Quality Artsy and Fun Gifts for a 25-Year-Old Woman

by Mira

Unique gift ideas for a young woman with an artistic sense of style and a creative sense of self on her 25th birthday (or for Christmas).

Every 25-year-old woman is different from the next. And yet, in many ways, in our global culture where brands and social media help set not only a sense of style, but also aspirations, material and spiritual, there is a converging field among many young twentysomething women of an artistic bent. They want trendy or artsy clothes, shirts with fun statements, jewelry (more expensive designs in silver or gold with precious or semiprecious gemstones, or mid-priced yet sparkly statements, such as silver jewelry made with Swarovski crystals, or fashion jewelry), perfumes, shoes (women can never have enough shoes), glitter (not enough glitter either), feel-good spa-style gifts, makeup, fancy tea and coffee (and tea cups and coffee mugs), and so on.

The case can be made that all women would be happy with such gifts, and yet what’s important to recognize is that at 25, women tend to place great value upon their external beauty (and enhancing that beauty) and of affirming a strong sense of style and a funny bone. But there’s more to many of these women than that. They are also greatly interested in growing spiritually in all sorts of ways, are environmentally conscious, and appreciate creative gifts which appeal to an offbeat sense of humor and frame of mind. They will appreciate Adam Grant’s book Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, a quirky Ex Libris stamp (“This book belongs to the library of”), or an all-over-print tank top with images of marine life in coral reefs, meant to raise awareness about the health of the world’s oceans and these ecosystems, which support a quarter of all marine organisms.

So, remembering all that, here are some unique artsy and fun ideas which are bound to pleasantly surprise many young women with an artistic streak on their 25th birthday.

NB: Prices current as of October 20, 2020.

Boho Chic

I’ll start with some boho chic clothing and sandals, as boho fashion, with hippie and other bohemian influences, is always trendy in some measure, and always fun.

Yoga Running Sports Workout Hair Bands (Set of 10 at $13.99)


Summer Vintage Dress (Psychedelic-Style Pattern). Only $7.29


Cute Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are always so pleasant to wear. Birkenstock has several quality versions, but if Birkenstocks are too stodgy for the young woman you have in mind, here’s an eco-friendly, comfortable and elegant pair of sandals with hand-braided rope straps from Everelax.

Betula Mia Soft Sandals, Licensed by Birkenstock


Everelax Women's Braided-Strap Sandals. Very Comfy!


One-Color Athletic and Yoga Legging Pants, or Quirky Leggings from Zazzle

These moisture-wicking fitted yoga pants from Heathyoga have 23% spandex (and 77% polyester), so they will stretch and be comfy not only for jogging and running, but also for yoga, Pilates, and other kinds of exercise.The material, style, and cut were tested for 3 years before Heathyoga launched these workout leggings on the market -- and, unlike other fitted yoga pants they give you the flexibility you need without becoming see-through if stretched too much. They also have a phone pocket on each side and an additional waistband pocket for small items such as credit cards.

They come in lots of colors!

Heathyoga Yoga Pants / Workout Leggings with Pockets


You can also choose a pair of colorful leggings from Zazzle, also very comfortable (blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex) and breathable, but with a vibrant, fun design. The ones I’m showing are covered in photos of coral-reef organisms, among them nudibranch / sea slugs (order Nudibranchia), including Chromodoris nudibranch, parrotfish (family Scaridae), yellow tang fish (Zebrasoma flavescens), sea anemone (order Actiniaria), clownfish (order Perciformes), orange-lined and clown triggerfish (family Balistidae), lionfish / dragonfish / butterfly cod (Pterois), miniatus grouper / coral grouper / coral hind (Cephalopholis miniata), jewelled blenny (Salarias fasciatus), sergeant major fish (Abudefduf saxatilis), copperband and lemon butterflyfish (family Chaetodontidae), sea turtles, seahorse, octopus, crab, starfish / sea star, and many varieties of coral. 

