Safe places to hide money

by DrDarko

In any recession, crime is on the rise. You need to have at least several safe places in your home where you can hide your money and other valuables.

No, shoebox in your closet is not safe. First thing any burglar will do upon entering is to turn your closet and any dresser drawers inside out. Fortunately, most burglaries do not last long. If you can manage to keep your most precious possessions and your money safely hidden for at least six minutes, you will probably keep them.

Here are just a few best buys to help you hide your money, jewelry and keep them safe:

Brute force approach – Bolted down safe

SentrySafe DS3410 Black Fire-Safe is not one of those cheap electronic safes that any hotel room has. The thing I like the most about this safe is that it has mechanical combination lock as well as tubular key lock. When you are looking for something sturdy, you certainly do not want to rely on batteries. Its dimensions (13.8 x 12.6 x 11.9 inches) make it perfect for safekeeping your important papers as well as money and other valuables.

It is heavy and a single thief would not find it easy to carry. When you use the included bolts to screw it to the floor permanently, nobody will be able to run away with your money. This safe really offers the best value and safety for your money.

Hiding money in plain sight

Sometimes, the best way to hide your money and other valuables is to keep them in plain sight without being obvious about it. Here are few of the best and cheapest solutions:

Wall Clock with Hidden Safe

This is really a gem. Not only is this nice and working wall clock, it also has a hidden compartment behind the face, perfect for hiding your money, jewelry or credit cards.

This clock does not stand out in any way and it does not look expensive so there is no risk that somebody might consider it worth stealing.


Book Diversion Safe

I’m positive that your average burglar is not a bookworm. The Southwest Specialty Products 60001S Book Diversion Safe offers a great way of hiding money in plain sight. It is actually a real a real hard-back book, complete with dust jacket. A secret compartment within is where you can easily hide money, passports, credit cards and other valuables.

This safe will blend perfectly with other books on your bookshelf.


Diversion Safe-Surge Protector

If you own a computer, I am sure that you have several of these devices lying around. One more would not look out of place in your cable/wire box. It even has the switch that lights up red when you turn it on.

Since nobody would look at this gadget twice, it would be a perfect place to hide your money and small jewelry.


Do not forget the kids

Kids have their own valuable items. Although a piggy bank might work, a real working safe with a combination lock and a coin slot would work even better. This safe would be a perfect present for your kid and since they will learn to operate it much sooner than you will; their secrets and their money will be safe from everybody.

Metal construction and real combination lock make this a little more than just another piggybank. 

Updated: 12/15/2011, DrDarko
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