Easy Truck Unloader

by katiem2

A simple light weight product easy to install and easy to remove yet unloads a full load on any pick-up easily with one hand. So easy even a girl can do it!

The Easiest Way to Unload a Truck - Don't ever use your back to unload a truck now that you can do it easily with the easy unloader. The load handler is the best kept secret in truck accessories. Anybody that owns a truck should own one. The easy truck handler and unloaded makes a great gift for any man or woman owning a truck. Load your truck with mulch, gravel, wood, bricks, regardless the load you can slide it off your truck bed with the simple conveyor type method that works wonders. All you do is crank the handle and the load moves as fast or as slow as you want.

Unloader for Any Size Trucks

The truck unloader fits any size truck.

First off I'm a chick who knows her trucks.  I have three brothers, one in the construction business and they love their truck unloader. They've helped me write this article by providing me with the facts and details of over ten years experience using the product.

This product is a simple way to unload your truck easily.  The load handler unloads cargo in as little as 30 quick seconds. The easy load handler mounts to the top of the tailgate by simply strapping it on, unfurling the tarp drag sheet, load the truck, get to the product, lower the tailgate and crank to unload!

Get Your Easy Unloader Here

The Best Way to Unload a Truck

The easy unloader removes any load from your truck without straining your back.

It's a crank system, the crank pulling the heavy duty liner running the width and length of your truck.  When loaded you simply crank the handle which pulls the liner into the tailgate roller as the load is continually brought to the edge of the tail gate. 

The load handler installs and uninstalls in under 5 minutes without the need to drill or permanently install the loader onto your truck. You may use it with or without a truck liner or bed mat.

The next time you think of putting off adding mulch, dirt, gravel, lumber, patio rock or building material to your to do list, don't do it. You have the easy unloaded which eliminates hours of back breaking labor.  There is no getting in and out of the truck to unload it by hand or with rakes and shovels.

It really is amazing a must have for any truck owner male or female.  I've included a section covering tips for truck unloader owners.  My brothers gave me these time tested tips for a helpful addition getting you up to speed on what to expect and what to expect from their long term use.


A Review and Tips for Unloading a Truck

Tips From a Long Time User


This is a list of handy tips adapted from over 10 years of using the same easy truck unloader giving you the benefit of their knowledge.


  1. If you question the load weight your attempting it can be done with this additional reinforcement tip. When unloading such heavy loads install a rebar into the pipe for added strength.  
  2. When unloading mulch or leaf compost unroll the mat to where it folds down between the bed and cab so when your unloading it you can take the extra mulch from in front of the wheel wells and place it onto the extra tarp for unloading.  This eliminates any mulch being left in the bed of your truck.
  3. Don't ever unwind the tarp completely, leave at least three cycle turns on the pipe at all times.
  4. If you attempt to unroll it with your tailgate up before loading, and then drop your tail it will unravel to much, always unroll your tarp and put it on your bed with the tailgate down, finally putting your tail gate up.
  5. Over time as the tarp wears use a torch to burn the edges as they begin to unravel preventing further unraveling and increasing the longevity of the tarp.  This tip comes from the advice of my brothers extreme use of over ten years. 

Enjoy your truck all the more now that you've learned one of the best kept secrets in the truck lovers circle.  

I get a thrill each time I see the easy truck unloader in action, makes you feel like a little kid, it's just so darn cool.  You'll wanna do it over and over again!

Have fun next time you have a big load to deliver anywhere, the easy unloader will make it so easy it is a great feeling of satisfaction.  

Note, many places will automatically fill your truck with dirt, mulch, sand, and rock, with the easy unloader you can eliminate all the work. 



Updated: 11/10/2018, katiem2
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katiem2 on 10/06/2014

Ruddy, it is a great tool you are going to love it!

Ruddy on 08/28/2014

I am nearly 60 and can use the device!

katiem2 on 12/07/2012

Mike, Now, you know, enjoy!

teddletonmr on 12/07/2012

Ah HA, My brother in law has one of these, the easy truck unloader is great. He bought his at Lowes but for some dumb reason they quite carrying them. Probably because people don't realize the many uses for it. I'm so glad you found it and wrote this review. I'm going to put the user tips to good use.

katiem2 on 09/08/2012

Scott, Oh right you bought the unloader from my this is freelance article. It was my first and as I learned more and developed my product knowledge I created a new and improved article here. Glad you found me here. I enjoy reading your feedback it is much appreciated and very helpful in way of my future article ventures. Thanks so very much! :)K

Scott on 09/08/2012

Holly Cow this is even better than the article you have at this is freelance. I'm so glad I stopped in today and read an article I might not otherwise, how to be a go to writer. You certainly are the go to writer in my book. I really like the truck posters here. You've also expanded your user tips section. Gotta put this to good use. Thanks Again. Scott

katiem2 on 07/16/2012

Dustytoes, I can do it and yes the easy unloader makes it that easy. I love it!

dustytoes on 07/16/2012

Is this easy enough for a woman to do?

katiem2 on 03/25/2012

terrilorah, The easy truck loader and unloader makes a great fathers day present. Never heard of a man getting one who didn't love it. Thanks for coming.

terrilorah on 03/24/2012

This is a great idea. I never heard of it but bet hubby would be happy to have one!

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