Teaching Your Children About Recycling Through Reading

by NanLT

A selection of the best books promoting recycling for young readers.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Teaching Children About the Three R's of Eco-Living

While investigating the means by which the council I live in disposes of household waste, I came across several very good books aimed towards young readers which promote recycling.

These books serve to teach children of the reasons for recycling and ways in which they can help themselves and the Earth by re-using goods for other purposes, recycling what can't be re-used, and reducing their consumption of both.


Bins Make Recycling Easier

Recycling Bin
Recycling Bin
Image in free domain

The Importance of Reading to Children

How you can encourage your child to recycle more

Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of reading to young children. It helps to promote learning, provides closeness to trusted family members. In addition, those children who are read to are more likely to become readers when they grow older, and those who become active readers are more likely to be able to write well.

So get them a few books, and read to your children every day. When they outgrow a book you can always recycle it by donating it to your local library or even by selling it on.

The books promoted here show the importance of recycling to young children in language and images which they can understand. I have looked to find books which I believe my own children would enjoy reading and having read to them.

Adventures in Recycling

for young readers
Recycling Is Fun (My Little Planet)
Picture Window Books
$8.4  $2.67
Maisy's Recycling Truck
$7.99  $6.6
Recycling! (Helping Hands Series)
Child's Play Intl
Only $4.79

Recycling is important and we must teach children from a young age

Or should we?
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Don't Bin It!

Recycle It
Waster bin with paper
Waster bin with paper
Image in free domain

Why Recycle?

Is it really worth it?

Whatever you believe about global warming/cooling, saving the rain forests, fair trade. Whether you're an eco-warrior or an eco-worrier. It is in our best interests to reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost.

By doing so we are reducing the amount of waste going to landfills or being incinerated (contributing to smog and the build up of methane gas in the atmosphere), we are returning needed nutrients to the earth (through composting), and we are decreasing the over-use of scarce natural resources. Taking steps now will help to insure that people today and in the future have a clean, safe world to live in.








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Use Music and Stories to Teach Your Children About the R's

Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle

Discover More About Reading to Children

and Recycling

Activity Village
Teach children about the Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle through play and other fun activities.

Transforming Lives Through the National Literacy Trust
The NLT encourages reading at any age. You will find a wide range of news articles, games, and activities to encourage reading.

Book Recycling
Pass on your old books for others to read, and perhaps pick up a new-for-you book for yourself.

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ohme on 06/13/2011

Our grandson is well aware of the importance of recycling as it is stressed so much in the school.

WebWriter on 06/08/2011

I try to do my part by recycling. You are right, bins make it easier.

Dianne on 06/01/2011

One of the most interesting field trips we took when the kids were young was to the garbage collection place. Surprisingly, they taught the kids a lot about recycling.

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