Safe Personalized Melamine Plates for Kids

by CherylsArt

These melamine plates are break resistant, light weight, and non-toxic, making them a safe choice for kids. You can also personalize them with a name.

Whether you have a large family or a small one, personalized plates can come in handy. Especially for instance if each child is required to wash his or her own plate. They're also a neat option to have in day care facilities and such. Either way, it helps to give the child a sense of ownership. And they can have a plate with their own favorite design!

The melamine plates from Zazzle are 10 inches in diameter,

and are both drop and break resistant.

Again, they are also non-toxic.They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. They, however, cannot be used in the microwave.

I remember the plates that my mother used to have. This was in the days before Corel and lightweight dishes. They were stoneware, and were on the heavy side. I would have loved lightweight plates.

Designed for the littler kids are polka dots, star, and balloons.

Color choices for the polka dots are pink and blue, which appears as a border, with a solid center shade of the same color.

The star is a single star with its arms pointing towards where the name goes. The balloons are one each of yellow, red, and green. The name is written on the center red balloon.

For the older child, the designs are a little more sophisticated.

There is a green and blue spoke pattern, with the name written in a darker shade of green.

There is a yellow and orange sunburst energy pattern, with the name written in orange red.

There's also a design of fruits and veggies around the border of a blended green plate. This one might be a fun reminder to eat fruits and vegetables, and a variety of colors. Eating a variety of colors helps the child to get a variety of vitamins.

Below are some more sporty choices.

Designs include a baseball on a tan background.

For an outdoorsy feel is a pair of yellow and red sunglasses, on a background the color of sand.

And lastly, is a painting of a basketball going in to the net.

All of the design above have an easy to use template form, to personalize the name.

Simply click on the design of your choice.

Locate the template box, it should be to the right once you're on the product page, and type in the desired name, and then click on Enter on your keyboard.

You can then add it to your cart.

To view more personalized plate designs

Click on any plate design above.

Once on the product page, type in any other search terms that you'd like, along with personalized plates or name plates in the search box located at the top.

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Updated: 06/07/2013, CherylsArt
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