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Learn to dance Salsa. This is a social latin nightclub dance. Here we will present a beginners group of patterns in the "On 1" style.

Salsa has many styles such as: New York Mambo (On 2 / Eddie Torres), Cuban, Casino Rueda, and L.A. style. Here we will focus on the "On 1" style. The dancers will present a simple group to give an overview of the Lessons then additional videos will look at each step. Links to recommended practice music will be included.

Salsa Leg Wrap

Salsa Dance Pose
Salsa Leg Wrap
Salsa Leg Wrap

Salsa, overview Combination 1

Salsa, Lesson 1, Combination 1

Salsa, Combination 1

Salsa, Overview, Combination 1

There are 3 patterns to learn for this basic grouping. The Salsa "Basic", Lady's Natural Turn, and the Crossbody Lead.

Learn each pattern from the videos below and then try this combination.

This combination turns 180 degrees overall so you can repeat all 3 steps to a different wall.  It makes things more interesting and let's you look around the room and interact with others if you wish.


Note: You can add more Basic steps to give you thinking time in between the more challenging turn patterns.  The Combination is just a suggestion.

Salsa, the Basic

Salsa, Lesson 1, The Basic

Salsa, the Basic

Salsa, Lesson 1, the Basic

You're first figure in the "on 1" style of Salsa.

Put some time into making this step smooth, it is the key to your Salsa dancing.


Note:  For beginners,  changing weight 6 times per Basic is key.  Advanced dancers can "fake' or touch and still lead (or follow) as well as keep the beat.

Salsa, Lady's Natural Turn

Salsa, Lesson 2, Lady's Natural Turn

Salsa, Lady's Natural Turn

Salsa, Lesson 2, Lady's Natural Turn

We're dancing our Salsa in a rectangle of space on the floor, or you could say on a slot.

For now keep the turn in the slot, Ladies step forwards with the Left foot on beat 5, rather than diagonal.


Note: The follower needs to drop down an inch on beat 5 with the left foot, this is the preparation for the sharp turn. Twist 1/8 of a turn Left as you step for a windup.  Add arm styling when comfortable. Give it some attitude :)


Salsa music you should have

Add these Salsa songs to your music collection

Love this song!!

View on Amazon

Una Palomita

Easy to hear beat for beginning Salsa dancers

View on Amazon

Ran Kan Kan

Inspirational (and advanced) music from Mr. Puente

View on Amazon

Brujería (Salsa Remix)

Love this song

View on Amazon

Se Me Fue (Salsa Remix)

Easy to hear the beat. The cowbell hits on Beats 1 3 5 7.

View on Amazon

Let's Salsa (Timing Mix)

Vocals include a teaching count, very helpful for learning Salsa timing.

View on Amazon

Salsa, Crossbody Lead

Salsa, Lesson 3, Crossbody Lead

Salsa, Crossbody Lead

Salsa, Lesson 3, Crossbody Lead

This is an important figure in Salsa, Useful on it's own to change positions in the slot, It also sets up many of the Intermediate and Advanced figures.


Note: Leaders, open your left side and look for traffic or obstacles behind you. Followers delay your leftwards turn as long as possible for a sharp snap to your turn.

More Salsa Music

Add these to your Salsa Playlist
Pa'l Bailador

Columbian flavor

View on Amazon

Ana Milé

Groupo Niche :)

View on Amazon

Salsa, Combination 2

Salsa, overview Combination 2

Salsa, Combination 2

Salsa, Lesson 5, Combination 2

Our second combination, shows us the Catch the Back or Two way turn in Salsa.

On the wrist check and pass, watch the direction the dancers turn, Leaders "Plant" your left foot and walk around it.


Note: Leader's open your right shoulder so the Lady can get beside you without colliding..

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