Coral Reef Marine Life (Fish and Animals) Leggings


Marine Life or Groovy Owl Tank Top

If you like the photo collage of coral reef fish and animals on the leggings above, note that you can find it on an all-over-print tank top as well. But if you’d prefer something more psychedelic, to go with a pair of one-color legging pants such as the ones from Goodsport or a pair of jeans, here’s an example of a trippy tank top as well as one with a retro owl (many 25-year-old girls have embraced owls as a fashion trend).

Colorful Retro Groovy Owl Tank Top


Coral Reef Marine Life (Fish and Animals) All-Over-Print Tank Top


Fun Kisses Totes

Young women also often dedicate an inordinate amount of time to shopping, so a fun tote bag is in order. I noticed a preference for lips among the 20something cohort, so here’s a tote with lots of kisses.

And if you’d rather encourage the birthday girl / woman to go shopping for groceries more, here’s another grocery tote with a pair of lips in purple glitter. The canvas tote in the image can be a little too small for groceries, but you can choose a jumbo-size bag instead.

Purple Glitter Lips Cotton Tote


Red Lipstick Kisses Tote Bag


More Fun Tops

Here’s a T-shirt with the text "J'adore Paris" and a design of two cats in love with a heart and butterfly between them, and then with a heart topped by two butterflies.

Or you may want to get a birthday girl a T-shirt for her evening of celebrations. The tee below in black spells "It's my Birthday" in sparkly rhinestones, quite fit for a night out.

J'adore Paris, Cats in Love, Hearts Butterflies T-Shirt


It's My Birthday T-Shirt with Rhinestones


Gold Glitter Ballerina Flats, or Dance Shoes with Rhinestones

I’ve seen many young women wear ballerina flats lately, some of them in gold or rose-gold glitter. The ones shown here, which have elastic crossing straps, come in gold, champagne, and silver glitter, as well as shiny gold and silver and many colors in a faux-leather suede finish.

And then I found this pair of rhinestone dance shoes, which come with great reviews and are available in many colors. They make a statement and according to Amazon reviewers they are quite comfortable, with great ankle support.

Comfortable Ballet Flats with Gold Glitter and Elastic Crossing Bands

Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes


Butterfly Rings in Sterling Silver with Gemstones

Young women are often a mix of cute, elegant, and sexy. While they may rock a sexy lips tote bag, they may equally enjoy a cute and elegant butterfly ring. Here are two designs: the one below to the left is a minimalist butterfly with two butterflies studded with Swarovski Elements Crystals and created rubies and the one to the left has a beautiful blue topaz oval centerpiece surrounded by two butterflies.

.925 Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring with Swarovski Crystals and Created Ruby. $29.99


.925 sterling Silver Butterfly Ring with Blue Topaz. $49.99


Camouflage Clothing

Camo prints are always trendy to some extent. And while green-and-brown camo is alright, there are many other colors which are way cooler. See the capri leggings in blue-gray-and-white winter camo print below to the right, as well as the leggings to the left, with forest camo.

Forest Canouflage Leggings


Winter Camouflage Capri Leggings


More Shine and Sparkle

Jewelry with Swarovski crystals has been in for some time now and the trend continues strong. These SBLING round studs with Swarovski crystals, made in platinum-plated sterling silver, add a nice touch of sparkle to elegant evening wear, and can also be worn with statement jewelry or glitter clothes during the day.

Depending on hairstyle and facial shape, some women prefer dangling or drop earrings to studs. Here’s also such a pair, also from SBLING, in platinum-plated silver and with cubic zirconia.

Platinum-Plated Silver Drop Earrings Made with Cubic Zirconia. $21.99


Platinum-Plated Silver Stud Earrings Made with Swarovski Crystals. $21.99


Swarovski Ladies Stella Watch, White Strap. $219.95


Swarovski Crystal-Accented Women’s Watch

I saw this Swarovski Stella Ladies watch in the Marie Claire magazine and it looks beautiful if paired with a thin, one-strand-crystal bracelet on the same arm. There are versions in black and off-white with rose gold, but this version is beautiful if you like white and light-colored clothing, and wear your hair platinum blonde as the woman in the photo (see it here). 

