Self Revolution

by Chad

Changing yourself is more important then trying to change others or a whole system.

One Person at a Time

I have been following the occupy movement for a long time. As a matter of fact I have been talking about the greed and the good old boy network ( Washington and Wall Street) for years. Washington and Wall Street think of the people outside of the loop as a lower denominator in the first place. So if you go for change in a subtle way , they will not know what happened until it's to late. I see all of this energy that most of the people are putting into trying to change a system or others within the system. I sit back and think that it may be easier if we all start to change ourselves first. Doing that will rub off and change the very people and/or system that the occupy movement is trying to change.

A persons attitude and words are contagious and if you have a positive attitude that will rub off on the very people you or we are trying to change. If you or we constantly come at people with a combative attitude ( like marches or protests or yelling chants loudly) then the system or the people in the system will fight right back. It's like the " birds of a feather flock together" type of thinking. Next time you want someone to do something for you, go to them in a humble and polite way. See if that works better then demanding them in a loud and obnoxious voice. The first way will work 100% of the time.

So I say start with a self revolution and then it will turn into a global revolution. Change yourself and the rest of the world will follow. Be passive aggressive to make changes. Heck during these marches the people or the system that we the people are trying to get to listen to us are probably not even in the buildings that all of the occupiers are yelling at. So while we are at work or in a store, let's show our good side and politely talk about the world ills and what needs to happen to change them. Sooner or later this positive way of thinking will hit our targets with no one getting hurt or going to jail either. Also have messages on shirts or hats that you wear. Put messages on Bumper stickers, or posters and hang them at places where others will see them.

Well that's my thoughts on making life better in this crazy world we live in.





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Updated: 01/18/2012, Chad
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