It's easy, convenient and more accurate tool for anyone.

The many modern conveniences offers great little gizmos and gadgets for everyday life and those reoccurring needs we face from time to time. It's important to keep an eye on the air pressure in your car, truck or other vehicle tires. Anytime the temperature changes it can impact the air pressure in your tires. The normal use of a vehicle create air loss over time. In fact the best of tires naturally lose some air over time, it's just the law of science. It is important to make sure you're driving your car or truck with the correct amount of air pressure. This saves on the life of your tire. Plus it keeps you driving safely.

The Benefits of Correct Air Pressure

The benefits of maintaining the correct tire air pressure in your vehicle are valuable to any driver.

The reasons to keep the correct air pressure in your tires benefit your safety, driving expense and handling. 

The 3 Major Benefits of Correct Tire Air Pressure

  1. The tires remain balanced handling the road better and keep you safely on the road with better traction on turns and such.
  2. The correct amount of air pressure in your tires saves you money on fuel and helps your tires to last longer.
  3. Maintaining the proper level of air pressure in your tires helps your car handle better plus offers a smoother more comfortable ride. Tire with to much ride rough as do tires with to little air.

Tire Road Safety

Maintaining the correct air pressure in your tires keeps you driving safe, comfortable and saves on the life of your tires.

Just as checking your engines fluids is a important routine maintenance chore for the health of your car or truck so is the air pressure in your tires. The way to determine the correct air pressure number for you vehicle is to look in the vehicle owner's manual for the specific tires you have on your car. There is also a placard inside the edge of the vehicle door with the correct number required for the correct type of tires on your particular vehicle. This number is the level at which the air pressure in your tires should read. If the pressure is above or below this level you should adjust the pressure accordingly. 


Check Air Pressure in Your Tires?

Do you regularly check the air pressure in your vehicles tires?
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Yes, I do so regularly as I know the importance of the simple task.
DerdriuMarriner on 08/21/2018

katiem2, Actually, I have to check a third category, "Yes, I have someone else do so regularly as I know the importance of the simple task"! However, with your information and product line, I may be able to do this myself. The digital tire gauge seems so much more user-friendly than their manual counterparts: Thank you!

sandyspider on 11/16/2012

Actually my husband does. :)

Updated: 01/10/2013, katiem2
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Programmable Digital Tire Gauge Chat

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katiem2 on 06/07/2017

DerdriuMarriner Yes free air is rare and hard to find.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/02/2017

katiem2, It's too bad that nobody gives out free air anymore!

katiem2 on 11/16/2012

Sandyspider, I'm very focused, driven and have a ton of energy, always going Going GOING!

sandyspider on 11/16/2012

This looks like a slick gadget.

On a separate note. You have almost 300 articles here within the year. How do you find the time?

katiem2 on 11/15/2012

Brenda, Me too, this is exactly what I needed. :)

BrendaReeves on 11/15/2012

I need one of these. I have trouble using the manual kind.

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