Companies need to take notice of South West Airlines

by Chad

During these hard times S.W. Airlines is still making money. They also have some of the lowest ticket prices in the business.

Lack of Greed is a good thing.

I have just started working at the airport part-time. I see all of the airlines and what ones are busy and which ones are slow. There is one airline that is never slow, no matter what time of day or what time of year. Now mind you this is not a promotion of this airline. I am trying to make a point about corporate greed or the lack of it. In this case South West Airlines has a lack of greed. The lack of greed is a plus, they are always busy and they are the only airline that I know of that is making a profit during these economic difficulties. They do not charge for the first 2 bags you check in. Other airlines charge $50.00 to $100.00 per bag right from the first bag. And these airlines that are adding extra charges are the ones losing money and going broke. That's mismanagement the way I see it.

Other corporations need to take notice and stop with their greedy ways. This greed that is the main culture of American companies is what's hurting America. Jobs are being eliminated, shipped overseas or hours and wages are being slashed. All for what? A few extra bucks in the top brass pockets. That type of thinking is really hurting everyone ( greed kills) . If Washington and Wall street would just slow down and watch the lines at South West VS. the lines at the other airlines, they will notice that lower prices generate more customers. That also generates more revenue, and if the top brass are not being greedy and trying to pay themselves too much money, they make a profit.

Food prices are going up, gas and home utilities are going up. Clothing and entertainment is costing more.Why ? Well they way the business owners tell you, it's because the economy is bad. That's a poor excuse to me. If you want more business and more money coming in your door, the last thing you do is raise prices when no one has money. These businesses need to take the South West business model and charge less per product or service. When I worked in the auto body business, one thing body-shops did was slash prices when business was slow. The reason was to keep cash flowing even during slow times. Now when the shops were very busy, that's when they amped up the prices to make it worth our while. So why are most companies doing just the opposite during these rotten economic times? GREED ; that's the simple answer and total tools running things now. I think some of the most arrogant and ignorant people are running this country and businesses into the ground now.

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Updated: 01/16/2012, Chad
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