Stardust Knot Bracelet from Swarovski

If you’re looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for a young woman in her twenties, you can’t go wrong with a crystaldust bracelet. Glitter grew and grew upon us these past few years, and now it comes as swirls in the lettering and graphics of cotton tops, as random accent patterns on elegant eveningwear, as bands of sparkles on the soles of sandals and shoes, or as full-glitter tops and bracelets. This bracelet from Swarovski is packed with lots of tiny crystals (older designs called this technique Crystaldust; for this particular piece Swarovski called the shiny aglommeration of crystals Stardust) and is flashy in an elegant way.

And since I mentioned full-glitter tops, tops with glitter sequins, that is, here is a nice and flattering sleeveless design that comes in gold, silver, black, dark violet, green, wine red, and bright, metallic blue.

Women's Sleeveless Sparkle Shimmer Sequin Top, Available in Several Colors. $19.99


Swarovski Stardust Knot Bracelet. $31.95


And Let’s Not Forget Makeup

Dermablend Loose Setting Powder

Dermablend, a brand created by a dermatologist in 1981, offers professional makeup beauty products for all skin types. They are fragrance-free and tested for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. And they seem to do a quality job most of the time. This loose setting powder at least is a sure winner. It comes in a white translucent formula as well as three color shades: illuminating banana, cool beige, and warm saffron. It’s the perfect finish to a cool and sophisticated makeup, and works well with all skin types, including very oily ones.

Metallic Eyeshadow

Many girls like to play with makeup, and there are few things as exciting like dressing up and making up for a party. I don’t use much makeup myself, but there’s something about metallic eyeshadow that is most appealing to me. I like to use it not only for parties and fancy evenings, but also when I dine out. Note that this kind of eyeshadow is very sparkly and you only need a little to make a statement. So rather than buying distinct colors it’s better to get a whole pallette set. 

The set below contains 88 colors and has glowing reviews :)


Dermablend Loose Setting Powder, 1 Oz. $29


Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette for Smoky Eyes. $18.97


ORiGiNAL Pink Glitter / Sparkles Long-Sleeve Shirt


More Pink, More Glitter, More Originality

I believe we are put on this earth both to find ourselves and to create ourselves. And yet too many of us don’t put enough effort into either of these desiderata past a certain age. When we’re 25, however, we’re still exploring ourselves and the world around us with fresh eyes and irrepressible excitement for life. If only we maintained that spirit! And yet some of us manage to do just that by feeding their soul and spirit with inspiration and motivation every single day. The ORiGiNAL T-shirt in pink glitter to the right and the Originals book below is for them.

Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant, the author of Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, is Professor of Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pensylvania. He has been rated as one of the Top 10 management thinkers by Thinkers50.com in 2017 and has also been listed in the past as of Fortune magazine’s 40 under 40. He has been recognized as one of the best professors at Wharton for seven straight years now. All these accolades show in the engaging style of his book, which is both highly readable and full of insights. I meant to finish the book quickly but am finding I have to take several breaks in order to be able to come back to the book with a fresh mind time after time and devote my full attention to each bit.

There are many interesting ideas to take away from the book, including many counterintuitive insights arising from anecdotes and social-science research results. As an artistic person, I appreciated, for instance, his stories about how creatives don’t actually succeed by sheer willpower (although they do need a lot of persistence) but need the support, encouragement, and creativity of friends and their peers. Their friends help them become their “best version[s],” as Grant writes, and their peers help them evaluate better not only the impact of their ideas but also the selling power of a product based upon an original idea.

To succeed as an original in the world of inventions and business, however, you need not only helpful friends and peers (and oftentimes a supportive family), but also the good luck of having your work assessed by business executives who are somewhat outsiders to their fields (as it happened with Rick Ludwin at NBC, a producer who wasn’t too mired in the experience of certain styles of sitcom to fail to appreciate Jerry Seinfeld’s offbeat humor and style of comedy). You also need lots of time. According to findings mentioned in this book, which I have also encountered elsewhere and tested in my experience as well, you also need quantity to come upon good quality, and long-term commitment to your projects,as certain ideas require development over the course of many years in order to produce products that will succeed on the market.

