Rustic Horseshoe Wedding Invitations

by Digby_Adams

Incorporate this popular good luck symbol into your rustic wedding invitations. Unique designs for your to customize at affordable prices.

Rustic chic wedding are trending. Farmers are now running destination weddings in their barns and corrals. Guests watch horses run in the fields as they toast the happy bride and groom. There is often a horseshoe over the barn door. So it's only fitting that there be a horseshoe on the rustic wedding invitation.

There is a decidedly shabby chic vibe to a rustic wedding. It's no uncommon for a rusty and distressed horseshoe to be embellished with lace on a rustic wedding invitation. Often the horseshoe will rest on distressed wood floorboards or against a bench.

Rustic Horseshoe Wedding Invitations with a Vintage Flair

Easy to Customize

This is one of my favorite rustic horseshoe wedding invitations, because it has so many different textures. Check out the distressed wood in the center, the burlap, two types of lace and the string around the horse shoes. The color of the wood reflects the metal of the horseshoe perfectly.

It certainly wishes the bride and groom good luck on their new life together. 

The Zazzle artist captured the spirit of a rustic chic wedding perfectly with her use of fonts. I love the way that the word "WEDDING" looks in the center. Easy to customize. Questions? You can conveniently contact the artist.

Distressed Blue is a Common Color in Rustic Wedding Invitations

Doesn't it feel like turquoise jewelry?

Western style and turquoise jewelry go hand in hand. So it should surprise any of us that it's a prominent color on rustic horseshoe wedding invitations. You can feel the distressed wood on the invitation on the left. It could b a table in a Shabby Chic living room. 

The rustic wedding invitation to the right uses turquoise in a much gentler way. It highlights the bride and groom name and then the ribbon in the center of the invitation - which is held together with smaller horseshoes. The artist did add an additional turquoise line below to balance the design.

Flowers and Pearls also Embellish Horseshoe Wedding Invitations

Feminine touches complement the metal horseshoe

Pearls are the most favored wedding jewelry. Their round shape and translucent quality are the perfect foil for rough and aged horseshoe. The invitation on the left pairs them with a soft pink daisy. The wedding details are placed on a delicate handkerchief with a dainty lace border. 

On the right the wedding details are placed on the wood boards. The beauty of buying wedding invitations is that you have so many options. Talented artists have done all of the hard work. You can just find one you love and customize it. They are always willing to help a customer as well. 

Updated: 02/28/2015, Digby_Adams
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Digby_Adams on 03/01/2015

Yes it is. We have an old horseshoe over our garden shed door.

WriterArtist on 03/01/2015

I remember how finding a horse shoe was termed lucky in olden days. In many ways we still believe in them and having these rustic horseshoes may be considered good luck for the weddings in present days too.

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