Setting up a Sports Schedule for 2013

by revbrucej

Sports fan all over have plenty to look forward to in 2013. The coming year is full of sporting events, so the best strategy for the ultimate sports fan to have a schedule.

2013 is filled with all sorts of sporting events, professional, semi-pro, amateur and collegiate. Get prepared for 2013 by setting up a sports schedule for watching events and scoring tickets, even participating in a few here and there. Take on the personal challenge to maximize the numerous sporting events that will occur throughout 2013.

2013 Sports Mania

2013 offers plenty of opportunities for sports fans to watch, listen to, and attend sporting events and other sports-related activities.  Sports enthusiasts can schedule road trips to the Negro League Baseball Museum along with a Royals home game or spring training in Kansas City or hang out at the ESPN Zone after a visit with the family to Disneyland in the Anaheim.  Sports and sports-related activities can fill an entire year's calendar easily.  The goal is to schedule the types of events and activities that fit into an individual or group's free time, especially on the weekends.

Golfers may tire of simply hitting the links for an early morning tee time every Saturday.  Instead, as a foursome, a group of buddies could follow the PGA's West Coast Swing and play the courses right behind the professionals.  Everyone cannot say that they played with Tiger and Phil, but at least some weekend duffers can say that they played from the pro tees just like the big boys on the same challenging courses.

Think hall of fame inductions, major boxing matches or Olympic trials.  Picture making a run at scoring some NCAA tournament tickets for the early rounds of March Madness.  Volunteer for celebrity golf tournaments featuring former and current professional athletes.  Take advantage of opportunities both in your own backyard and abroad.

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Take to the Road with the Team

Follow your favorite sports team beyond just their TV schedule and their Twitter feeds.  Sports fans can actually gas up the minivan or SUV, pack up the family or a group of buddies, and hit the road along with their favorite teams.  Whether its following the Bruins throughout the West Coast or the Yankees throughout the majestic and historic stadiums of the American League Eastern Division, sports fans can get the feeling of being on the road with the team as they follow their favorite team during the part of the season.

One great option for baseball fans is spring training.  Baseball teams usually host spring training in areas away from their own home territory, so it makes for a great road trip for fans of the home team.  Professional basketball teams usually have a summer league and an exhibition schedule that rotates locations outside of the cities that they typically play in throughout the season.  Imagine watching the Lakers play in Hawaii or seeing LeBron working over the rookies in Las Vegas.  Additionally, professional football schedules its training camp and preseason games while the kids are still out of school, so it can become part of a larger family vacation package if scheduled in coordination with these off-season activities.  Fans have plenty of options to hit road to see their favorite teams and players in action.

For the Love of a Game

Fans who love their sports and their teams take everything related to both seriously.  Some fans get into the game more than others, showing up in full face paint and in costume-like gear.  Some outdo the cheerleaders when it comes to stirring up the crowd for a rally or to chant for a defensive stop in the red zone.  Fans just do what they do because they truly have a love for the game.

All fans cannot score court-side seats like Spike Lee at the New York Knicks game in Madison Square Garden or press-level box seats alongside the sportscasters and announcers overlooking the infield diamond at the baseball game.  Fans make the best of what sports have to offer them, whether they find themselves seated at nose-bleed heights in a basketball gym or in the bleacher seats at the ball field.  No matter where they may be seated and what they may arrive wearing, the real fans will join in to sing "We Will Rock You" with as much fervor as they sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."  It is all for the love of the game. 

Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Ozzy's Way)

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