And then, if you want to be inspired in any field, it certainly helps to apply yourself in the arts, by playing music, writing and making things, or getting involved in the performing arts. In fact, it’s this latter hobby that in a study on scientists who won the Nobel Prize between 1901 and 2005 was most closely correlated with their receiving this award.

There’s much more in the Originals book. Have fun reading and gifting it. (It’s one of those books which make great presents.)

Originals book by Adam Grant, Paperback Version


Originals book by Adam Grant, Kindle Version


Ex Libris Stamp (“This book belongs to the library of”)

I sometimes see inked ex libris stamps in old books in museums and secondhand books in bookstores, and some of them are works of art in themselves, expressive of art styles of their period. Those ex libris stamps look dated nowadays, so I am showing a more modern version which would appeal to a young woman. Note that you can personalize it on Zazzle with the name of the books' owner.

Ex Libris Rubber Stamp (This Book Belongs to the Library Of)


Quirky Coffee Mugs: Caffeine Loading, Please Wait; and Coffee Startup

One of my favorite coffee mug designs shows a "coffee startup" icon. Another one is of the "still caffeinating" style. If your birthday girl / woman needs coffee with her books, and she often reads past midnight, she may enjoy a mug that humourously describes the caffeinating . . . please wait state of mind she encounters in the mornings.

Caffeine Loading, Please Wait coffee mug


Coffee Startup coffee mug


The New Vogue: Plant Terraria

Geometric plant terraria / terrariums made of glass soldered with tin have been quite popular indoors lately, especially for cacti, succulents, and leafy plants. Foliage plants can offer a cornucopia of colors, from green hues, to purples and pale green and red, green and pink, burgundy, and so on – and you can also grow certain tropical flowering plants, like orchids.

The Amazon market seems to be dominated by one company called NCYP, and one of these terraria has been labeled an “Amazon choice,” but not everyone is happy with the NCYP quality. Which is why I’m showing a KIBAGA terrarium, which comes highly praised with a 4.9-star average.

This terrarium is also especially suited as a housewarming gift. Even though not many 25-year-olds can afford to own a home these days, many of them move into a new rental place at this age, and strive to express their personality and interests through its decoration. Some of them also become interested in gardening as they do so, and look for ways to grow plants indoors, hence this gift suggestion.

KIBAGA Geometric Terrarium. $32.99


Fitbit Fitness Wristband

If you can afford it, the highly functional Fitbit Charge 3 wristband from one of the leading manufacturers of fitness trackers would make for quite a nice gift. You can change the screen face and the band to personalize it, and you can make great use of it both at the gym and during leisure hours. It measures heart rate, distance, calories burned, and more, tracks various workouts with the Fitbit app, and gives you data on your sleep phases before waking you up in the morning with a silent vibration alarm. And, of course, it brings up text messages and incoming calls.

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Wristband. $149


Billie Bijoux Women's Silver Infinity Bracelet. $29.99


And for a Spiritual 25-Year-Old, a Silver Bracelet with the Infinity Symbol

The bracelet below from Billie Bijoux is available both in 925 sterling silver and in rose gold. Its infinity symbol is studded with cubic zirconia for that bit of glitter young women want. Note that Billie Bijoux also offers a necklace and stud earrings with the 8-shaped infinity symbol, a stand-in for eternity and neverending love.

The North Face Borealis Backpack. $88.95

Stylish MKY Faux-Leather Backpack

A Sturdy Backpack for a Stylish Girl

The high-quality North Face backpacks are perfect for airline travel, and they also work well when you need to carry your laptop around (this design and several others have good-sized laptop compartment). North Face backpacks are also sturdy. While others fray away at the zipper if you use them to carry your laptop or to do your groceries, these are so durable that it will take you a much longer time to enjoy them without much wear and tear. They also come in many beautiful colors, such as this dark turquoise blue I'm showing ("clear lake blue" as North Face dubs it).

