Purple Pillows Galore

by Auntie-M

Splendid shades of purple pillows from pale lavender to bold wine colors -- they all combine so beautifully with greens, blues, ecrus, and so much more!

Amaze yourself with all the majesty of purple pillow decor. Pale lavenders peek out from subdued designs, while vibrant colors dance across your sofa.
~ The "royal blue" of old was really a rich purple, suited to a king's taste.
~ The pansy and iris and orchid flowers have captured the unbridled joy of purple hues.
~ Academia reserves the color purple for its highest honors.
~ Whether your tastes run to "Deep Purple" or "The Purple People Eater", music has captured the glow of this distinctive color too.

Unique, Dynamic Pillow Designs

Capture a pillow design that is truly unique ... one that reflects your style.

  • The designs presented here are ALL DESIGNED BY INDEPENDENT DESIGNERS.  You simply won't find these pillows in your local store.
  • All are 100% COTTON.
  • All have a HIDDEN ZIPPER and are completely WASHABLE.
  • Best yet, all are MADE IN THE USA.

With literally hundreds of designs to choose from, who could ask for anything more?

Subtle Color and Design

For a sofa already bursting with color or a dramatic design, look for subtlety in your accent pillows, like this gently hued one.

I especially like this one too because of the wide range of colors that it will compliment, from white to dark blue or bluish-purple. 

Purple Orchid With A Splash of Blue

The blue splash dramatically sets off the purple orchid.  This is so perfect for a blue sofa, or a white one or grey one.

Let your imagination run wild with this piece.  It will please for many years to come!

Dramatic Purple Orchid Pillow

The delicacy of a purple orchid set against the drama of a black background ... exquisite.  Set this on a white sofa, or a lavender chair.

It looks especially dramatic on a white or striped pattern, capturing the hues from all around it.

Watercolor Purple Orchild

From delicate hues to rich purples, this design captures the essence of a watercolor painting just for you. 

Pick up the purple color in a lamp or flower arrangement for even more drama.

The Chic Zig Zag Pillow

A very classic, modern design with multi shades of purples, from the very palest to deep colors.

This design works well on sofas with a subtle design or solid color, especially if you have a hard time matching the exact color.  There are so many colors in this creation that the eye "assumes" that your perfect color is there too!




Peacock Pillow With Purple Accents

The purple in a peacock feather is so dramatic.  Peacocks have a long history of elegance, from being the chosen bird of the goddess Hera to modern times.  Cultures around the world have adopted this magnificent creature as their own, and here is one that is displayed so very elegantly.

The greens and blues make this a perfect piece for a wide range of furniture.  Then pick up the purple in other accents in the room for a spectacular look.

Hundreds More Purple Pillows

There are literally hundreds more to choose from in this very impressive collection.  Remember, all are made in the USA of natural fiber cotton.

And all are pure artisan pieces, each one created just for you.

Just click on any image to begin your pursuit of magnificent pillows.

Updated: 08/20/2012, Auntie-M
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sandyspider on 05/24/2013

These are beautiful.

wrapitup4me on 08/22/2012

I love these pillows. Such great designs!

Auntie-M on 08/21/2012

And thank YOU for stopping by, katiem2. It is nice to meet you!

katiem2 on 08/21/2012

Oh WOW you weren't kidding purple pillows and so many wonderful patterns and colors to choose from. Love them all thanks for the great intro to these fabulous decor pieces.

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