Retro Clawfoot Bath Tub

by lakeerieartists

There is just something glorious about taking a bath in a full size old fashioned claw foot bathtub.

As I sit here watching the snow fall, I am dreaming of the most luxurious bath, with my bathtub caddy, bubble bath, and scented candles. But the crowning glory of my bath is my retro clawfoot bathtub. There is just something glorious about taking a bath in a full size old fashioned claw foot bathtub. The shape of the tub is comfortable and meant to hold a human shaped body, and could any bathtub look better in your bathroom?

The Classic Bathtub

clawfoot bath tub

I personally like the white porcelain clawfoot bathtubs the best. The bathtub is made from cast iron or copper, and the surface is coated with porcelain. For me, a white bathtub looks clean and inviting for when I want to soak in the bathtub.

A claw foot bath tub is perfect for a day like today, when you come in from outside, cold and damp, and just want to warm up all over.  Put up your hair, and relax.

Clawfoot Bath Tubs are Nostalgic

A clawfoot bathtub makes your bathroom into more than just a place to get clean.  Clawfoot bathtubs lend style and class to your bathroom, and they come with several options.  The feet on a claw foot bathtub can come in a variety of styles and colors, although they are usually white, brass or chrome.

Other options include where your plumbing is going to be.  Clawfoot bath tubs may have their taps on the end or the side of the bathtub.  The bathtub fixtures are usually brass or chrome, but may also be white or a mixture of metal colors.  Of course, antique clawfoot bathtubs were made of copper with copper plumbing.  Copper would retain the heat of the water for a long time, but would not rust.  Unfortunately copper is quite expensive now.

Elizabethan Classics Clawfoot Tub

Elizabethan Classics ECGASL66 5-1/2-Feet Acrylic Slipper Tub, White

Step back in time and enhance your bathroom with this luxurious Slipper tub from Elizabethan Classics. Featuring double layer acrylic construction for rigidity and superior heat...

Only $2000.00

Keep the Expense Down with Acrylic Clawfoot Tubs

If you like the look of a retro clawfoot bathtub, but don't want to pay the price for a cast iron porcelain tub, or a copper tub, you can buy clawfoot bathtubs in acrylic now.  The acrylic clawfoot tubs are much lighter in weight, which is especially good for an upper floor or apartment bathtub, and the cost is much less.

On the down side, the acrylic is much less hardy than a traditional clawfoot bathtub, and it is also less authentic.  Deciding on an acrylic tub is mainly a price issue, and if you want to keep the price of a clawfoot tub down, acrylic is the way to go.  There are many acrylic options available, including a variety of colors.  Acrylic is easy to make in various colors, so you can find a colored clawfoot tub more often in acrylic.

Double Slipper Bathtub

Green Blue 6’ Antique Inspired Cast Iron Double Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub Package Original Porcela...

Green Blue 6’ Antique Inspired Cast Iron Double Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub Package Original Porcelain Chrome Accents Item MeasurementsBack to Front: 30.5 inchesWidth: 68 inchesHei...

Only $2369.52
White Antique Inspired 72” Cast Iron Porcelain Clawfoot Bathtub 6’ Double Slipper Bathtub Package...

White Antique Inspired 72" Cast Iron Porcelain Clawfoot Bathtub 6' Double Slipper Bathtub Package Original Finish Measurements:Item MeasurementsWidth: 72 inchesLength: 30 inches...

Only $1833.31

Slipper Bathtub

FeschDesign Non Slip Bath Mat for Tub & Shower | PVC- & BPA-Free, Anti Bacterial, Natural Rubber ...

Does your bath tub get very slippery while you are taking a shower and are you tired of bath tub mats that don't stick to the tub? Wouldn't it be great if we can take a shower w...

$24.47  $12.97
SlipX Solutions Adhesive Square Safety Treads Add Non-Slip Traction to Tubs, Showers & Other Slip...

