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Learn to Waltz with online video tutorials, photos, music recommendations and links to further resources

Learn to Waltz with online Videos. The Waltz is a Ballroom dance that can be done at the Social, Performance or Competitive level. You will learn social Waltz from this article.

The dance patterns go in order from the Basic pattern to more intermediate / advanced steps. Many of the more advanced patterns build off of the basic figures, so it helps to know the fundamental steps.

Waltz, Contra Check Dance Pose

An advanced line in Waltz
Waltz Contra Check
Waltz Contra Check

Waltz, Basic Box

The first and most important figure to learn in social Walz

Waltz, Basic Box (Advanced Bronze Technique)

Quality Waltz Box with Technique

The above Video shows the Basic Step done at a high level of proficiency.

The couple is using a full body connection that takes time and coaching to learn.


Waltz, Newcomer Level Box with Open Hold

Waltz, Newcomer Level Box

Waltz basic for the Beginning dancer

This video shows a practical introduction to the waltz box.

Danced in a beginner hold with minimal technique, this is how the pattern might be demonstrated to a new student or couple.

Waltz, Follower's Slow Underarm Turn

An elegant turn pattern for the Ladies

Waltz, Lesson 2, follower's slow underarm turn

First turn pattern for social Waltz

This pattern should show off the follower, think of presenting yourself to an audience seated around you.  Make eye contact with others in the room as well as your partner.

Arm styling is varied and can be more internal (into your own body) or external (stretch the hand and fingers out to the room)


Note: The Lady walks Forwards in a medium sized oval shape, unlike swing dancing there will be no abrupt turn and backstep.

Waltz, Closed Hesitations

Balance steps in Waltz

Waltz, Closed Hesitations

Waltz, Lesson 3, Closed Hesitations

A nice show step done in place.  This allows others to pass you or to avoid collisions.

pieces of this pattern will show up in other steps.


Note: Keep low in the legs, even if you stretch your waist and neck upwards.  Down is grounded and balanced, up is shaky.

Waltz music I own

Waltz songs for you to dance to (practice, perform, sing in the shower).
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Waltz, Counting the Music

Waltz, Lesson 4, Learning the Count

Waltz, Counting the Music

Waltz, Lesson 4, Counting the Music

After learning the direction of the steps (weight changes), the next most important facet to learn is how to count the music.

The counts keep us in time to the song and give a common point of reference to our partners.


Note: to start dancing on beat 1 of a 3 beat measure, you must already be compressed in the legs and starting to move on the end of the 3rd beat of the previous measure. A challenge best mastered during private lessons or group classes.

Waltz, Turning The Box

Waltz, Lesson 5, Turn the box

Waltz, Turning the Box

Waltz, Lesson 5, Turning the box

The Waltz should rotate, meaning both partners turn together.

While a good idea to learn without rotation, once you have the idea of the box, add some rotation.


Note: only 1/8 turn every 3 steps to start with, then advance to 1/4 turn or a new wall every 3 steps.

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Waltz, Progressive Change Step

Waltz, Lesson 6, Progressive Change Step

Waltz, Progressive Change Step

Waltz, Lesson 6, Progressive Change Step

Your first traveling figure.

Did you notice it's not that different from a non-turning box, on beat 4 Lead steps forward and Follower steps back.


Note: this step is hard for new dancers, use a double arm hold with good posture and tone in the arms, stay off the Lady's feet.  It gets better with practice, as timing improves and you add slight rotation to the traveling step.

Waltz, Hesitation Change

Waltz, Lesson 7, Hesitation Change

Waltz, Hesitation Change

Waltz, Lesson 7, Hesitation Change

Wondering what to do after the Progressive Change Step (#6) runs out of room?

Here you go!

Turn the corner with a Hesitation Change, and start down the next wall.


Note: Leaders easy on the forward step of a Hesitation Change, it has less energy then the other figures, since it will reverse direction.

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Waltz, Closed Hesitations

Waltz, Lesson 8, Closed Hesitations

Waltz, Closed, Hesitations

Waltz, Lesson 8, Closed Hesitations

In Lesson 7 we saw that the Hesitation and Turn (Emergency Step) is a corner step that allows your to change walls and head down a different line.

Here we look at the Closed Hesitations.  This pattern is a stationary, controlled figure that should be elegantly danced. It's a change up from the rotating and moving figures and is nice to do when the music has a feeling of sustain or stretch.


Note: Start Low and lift in the upper body.  Really connect into the floor for balance, if your knees straighten too much or you add foot rise it's hard to balance and look elegant.

Open head position in Waltz

Waltz dance pose, open head position
Waltz open head position
Waltz open head position

Waltz, Promenade Develope'

Waltz, Lesson 9, Promenade Develope'

Waltz, Promenade Develope'

Waltz, Lesson 9, Promenade Develope'

A nice show step.  For a crowded floor keep the kick low to the floor without maximum extension, it's doable.

With room to move it's a lot of fun and can create a very nice line.


Note: Gentlemen, feel the Lady's balance and be more supportive with your frame and use less lead. Try not to move abruptly.  Ladies "develope" the line, it's best to extend the leg and neck line as slowly as the music permits.  Avoid dropping your elbows.

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