Salad Choppers: Hand-Held, Manual, and Electric

by bethparker

What do you think of when you hear someone talk about salad choppers? There are so many different types that it is hard to believe they all have the same name.

When I first started thinking about writing an article about salad choppers, I was thinking of the as seen on TV salad chopper that you put on top of an onion or a tomato (or whatever) and it has blades inside that come down when you push on the handle on top. The one on the right is similar to what I had in mind, but it's even better because you don't need a cutting board.

Your Basic Salad Chopper

KitchenAid Pro Food Chopper, Black
Only $19.99

The basic salad chopper is just the beginning, though. I never imagined that there were so many different types of salad choppers. The salad choppers I found are so different that it's hard to believe they all share the same name. Here are some of the other salad choppers I found:

The Oxo Salad Chopper

This one is pretty simple. It's like a double pizza cutter that comes with its own bowl. Put your lettuce in the bowl and go at it with the modified pizza cutter (I mean salad chopper). It can't get much easier than that, and it doesn't use electricity either.

Multi-Function Salad Spinner and Chopper

Otherwise known as the Progressive International Manual Food Chopper and Salsa Maker, this is more than just a salad chopper and spinner. It looks a bit like a food processor, but it doesn't require electricity. You have to turn the crank at the top to operate it. In addition to chopping and spinning salads, it has the ability to separate eggs, and there is a set of blending blades that you can use to mix things up.

Pampered Chef Salad Chopper

I love Pampered Chef, but I think they're exaggerating a bit by calling this a salad chopper. It looks like some sort of ergonomic kitchen scissor, and if you ask me, that's exactly what it is. They call it a salad chopper, though, so I'm including it in my article for the sake of thoroughness.

Pampered Chef Salad Chopper 2582

Make fresh chopped salad or salsa, right in the bowl. This step-saver has titanium-coated stainless blades for unmatched sharpness. Hollowed recess called granton prevents ...

Only $25.00

Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

This looks a lot like a bowl with blades inside. See the ring around the top? That slips off the lid and there is a string attached to it. Grab hold of the ring and pull the string, and the blades spin around and chop up your veggies. From reading the comments, it sounds like just about everyone loves it, but it might have some problems with hard vegetables such as carrots.

Black & Decker Electric Salad Chopper

This 2-speed food chopper has a 3-cup bowl with a lid for storing the food after you're done chopping it. It has a sleek style and can be operated using only one hand. The blades are stainless steel and you can wash the parts in the dishwasher.

1 1/2-cup Black & Decker Electric Chopper

This chopper looks like a food processor without all of the extra attachments. It chops, minces, and dices with a curved blade. The bowl hold 1 1/2 cups of chopped food and the lid locks into position for safety. You can wash the blade, bowl, and lid in the dishwasher.

Black & Decker HC306 1-1/2-Cup One-Touch Electric Chopper

You'll use this handy 1-1/2 cup, 70 watt chopper to quickly chop onions without shedding a tear, as well as for chopping many other recipe ingredients. With one speed and ...

$57.5  $55.99

Presto Professional Salad Shooter Electric Slicer and Shredder

Last, but certainly not least, is the Salad Shooter. This thing is just awesome. My Mom had something like it when I was a kid, but I think the name may have been different. I love how well it grates cheese. You just put in the grating attachment, put a chunk of cheese in the chute, and push it gently but firmly against the rotating blade with the pusher. I can't remember using it for anything but cheese, but if it can handle that, shredding lettuce should be a breeze.

Updated: 01/18/2012, bethparker
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