Romantic Comedy for Valentine's Day: French Kiss (Kevin Kline | Meg Ryan)

by lakeerieartists

If you are looking for the perfect romantic comedy to watch on Valentine's Day, or on any romantic date with your girlfriend, I recommend French Kiss with Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline.

If you are looking for the perfect romantic comedy to watch on Valentine's Day, or on any romantic date with your girlfriend, I recommend the movie French Kiss with Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline.

This is my favorite movie to watch to laugh, lift my spirits, or just relax. French Kiss is a lighthearted comedy, silly enough to laugh, and yet heartwarming enough to enjoy. The characters are offbeat and funny, with poignant moments. And the actors are excellent in their roles.

There are also some very good performances by the minor characters including Timothy Hutton playing the boyfriend, Jean Reno who plays the policeman, Francois Cluzet playing Bob, and Laurent Spielvogel playing the snooty hotel concierge.

I realized the other day that even though I own French Kiss, I still have it in VHS, which is a real pain for us to play now, because we have to switch all of our cords and equipment around. So this Valentine's Day for a present to myself, I will buy French Kiss in DVD, since we have yet to buy a Blu-ray player.

French Countryside

One of the best things about the movie French Kiss, is the scenery during the part of the film where Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline take the train to the countryside, and end up in the town the Kline's character, Luc, is from.  The juxaposition of the quaint, ancient village, and rich, vibrant vineyards brings a kind of peace to the silliness of other parts of the movie.

The obvious family warmth of Luc's family, and natural background show off the beauty inherent in the French landscape.

Fear of Flying

While this is most likely not the best performance that Meg Ryan has ever produced, her version of the quirky, fearful Kate is fun, and funny to watch.  Kate's innocence, and the steps she takes to overcome her fears is part of the overall theme of this film.

Kate's fear of flying that is obvious throughout the beginning of French Kiss is really only a representation of her fear of living.  This is what she learns from Luc throughout the movie through a series of mishaps, and happenstances.

My favorite scene in the entire movie is when Kate is touring Luc's home, and hides the diamond necklace that is his hope for a new life.  While he desperately searches her bag, she is wearing it the entire time.  It is not until they are about to leave, that she shows him that she has found it. (He had hidden it in her bag without her knowledge.)

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Desire for a Home

Both main characters, Kate and Luc, are searching for a way to have a home of their own.  Kate has a dream of a home life, with a family.  Luc dreams of planting a vineyard like those of his family.  They just both have a slightly different way of going about getting their dream.

Although the silly byplay, and physical humor of French Kiss can make you laugh out loud, it is the quiet desire for a happy home life that resonates with most of us while we watch the film.  This is the love that all of us have within us, and that makes French Kiss such an enjoyable, happy film.  Finding a person to share that home with, living and loving together, and growing a family together is the basis for most family life.

The Honorable Rogue

Kevin Kline's character, Luc, is an "honorable rogue".  He is handsome, French, and a thief, but ends up taking care of Kate, at first by default, then because he wants to.  Although French Kiss is a formulaic romantic comedy, the characters make it light and enjoyable.

Luc finds himself falling in love with Kate, although he doesn't realize this until almost the end of the movie.  Kline plays Luc's character perfectly, with a daredevil air, and just slightly underhanded touch.

The Perfect Film for Valentine's Day

French Kiss is the film that I will be watching on Valentine's Day while I eat my chocolate covered strawberries, and smell my lovely roses.  I always come out of watching French Kiss, with a wistful sigh, and a smile on my face.

If you haven't seen it, or need a movie to watch on Valentine's Day or any other romantic occasion, French Kiss is the movie that I recommend.

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