Revisiting Face Off Movie - A New Start

by MuminBusiness

Inspired by the 'Face Off' Movie starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, here are three ways to make a new start.

Spent a part of the evening watching the ‘Face Off’ movie again. It starred Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. Have you ever watched it? I loved it when I watched it first and I still like it a lot.

Anyway it got me thinking – What would you do if you woke up looking like someone else? Would it free you or would it enslave you further?

A lot of us wish we could lead a different life- a life with none of the past attached to us, none of the baggage. Just a fresh start with no expectations, no preconceptions, nothing.

What we fail to realise at times is that we are free to live a different life right now. We do not have to wait for the impossible to happen, every day is a new day, and every day is a new beginning.

Thoughts to help you make a New Start

Decide What You Want

So many times we say we want a new life, we wish we could leave it all behind but actually when asked, we are uncertain what it is that we want actually.  We know we no longer want this life but as we have nothing to replace it with, we keep going through the same old motions, time and again.  

Take some time to decide, really decide what you want out of your life.  This may change as you grow and develop but at least start your personal growth by deciding the things you want


Count the Cost

So you now know what you want, the next step really is to be sure you can pay the price of getting it.  Changing your life may mean deciding that some of your friends are not helping you and it may be time to break off a few relationships.  It may be time to change the food that you eat in order to get the body and health that you want.  It may be time to read different books in order to educate yourself in a different way.

Are you ready to pay the price of these changes?  Are you ready to start afresh?

Create One New Habit

How? You may ask.  The way to create a new habit is to take one tiny little step in the right direction and consistently do that step until it becomes natural to you.  Then take another step and do that as well until it becomes natural to you.  Take a look at the stages of change model.  It should give you an idea about how to go about changing any aspect of your life.

Do not assume it will all change by tomorrow.  It did take you a little while to get to the place you do not want to be so it will take you a little while to get to a new place.  Take mini steps towards your new aim and in time, you will wonder how you had ever lived differently.

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cmoneyspinner on 10/30/2013

I thought Face-Off was a good movie, considering Cage and Travolta were the stars. They lived up to my expectations. Many may think it's hard to start over. But just think of all the families who have their homes devastated by disaster. They start over! So pretend you're rebuilding after a disaster. Or choose the alternative. Stay miserable and unhappy.

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