Say goodbye to boring bath treads and long adhesive strips. SlipX Solutions Square Multi-Piece Adhesive Treads help you express yourself while you enhance the safety of your hom...

Only $6.79
Sesame Street Inflatable Safety Bathtub, Blue

Inflatable Sesame Street Bathtub provides the perfect sized environment for little ones. The air cushioned tub includes a supportive back piece to help parents easily maneuver b...

$16.99  $6.99

Clawfoot Bathtub Hardware

To make your clawfoot bathtub look truly retro, you need the proper bathtub hardware and fixtures.  Most vintage clawfoot tubs had copper or brass pipes, because neither metal will rust.

Today you can buy chrome or gold toned hardware that looks exactly like the vintage hardware on clawfoot tubs of the past.  The chrome or gold toned hardware holds up to frequent usage, and looks great with the claw feet.  You should buy hardware to match or compliment your claw feet on the tub you choose, unless the tub comes with the hardware already attached.

Clawfoot Tub Faucet

Bundle-57 Wall Mount Adjustable Tub Faucet with Hand Shower and Metal Lever Handles Finish: ...

[***INCLUDED IN THIS SET: (1)Adjustable Tub Faucet with Hand Shower and Metal Lever Handles, (1)Single Offset Bath Supply] Finish: Polished Brass Resurrect the golden age of ...

Only $632.67
Kingston Brass CC57T Vintage Leg Tub Filler with Hand Shower

Clawfoot Bathtubs are Very Romantic

One of the best things about the clawfoot style bathtub is how romantic they are.  My personal favorite is the double slipper clawfoot bathtub with the plumbing fixtures in the center of the tub.  The double slipper makes it comfortable for two people to sit facing each other in the bathtub and both of them can easily reach the faucet to turn it on.

Neither person needs to lean back on the hardware end of the bathtub because it is in the center out of the way.  Perfect for a romantic date with your spouse, or a Valentine's Day surprise.  A great winter date, for sure.

There are actually many variations of the clawfoot bathtub available including varying styles of roll top sides, and the length of the bath tub basic itself, so there is a comfortable size for a person whether tall or short or somewhere in between.  You can also find a clawfoot bathtub that will complement your home decor, and fit into any sized bathroom.

Click through any of the links provided here to learn more about the various manufacturers and models.  Then let the romance begin.

Cast Iron Roll Tub

KINGSTON BRASS VCT3D603019NT8 60-Inch Cast Iron Roll Top Claw Foot Tub with 3-3/8-Inch Tub Wall D...

Bring home the classic cast iron roll top bathtub with traditional 3-3/8" faucet drillings. This bathtub is perfect for the home looking for the vintage centerpiece to complete ...

$1347.40  $1267.00
Kingston Brass Aqua Eden VCTND673123T8 Cast Iron Safe and Anti-Slide Roll Top Bathtub with Satin ...

67-inch roll top cast iron bathtub is a showcase of vintage décor. Long enough for one to stretch out and full enjoy the high quality cast iron construction. This model has no f...

$1542.86  $1477.99

Acrylic Clawfoot Tub

Grey Brown 67” Antique Inspired Cast Iron Porcelain Clawfoot Bathtub 5.5’ Flat Rim Slipper Bathtu...

Grey Brown 67” Antique Inspired Cast Iron Porcelain Clawfoot Bathtub 5.5’ Flat Rim Slipper Bathtub Package Bronze Feet Measurements:Item MeasurementsWidth: 67 inchesLength: 30.2...

Only $2313.00
Randolph Morris 60 Inch Acrylic Double Ended Clawfoot Tub - Rim Faucet Drillings

Double Ended Style Clawfoot Tub by Randolph Morris. Acrylic Construction. Features Aluminum Ball and Claw Feet. Overall Dimensions: 60-1/2" L x 30" W x 25" H. Seating Area: 35-1...

Only $1008.90

More Retro Bathroom Ideas

Retro style is very much in style, and a bathroom is the perfect place to show off your retro home decor.
Updated: 02/06/2015, lakeerieartists
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