Ready, Freddy Books For Kids

by wenkrick

The Ready Freddy series is motivating for children to want to read. Kids love the Ready Freddy Books.

Chapter Books for Kids

Reading is such an important part of learning. And parents are finding it more difficult to get their 1st and 2nd graders to read these days. It seems there are just way to many destractions for them. They want to watch tv, play video games or listen to their iPod. But if you can find an entertaining book series that holds your childs interest you will find that they can love books and even beg you to get them more books.

This is why the Ready Freddy books are the perfect series to introduce your child to reading their first chapter books. These chapter books help you child develop a larger vocabulary while improving their reading comprehension because they are so much fun and entertaining. So far there are 22 books in the series but new ones are coming all the time.

Ready, Freddy! #6: Help! A Vampire's Coming!

Help! A Vampire's Coming
Help! A Vampire's Coming

Kids love the Ready Freddy Book Series

Kids like the Ready, Freddy book series because they can really relate to the day to day things that Freddy experiences. Freddy is just like them in many ways. He makes mistakes, and is silly and yes, he gets in trouble. And he also get scared. For example the book "Help, A Vampire Is Coming" is about nightmares that Freddy is having. So in the book, Freddy comes up with all sorts of ways to stop his nightmares. After trying several ways to stop his bad dreams he comes up with an idea of lining up his stuffed animals to watch over him while he sleeps. He calls these guys his "dream police".

Freddy is a very creative and entertaining little boy. Yes, he can be a little mischievous, but aren't all kids? And I think this is why kids can relate to him so much.

I think the Ready Freddy series is a terrific way to get kids reading this summer.  And these books make it terrific way for you and him/her to spend quality time together while reading.  Ready Freddy books really are fun for the entire family. You will find yourself and your little one laughing out loud. They really are silly and fun. There are lots of topics to choose from.  Freddy battles bullies, gets hassled with homework, has tooth trouble and much, much more.

Have you shared the Ready, Freddy books with your child?

If so, how did He/She like them?
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Lois Alker on 11/15/2013

I read my Granddaughter the Ready Freddy book about this first grader who was the last one in his class to loose his first tooth. It so happened that my Granddaughter was a six year old first grader who was the only one in her class who had not lost ANY teeth yet, which to her was a HUGE DEAL. A few days after I read the book to her, SHE LOST HER FIRST TOOTH!!!! I started out reading her a chapter, and she asked me to read the next, and the next. I read her the entire book in one fell swoop. I could not resist doing so, as she was enjoying it so much. She was totally into it, and was actually laughing out loud, as she could totally relate.

I bought the book at the local library, for I'm guessing 50 cents. She is now asking Santa for the series. I am delighted.

howcurecancer on 07/12/2011

Nice to meet you here.

Jimmie on 05/31/2011

I'm not familiar with these, but I'm a fan of encouraging kids to read.

pkmcr on 05/31/2011

I haven't come across these but they certainly sound like they would be a great way to introduce kids to the lifetime's pleasure that can come from a love of reading

Jewelsofawe on 05/29/2011

No, I didn't. I read them Dr. Seuss books alot and books on the solar system... my oldest was and still is at 20 fascinated with stars and planets.

Michey on 05/29/2011

I don't have small kids, but I am sure this series if a great one.... and the habit of reading is very important, you are right.
So my Grandfather read me stories at bed time, then I started to read him stories... looks funny... but this was how he maintained the habit after I started reading... he told me... he loves somebody to read him stories... and little Michey believed him... I am glad I did... LOL

chefkeem on 05/29/2011

Hi Wendy - Welcome to Wizzley!
Thanks for a great first article. :)

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