Road Tape for Toy Cars

by evelynsaenz

Construct a road for your Matchbox Toy Cars using Road Tape! Not only fun but educational as well, give your children road tape and watch them play and learn for hours.

Did you know that there was such a thing as ROAD TAPE? I wish it had existed when my kids were younger. I can just imagine what fun they would have had! What you might not think of, however, is all the learning that could happen when playing with Road Tape.

Social Skills while negotiating where to place the tape. The science of what the glue from the tape may effect the surfaces the tape is adhered to. Could this tape be recycled?

Use your art and carpentry skills to create road signs and then continue your social studies lessons by creating Rules of the Road.

Write down the laws you create for your road for Language Arts. Use the road for practicing handwriting.I wonder if it is possible to write on this tape with chalk?

How would you use Road Tape?

Create a road for toy cars!

How to create a road for toy cars...

Roll out the tape and create a road for all your children's toy cars. Make roads go over boxes or straight across the floor. Sure, you know that your children will have fun. Children love to play with tape. I have often given my kids tape for Christmas or Birthdays, They love it. But did you know that road tape can also be educational? 

Math: Just imagine that your have two kids and one roll of tape. How can you be sure that each child gets the same amount? Why, by measuring, of course! Be sure to remind your children how to measure. Can they find zero on the measuring tape?

Science: Discuss adhesives. Will the road tape stick to the floor? Will the road tape adhesive come off the floor once you are done? Should road tape be used on wall paper, the dining room table, the cat? Set up experiments in places that won't show to determine whether using road tape on that surface would be acceptable.

Social Studies: Lay out the road and begin to create a document for the rules of the road. Which side of the road should cars go on? Are you driving in England or in most of the rest of the world? How fast should the cars go? What happens when someone violates the rules. Create road signs and create rules for using those signs.

Language Arts: Write down these rules in a notebook that could be entitled Driver's Manuel. Refer to this manual when introducing new drivers to your road. This step is especially important when cousins come over to play.

Art: Create road signs to place along the road tape. Add more artistry by painting and constructing a whole town or city around your road tape road. Don't forget a road sign reminding drivers and passengers to do up their seat belts. If your road signs don't stand up well, use clay or play dough as a base to stick them in.

Road Tape on Wood Floors

Where could you use road tape?

Road adhesive tape
Image of road tape on a wood floor. Kids would love to construct their own roads using road tape.

Transportation Unit Study
Using Road Tape to help children learn the rules of the road. Fun activities with toy cars, creating road signs and much more...

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What could your children learn from constructing roads from road tape?

Is road tape educational?

Create a village or city for your Road Tape Road to drive through...

Paint a background to your Road Tape Toad...
Lego - Lego City
Truck Park

Cars for your Road Tape Roads

Line the Road Tape Roads with Cars
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katiem2 on 03/19/2013

WOW this is amazing. I can imagine endless fun and learning with road tape. What an amazing find, thanks for bringing it to your readers attention. :)K

CherylsArt on 03/01/2013

I used to teach adult learners reading skills. Road tape would have come in real handy when teaching about rules of the road.

Melanie on 12/31/2012

I could see some little ones going crazy with that road tape - lol - roads everywhere all through the house! In fact, I might get some so I can do that myself. :)

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