Recommended Resources for an Energy Healer

by NanLT

A carefully chosen selection of resources for energy healers, whether new to this path or long-established.

I have worked as an Energy Healer for 20 years, and have been a student of healing methods for even longer. Over time, I have built up a sizable selection of resources I can call upon when I need them.

If you are just starting out as an Energy Healer or if you are just looking to expand your own resource library, this is a good place to start. I have carefully selected resources which I use myself on a regular basis.

Centuries Old Healing Methods

For a New Era

Even a traditionalist like me can see the usefulness of modern 21st century devices when it comes to healing work.

A Kindle Can Be Used for More Than Reading

When I purchase a new resource book, for instance I get a version for my Kindle rather than getting a paper and ink copy. This helps save a few trees from being shredded, but also means that when I meet a client in their home I have my reference library in my handbag. I can pull up in an instant any information I may want to share with my client, plus I have the added benefit of being able to keep client notes on hand. That's right, apps on the newer Kindle Fire can also help you to keep track of the paperwork and finances, a must for any small business owner, or practicing Energy Healer.


Drumming Tracks Can Be Kept on Your iPod

I have found the iPod to be of particular use during shamanic journey work. There are times when I am combining Reiki with shamanic healing that I want the sounds of the drum or rattle to be heard, but if I am journeying for other reasons or if I want the drumming to continue after I am unable, I am able to store drumming tracks in varying lengths right on the iPod. To make things even easier, there are places online where drumming and/or rattling tracks can be found for free. Check further down for a listing of such places. 

21st Century Healer

Ancient Healing Methods Meet Modern Technology
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Dancing Flames
Dancing Flames
Own image

Online Resources

Reiki and Energy Healing Resources

Reiki Evolution - Original Japanese Reiki for Self-Growth & Healing

The International Center for Reiki Training - Offering over 581 web pages and 326 articles covering every area of Reiki practice.

James Deacon's Reiki Pages - providing links to dozens of articles on Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki, Medicine, and Self Care - Many very good blog posts from the web owner and guest bloggers

The Center for Reiki Research - The purpose of this web site is to promote the scientific awareness of Reiki by providing a current list of evidence based research published in peer reviewed journals along with summaries of each of these studies.


Shamanic Healing Methods

The Shamanic Voice - home to leading and emerging voices in shamanism today.

Sandra Ingermann - Website of author and teacher of shamanic healing methods, Sandra Ingermann.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies - Michael Harner, the founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, pioneered the introduction of shamanism to contemporary life and is recognized as the world leader in this movement.

Shaman's Well - Launched in October 2010, The Shaman's Well delivers a steady stream of content for those following a shamanic path


Reiki Shamanism

Reiki Drum - providing information about the Reiki Drum Technique which combines Reiki Healing and Drumming

The Art of Reiki Drumming - article from Kindred Spirit


Soul Midwifery

Soul Midwives - supporting those who cross the sacred threshold

Modern Psychopomp - for those who are actively working as a psychopomp, death midwife, death doula, or guide to the afterlife

Living Well/Dying Well - In the UK, we are pioneering the role of a Doula, as a companion and mentor, in support of the whole family, before, during and after this important life event.



Drumming Resources for Shamanic Healers

EnergyThere may be times when you want to do journey-work, but don't want to do the drumming yourself, or don't have a partner available to drum for you. This is when a selection of different drumming and rattling tracks for your iPod or MP3 player will be useful.

You can find drumming CDs t

hrough Amazon, but there are plenty of resources available to download online.

I have found many drumming tracks from these websites. 

Kay Gillard Resources for Healers - provides links to free shamanic journeying tracks as well as low cost resources

Shamanic Voice - Podcasts

Many drumming tracks can also be found on Youtube.

Shamanic Drumming from Others on Youtube

Have a Listen and Use Those Tracks Which Speak to You

The Healing Room

Reiki and Energy Healing Techniques
When my ego is in balance, I can offer the service of healing from a place of acceptance, instead of using it to meet my own needs. Continue reading →
Since 2014, for over 2 years now, I have lived in a home that does not have mirrors in it. My only glimpses of my face are when I happen to use the vanity mirror in th...
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