Sassy Betty Boop Biker Patches

by Digby_Adams

Sew or iron one of these patches on your leather motorcycle jacket for the ultimate sassy style. High-quality, sexy and lots of fun. Budget-friendy and full of attitude

Moto style is hot this summer and Betty Boop is always hot. Combine the two with a Betty Boop biker patch and you've got some smokin' motorcycle fashion. Sew or iron it on a leather jacket, denim jacket or denim vest. Moto style combines rugged elements such as a leather jacket with a lacy, toile, flirty skirt and biker boots. A Betty Boop biker patch will add a feminine sass to the jacket. Men can also wear a Betty Boop patch, in the same way pilots painted pin-up girls on their planes in WWII.

Betty Boop Biker Babe Motorcycle Patch

High-Quality Embroidered Biker Patch

Betty Boop style at it's best with Betty sitting astride a motorcycle. She's showin a lot of bad girl leg and who else would dare high heels and short shorts. The bike is bright red to match her biker cap and lipstick. This stylish and sassy biker patch measures 2.75 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. You can place it almost anywhere on a jacket, vest or hat. It might even be fun on a small wristlet or totebag. 

Well if you liked the first Betty Boop biker batch you might just love this one. Check out the fishnet stockings and red top. Of course it matches her red high heels and bright red lipstick. The purple motorcycle has a bright red B on it. Her vintage biker cap also as a red logo. Born to Boop is emblazoned on the patch. It measures 3.5 inches wide and 4 inches high. Sew it or iron it on anywhere. The embroidery is top notch and filled with Betty Boop details. 

Betty Boop Biker Chic Round Motorcycle Patch

You're in the Pink with this Betty Boop Patch
Leather Supreme Betty Boop As Sexy Biker Chick Embroidered Biker Pa...
Small Round Pink Biker Patch Measures 3 Inches across

Betty Boop dons a sexy black and gold motorcycle outfit. It bigs with a sparkly gold bra and short black biker shorts. The shorts have a white racing stripe down the side. A gold embroidered waist coordinates the biker shorts with the top. The soft black cap is pure Betty Boop Style. It's black with a visor and lots of gold embroidery. White highlights give it even more style. What would Betty Boop be without her large gold hoop earrings and and flirtatious wink. She's featured on a 3-inch pink circle. 

This is a very high quality embroidered patch. Hey, if you're a Betty Boop fan, you might just like to have it to put on your totebag. You can sew it or iron it in place. 

Betty Boop Skull and Crossbones Motorcycle Biker Patch

Small Square Betty Boop Pirate Patch, 2.5 inches across
Leather Supreme Betty Boop As Sexy Pirate Embroidered Biker Patch-R...

Betty Boop is a sexy pirate in this skull and crossbones design. She dons a sex red pirate bandana with a skull on it. Her gold earrings add another pop of color in this tonal gray and white motorcycle patch. At 2.5 inches wide and tall, this motorcycle patch can fit on a hat, pocket or can be tucked into any motorcycle patch design. You can iron or sew it on. 

Vintage Style Betty Boop on a Motorcycle Biker Batch

Stylish Motorcycle Patches
Betty Boop Lady Biker Sexy Lady Girl Cartoon Logo Kid Baby Jacket T...

Old school Betty Boop leans over the front of her motorcycle. Note the vintage cape with the red letter B on it. Red earrings and bracelet make her perfect red lips pop. Other than these red highlights, the rest of this biker patch is in shades of gray. It would look perfect on black leather or denim. Round Betty Boop patch measures 3-inches across, so you can sew or iron it almost anywhere on a motorcycle vest or jacket. 

Betty Boop Christmas Ornaments

Betty will add special flair to your Christmas tree
Add glamor and style to your Christmas decorations with Betty Boop ornaments

Betty Boop and Heart Ladies Embroidered Biker Patch

Perfect Valentine Gift for a Biker Babe
Leather Supreme Sexy Betty Boop With Heart Ladies Embroidered Biker...

Betty Boop doesn't have to be on a motorcycle to look great on a leather motorcycle jacket. This is  classic Betty Boop pose. She's playing to the camera in a tight red dress. I love the detail of a red rose garter just below her very short dress. Of course she's in bright red heels. Here famously pouting both has bright red lipstick as well. A big bright red heart is the background. It is surrounded it a black border. Lots of detailed embroidery going on here. Biker patch is 2.75 inches wide and 4 inches high. 

Patriotic Betty Boop with an An American Flag Dress

Betty Boop Biker Patch
Leather Supreme Sexy Betty Boop American Flag Embroidered Biker Pat...

Betty is sort of playing up the famous Marilyn Monroe pose with her own American flag dress, as she coyly pressed the front of it down. She has on red heels and her favorite red lipstick. Her eyes are ever looking upward. Cute and patriotic with lots of vintage style. It measures 2.25 inches wide and 4 inches high. Looks great on the sleeve of a motorcycle jacket, front of a leather vest or even on a cap. 

Updated: 11/18/2015, Digby_Adams
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Digby_Adams on 08/02/2015

I quite agree! Betty Boop is a fav for both men and women. Thank you for your comment!

CruiseReady on 08/02/2015

These biker patches are just as cute as can be, and they surely would be just the thing for a lady motorcyclist. I especially like the mostly black and white one.

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