Reward Charts: Goal Charts for Kids

by Tehreem

Teach your kids positive reinforcement and help them become more responsible with our wide range of Reward & Goal charts

So your kid just turned five and now that you know it’s time for him or her to start initiating certain activities on their own; be it getting into bed themselves, being able to sleep on their own, or even simply knowing when to put away their shoes or clothes after returning from school, there is something every kid should know when they reach a certain age!
The problem may arise when your child, (like many others) might feel difficulty in remembering his or her assigned tasks. Which is why our reward charts are perfect for helping your child score the best stars and treats and for enabling them to be able to learn positive reinforcement behavior. These stars and treats are great for putting both a smile on your child’s face and for ensuring that if they’re doing something right once then they certainly do it again! So whether it’s our Melissa and Doug Deluxe Responsibility magnetic chart or our Board Dudes Magnetic Rewards Chart, there will certainly be some way to please everyone!

Rewards Chore Chart

Board Dudes Magnetic Dry Erase

The first goal chart that we’ve got for the kiddies is the Board Dudes Magnetic Dry Erase Chore Chart. It comes with a series of colored markers , columns to help you shade in days of the week for when your child sticks to his/her goals as well as a long line of reward magnets in the form of stickers that are heart shaped, star shaped etc and are perfect for when you would like to reward your child for a job well done and light a smile on their face!

Magnetic Responsibility Chart

This is one whirling, swirling flamboyant Deluxe responsibility chart that comes with a multitude of colorful little buttons and pieces that bear words such as ‘Say Please and Thank you!’, and come with sweet pictures of confectionery treats such as ice cream and candy as a suggestion for what you should reward your child with when they’ve been specially good! You can also let your child claim their right to some goodies or the purchase of their favorite book or thing if they manage to collect up to a certain number of responsibility!

Magnetic Reward Behavior Chart

The third goal chart that we’ve got for your kid would be this Magnetic Responsibility Behavior that allows you to be able to wipe the board clean with a hanging loop every time after you’ve noted how well your kid has stuck to their goals and aims and awarded them with the additional treat of a gold or silver star every time they perform well or fulfill one of the goals or aims that you set for them!

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Owl-Stars!TM Chore Charts & Stickers

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My Growing up Reward Chart

This is a unique little reward behavior chart that comes with mounting paper and stickers that have a variety of activities posted on them as well as blank stickers that allows you to fill them in with activities that you would like your child to pay attention to- such as placing their satchel or backpack in the right place, saying grace before they begin to eat, taking off their shoes when they come home or even getting ready for bedtime all on their own! With 324 reward stickers In fact, this is one reward chart that can be used over and over again!

My Credit Reward Chart

This is a rather grown up version of previous credit reward charts that we’ve seen, as it firstly encourages your child to make independent decisions and allow their self esteem to grow- it helps you record details of how your child fulfills all their activites and responsbilites and allows you to place a star or reward or tick and treat beside every duty or responsibility that your child tries to fulfill- be it finishing their homework on time, playing nicely with friends or even coming home right on time!

Encourage Independent Decision Making and Building Self Esteem
My Credit Reward Chart (7yrs+) Reward Chart to Encourage ...

Good Night Reward Chart

This is the perfect sleeping chart to ensure that your child gets the ideal night’s sleep- it comes with a pre bedtime routine that your child should follow, to ensure that they get a restful night, such as stories, kisses, a bed time tuck in as well as stickers to paste in the chart for when your child finally learns how to sleep even minus the bedtime routine; such as when your child can simply sleep and stay in bed minus the night light, or without the need to call out for your help and so forth!

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Kids Reward Chart

This is a great way to ensure that your child maintains their best behavior and aims for activites such as taking out their exercise books by themselves, beginning homework on their own, putting their shoes or school clothes back in place and getting ready for bed all on their own by letting you place stickers which bear both smiley faces, treats for them to enjoy as well as other faces and signs that you could put up on your own according to your needs and the aims that you set for your child!

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Rewards for Kids!: Ready Charts

Activities for Positive Parenting

Lastly, we’ve got the Rewards for Kids, Ready to use Chart; this helps enforce positive reinforcement skills in your child by allowing you to treat your child or make him or her happy every-time they do something dutiful or stay in line or even simply refuse to always fight with their siblings or get ready for parties and school events on time!

With 423 plus stickers and happy or smiley faces to set things off, this is one positive reinforcement chart that will be sure to make your child happy with pop up colorful and brilliantly shaded in faces and figures- and you; now that you know what a responsible kid you’ve got!

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