Scotland's Got Talent and More

by katiem2

Enjoy a few of the favorite things Scotland brings us, the amazing and magical place famous for so many fantastic inventions and talented people.

I love Scotland it is home to my ancestors. I was born and raised in the states and did not truly realize my Scottish roots until I was a young adult. Since then I have learned a great deal about Scotland. I own a kilt, have my tartan I gather with a beautiful thistle broach a dear friend brought back from Scotland. I wear all proudly to the Kirkin O' the Tartan every year! I also proudly fly St. Andrews Flag on my front lawn.

Our Beloved Scotland

Scotland is a rich bit of talent spreading widely throughout the world.

Today I would like to share a few of my favorite things about Scotland. Although Scotland is a wee bit of land it is one of great pride with a multitude of brilliant and creative people. The Scottish people have contributed a lot of great inventions to the global community, some of which bring comfort and pleasure.

One such invention is golf. Many have claimed to have invented golf and yet the Scots are the original inventors. So no matter what you may hear, Aye lad, that’s un easy wun. The Scots lad, the miti Scots invented golf. A Scottish man named Haggis Macgregor invented golf and that be the truth, I never lie, just ask me I’ll tell ya!

Scotland Invented Golf

Golf was created and perfected in Scotland 1340

Scotland gave birth to golf since 1340 when it was primitively invented. Scotland is the place where they added the hole, the clubs and the balls we use today. So what was left for anyone else to invent, well they perfected mowing the greens, maybe we’ll give um that! We do like the tall grass in Scotland, but hea we like a challenge.

Scottish Clans are Funny

Scottish are a happy and funny lot.

Then there’s laughter, I've spent many years now getting to know my Scottish family and community which is rather large here in the states where I live. Adding to the list of my favorite things about Scotland is the people and their laughter. 

The fact the Scots are the only source of any and all fine Single Malt Scotch Whiskey may have a wee bit to do with it. No others know how to create a fine scotch, really!

They are a happy lot and do know how to find joy in life. To that I offer up a wee bit more humor for ya!

The Scotsman

Robin Williams on Scotland and Golf the Scottish Game

It is said that the Scots have a highly developed sense of humor - because it's free

Scottish Humor

  • Did you hear about the Scotsman who washed his kilt? He couldn't do a fling with it.
  • A Scotsman wanted to impress his girlfriend so he took her for a ride in a taxi. The trouble was, she was so beautiful he could hardly keep his eyes on the meter.
  • What is a water otter? A kettle
  • Last night there was a big fight in our local fish and chip shop - a lot of fish got battered.


Scottish Kilts

Scotland is known for its beautiful kilts, tartans and the men who wear both.

About the KILTS

What a true Scotsman would say about wearing a kilt might go a bit like this;

It’s a kilt if I wore something under it then it would be a skirt. That’s the truth of the matter, they wear nothing under them.

Trust me I've seen a good many kilts tossed up in the wind and yet nair a shy Scot to concern himself with pulling it down.

Kilts are trendy and more casual now, you can see the latest trends to your right.

Men in kilts get the attention of the best looking women. A true fact.

The Modern More Trendy Kilt

Scottish TV Programs

Scotland is the creator of the best television series ever.

The best of television programming ever!

My favorite TV program is Dr. Who. My eleven year old turned me on to it and we've been hooked since. It's a ritual and we never miss a program.


It's an exciting time travel drama that's just packed with action and one mind boggling adventure after the next.

If you’ve never seen it you, in my opinion. are missing the best show on the air. There may be one in the running.

Check it out on the BBC channel

My Personal Favorite

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is an infectious television series with a huge fan base.

Downton Abbey is the ancestral home of the Earl and Countess of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern) and their daughters, who live there under the very careful and watchful eye of the stoic Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith).

The home is a complex collection of characters.  The jealous servants highlight those living above them in all their spoiled glory. The story line is packed with romance, ambition, and heartbreak. A thrilling drama you're sure to get addicted to as do all viewers. 

The Scottish Fold

Scottish folds were first found mousing the farms of Scotland.

Now let me move on to the furry and cuddly of my favorite things of Scotland. Now be prepared to fall in love with these adorable and unique creatures.

Yes, even the cats of Scotland are special.

This special breed of cat is home to Scotland and originated as a common farm cat.

Introducing the Scottish Fold, I'm sure your get where the fold comes from.


Scottish Men

There are countless amazing Scottish men.

I end with the last but not least of my favorite things Scottish and that be the men.

Ah YES the fine men of Scotland, maybe you'll recogonize a few and ladies I'm sure you will.

Yes many a fine thing comes from Scotland and the men be one of them.

The great men of Scotland have created many a great thing themselves. They make our country great.

I adore Scottish men; they are smart, funny and insanely sexy in more ways than I care to share.

They are fierce and loyal to all they love and they love wholeheartedly with intense passion.

I have grown to have a fond weakness for all things Scottish and the men are certainly one of those guilty pleasures.

So I bid your farewell and send you off with a wee glimpse of the most favorite of my favorite Scottish treats.

Scottish men are insanely talented and wicked smart, strong, gentlemen and intoxicating. Scottish men have an old world flare, confidence and tend to be handy in and around the house as Scottish men learn to do things for themselves.

Note: I have many more favorite things, to be continued

Updated: 04/17/2013, katiem2
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What's Your Favorite Thing about Scotland and the Scottish People.

katiem2 on 06/06/2013

jptanbe, Even more reason to like you.

jptanabe on 06/05/2013

I grew up in Scotland so I have many favorite things. I do agree with you about those handsome Scottish actors!

katiem2 on 05/27/2013

sheilamarie, I love a Scottish accent, my elders have wonderful accents.

sheilamarie on 05/27/2013

Fun page, Katie. One of my Irish grandfathers grew up in Glasgow, so he had the Scottish accent.

katiem2 on 05/27/2013

pkmr, Oh yes Dr. Who, Downtown Abbey and the Scottish Fold are all my favorites.

pkmcr on 05/27/2013

I spend a lot of time in Edinburgh and Glasgow with work and just love the friendly welcome, the great food and the kindness that I always experience.

Your page had me captivated when I got to the cat, Dr Who and wow Downton Abbey as well!

katiem2 on 05/27/2013

mbrwonauther, It is a beautiful place to visit, the sights, the people and the food (fish and chips) are all memorable.

Guest on 05/27/2013

I'm not much of a traveler, but Scotland is definitely a place I'd love to visit some day!

katiem2 on 05/25/2013

Kelly, I'm sure you meant kilt, and yes why not if it looks good on you, kilts are for both men and women.

kelly on 05/25/2013

I love that black killed can girls get away with wearing that the states ?

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