Safe Co-Sleeping and Transitioning to a Cot or Bed

by wrylilt

A guide to how to safely co-sleep with your baby. And it doesn't have to be that hard to get your child out of your bed and into their own.

You may have sworn never to bring your child into bed with you while pregnant, but after enough sleepless nights spent in the rocking chair or continually back and forth between baby and your bed, chances are you've been tempted to bring him into bed - or maybe you've just given up and done it.

Although some medical professionals do recommend it, as studies show it helps baby maintain correct breathing patterns when near the mother and can also have other benefits too, co-sleeping is accompanied by many risks, including that of suffocation or a parent accidentally rolling onto the child.

Safe Co-Sleeping Baby Nest

These easy to transport and use sleepers are the perfect way to bring baby into bed with you. They come with a light and also feature firm plastic sides so parents cannot accidentally roll onto baby.

 Tips: Get a portable sleeper without a foot rest, leaving more room for baby as he grows. Instead of sheets, a baby pillowcase fits perfectly on the mattress.

Safe Co-Sleeping Baby Bassinet

If you don't have room in your bed for baby to fit in too, consider getting a bassinet with movable sides. 

Baby will be close at hand while both parents are able to sleep as normal without worrying about where baby is in their bed or running out of room.

The one shown on the left also converts into a change table so it can continue to be useful even when baby grows out of it.

Tips for Transitioning Your Child from Co-Sleeping to a Cot

Although more experienced parents may tell horror stories of how difficult it is to get a child out of the parent's bed, it can be done fairly easily if approached the right way.

  • Whenever possible, let baby sleep in their cot so that they are comfortable with it. This may mean simply putting them down it for daytimes nap when you can check on them, or putting them down in their cot for the first sleep before bringing them into bed with you when they wake for their first feed.
  • The baby nest shown above is a great option to help transition into a cot. The nest is easily moveable, so you can lay it beside you in bed or simply place it in baby's cot. As they'll already be familiar with it, the transition is easier than being moved to a completely new environment. As they get older, you can slowly transition them to sleeping without the nest.
Updated: 01/23/2012, wrylilt
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Dorsi on 01/30/2012

That snuggle nest is cool! I wish I had one when my grandson was small. We were so freaked out about rolling on him that we put him in his carrier between us on the bed!

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