Reviewing the Nerf Vortex Vigilon

by sciencestudent

My personal review of a fantastic toy that appeals to male and female users from ages 8 to 88 years old.

Nerf toys have been a hot item for as long as I can remember, and they’ve only gotten better. From the Super Soaker that my big brother got for his 10th birthday to today’s line of Nerf Vortex shooters that use discs instead of the old-school nerf darts, I’ve never known a Nerf Gun to be anything less than a huge hit.

Nerf guns have gone from being toys for little boys to being an addictive teen-ager and adult activity. Small businesses I know keep the Nerf Vortex guns in their cubicles so that they can break up the monotony of work with short Nerf wars between calls or on breaks. Office Nerf wars are becoming more and more common with middle aged members of both genders joining in the fun.  Groups of young people get together for Nerf parties at school and church activites and nerf battles have become a sleepover essential among the tweeners from my local youth groups and school is a great place to purchase the Nerf Vortex line.

The Nerf Vortex Vigilon is my personal favorite.

The Vortex Vigilon was designed to have long-distance range that makes it a lot more effective for outdoors games than the shorter range darts. The discs are easy to see and users have commented on their range being as far as 50 feet. The range and rapid firing speed, as well as the pistol-like design make the Vigilon the ideal weapon for group nerf wars.  It’s designed with a drop down clip that you can reload surprisingly quickly, and additional discs come in refill packs of 40, making them affordable and keeping the fun alive by minimizing the amount of time you have to spend collecting your discs between firing sessions.  

The design of the Vortex Vigilon

The Vortex Vigilon is a bit bulkier and heavier than the smaller dart guns designed by Nerf, which makes it a poor choice for little hands. It can be unwieldy for younger users and the heavier cocking action makes it difficult for them to use it efficiently. Though this is a drawback for the younger set, it is a benefit to older and bigger people who are harder on their toys.  The bulky design makes it an extremely durable toy that can take a great deal of abuse.

The discs are also much more accurate than the darts, as well as durable. The biggest drawback to using Nerf dart guns in my mind has always been the dart replacement. The darts tear easily and get lost, as well as just falling apart from use, but the new disc design is very durable, making them much more cost effective than the dart guns.  The con for this pro, however, is that the more accurate discs tend to ricochet a bit further than the darts, making them more easily lost in little spaces and requiring you to invest more in replacements, thus the larger packages of replacement discs that come in packs of 40.

A Cost Effective Option

As for the price of the Nerf Vortex Vigilon- it is better than reasonable. Averaging just $16, depending on your purchasing location, you can buy this toy for less than you would spend on a cheap, poorly constructed cap gun set, a box of donuts or a really, really cheap date. It’s a good thing it’s affordable, too, since it’s likely that you’ll be buying replacement discs for years to come, so you’ll be glad that your initial investment was low. You’ll also want to add a 40 pack of replacement discs to your first purchase so that you can rule the office wars without constant reloading,  or to allow your little warrior to have a continual ammo supply for target practicing in your back yard.

All in all, like most Nerf products, the Vigilon is a win-win option. If you're expecting what you paid for then you'll be pleasantly surprised with a much greater value than the price. I hope you give it a try- it will more than repay you with endless hours of fun and excitement!

Updated: 01/23/2012, sciencestudent
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