An Artsy Tea Mug, and Leafy Teas

Most of us want to travel far more than we actually get to. But we do have books and the Internet, and the enjoyment of coffee and tea while we armchair travel.

In my view, a gift of tea is always tasteful and pleasing, as is that of a new set of tea cups or an offbeat (and perky, if objects can be that) tea mug. So here's a tea mug in bone china with a painting of a vintage tea cup, along with a nice selection of leafy teas.

Because happy loves tea -- bone china tea mug


Tea Forté Loose-Leaf Tea Sampler. $15


Bubble Baths and Fragrance Oils

In their early twenties many women are at their peak of their good energy, and part of it may have to do with the fact that at that age they still take lots of bubble baths :). So here's a selection of bubble baths balls.

Another gift that rarely goes amiss these days, when more and more women are embracing fragrance oils, is a floral collection of essential oils. They make women feel spoiled and women's experiences have shown that some of these oils are definitely mood-boosters. If the young woman you're shopping for likes fragrances (some women don't), this would be a nice gift. 

Some essential oils are also used for therapeutic effects, but since this is a birthday present, it's probably better to avoid gifting something like peppermint essential oil for its energy-boosting properties, and go for something spa-like instead.

Floral Set of 6 Premium-Grade Fragrance Oils: Violet, Jasmine, Rose, Lilac, Freesia, and Gardenia. $16.95


Set of 12 Bath Fizzies. $26.80


Relaxing Aromatherapy: Japanese Cherry Blossom, and White Rose and Jasmine

Since we're on spa-inspired territory, a pampering gift set is always in order. Here are two of my favorites: a Japanese cherry blossom set and a white rose and jasmine tub of goodies.

White Rose and Jasmine Bath Spa Gift Set. $24.99


Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath Spa Beauty Set. $32.99


A Fun Mug

Now that I veered so strongly onto relaxing territory, here's a fun mug to remind you to mix and match work and inspiring leisure.

It sports a quote from Pablo Picasso: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working" -- Pablo Picasso quote mug

And a Birthday Wish

I hope I've given you some ideas of creative and fun presents for an artsy 25-year-old woman. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl / woman, and may she stays always inspired!

Updated: 10/20/2020, Mira
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Mira on 11/21/2019

Thank you, Shraddha! :)

WriterArtist on 11/20/2019

By no means I am 25 years old but I do love these ideas for gifts. Especially on the jewelry, I swoon and swear, they are the best gits for woman of any age and interests.

Mira on 08/30/2018

:) Cheers!

Thank you, Tolovaj! :)

Tolovaj on 08/30/2018

You are right, 25 year old women differ one from another but I am sure everybody can find a lovely gift for his special lady. I can't help not to mention our dance teacher who once said: "Never as her how old is she - if she is very young, she'll lie she's older and if she is older, she's allways 25 ..."

Cheers to all 25 years old ladies!

Mira on 08/29/2018

Thank you, Pam!

dustytoes on 08/29/2018

Wonderful collection Mira, for the young woman.

Mira on 08/28/2018

You're right that creatives value associative thinking, but for various reasons many creatives find themselves away from many valuable associative situations, including discussion and collaboration with their peers. And yet, according to Grant, it is their peers who can best assess an idea and product's chances of success in the world.

Thank you for visiting! I'm glad you like this piece :)

DerdriuMarriner on 08/28/2018

Mira, Thank you for the images and stories that go into your practical information and product lines! The gifts are all wonderful, particularly the aromatherapy, bath, footwear, makeup and tea lines.
The book is a great idea, for all ages in fact, and the passage that "As an artistic person, I appreciated, for instance, his stories about how creatives don’t actually succeed by sheer willpower (although they do need a lot of persistence) but need the support, encouragement, and creativity of friends and their peers. Their friends help them become their “best version[s],” as Grant writes, and their peers help them evaluate better not only the impact of their ideas but also the selling power of a product based upon an original idea" really stands out for me. Wouldn't that be logical since creatives tend to pursue associative thinking and so therefore would value assocational and associative situations?

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